Rurouni KJS’s Top Ten F.U.N. Favorites of 2017: No. 4

No. 4

Elijah Snow [Elseworlds 046]


My friend Bob traded him to me, saying, “You’re really going to like this one; he’s your kind of figure.”

Bob knows me.

In a great bit of design, Snow can, once per game per type, force enemies to take an extra token or unavoidable click for doing any of the four costed action types. Got an Indom. foe all set to push to use Hypersonic to punish you? Pick POWER; he’ll take a click for daring to use it. Is there a sniper worrying you? Buy time by picking RANGE; she’ll end up double-tokened and pushed. Elijah also can force non-flyers to slip and slide, only able to move in direct paths. (The F.U.N. catch is that this one affects friends as well and is a once-per-game effect that lasts the WHOLE game as long as Snow is alive.)

He’s also a solid figure beyond these traits. Sidestep 8 range, Outwit/Perplex, Indom+Barrier, triple Incap top his dial at 120 points. His second dial at 70 points is focused on Running Shot Pulse Wave and Leadership.

A winter wonderland of F.U.N.?

Friendly/Fellowship: Completely unarmored. Traits are double-edged

Useful/Utility: Unusual methods of tempo control can’t be stopped. Good stats, powers

Nifty/Nerdcore: Snow days are fun


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