Rurouni KJS’s Top Ten F.U.N. Favorites of 2017: No. 2

No. 2

Moon Knight [Avengers Defenders War 062]


Some figures I like for the gameplay. Others for the sculpt. This one? Both.

Love the white suit look. But the dial is the real thing: Charge+Running Shot, IM: Hindering+Elevated, 11AV, Indomitable wildcard with Perplex. He’s got a STOP click, too, with Regen. He’ll need it if you employ his ability to warp to the spot where an ally was KO’d. Better to use the trait’s feature of dropping tokens from him when friendlies are hit and hurt.

It’s a figure that I constantly want to play and so he ranks very high on my favorites list.

How much F.U.N. is Knight time?

Friendly/Fellowship: Low range, high cost, best traits require damage to and/or loss of allies

Useful/Utility: Wildcard, Perplex, good mobility, action advantage

Nifty/Nerdcore: Moon Knight avenges night travelers and HeroClix


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