Taylor’s Top Ten F.U.N. figures: No. 3

No. 3


Iron Heart [Avengers Defenders War 071] 

The first, and probably last, Riri Williams click in her O.G. Iron Heart armor. An interesting concept, as I don’t believe she spent much time in her suit, but dang did HeroClix do it right. I’m not a huge fan of having chase-rarity as a F.U.N piece for accessibility, but this one takes the cake.


Nothing about Riri screams “INFINITE POWER”. 18 defense is her max, 10 attack top-dial. Her sculpt is a little intimidating, lightning shootin’ everywhere, but 25 points is not scary at all. The fear-factor is her ability to soak up damage. No matter how much damage she takes, if she rolls well, she can last up to six clicks before finally falling apart. A wonderful piece to play around with, your opponents will enjoy the possibility of K.O’ing her in one attack. LEVEL: HIGH


Riri’s 25 points are useful. Always. Access to Probability Control, Outwit, or Perplex allows her to be useful anywhere, anytime. The takeback is her fifty/fifty chance of hitting the worst power in the game — Earthbound/Neutralized. The other half-chance is Sidestep, a great re-positioning tool for a support piece like Iron Heart. That’s all, too. No attack or defense powers to speak of on her entire dial. LEVEL: MODERATE TO MODERATELY HIGH


Good news: This may be the first and last ragtag Iron Heart we get. This is

volume one of Riri’s makeshift armor, and since then we’ve seen her grow into a real hero. As she develops into a smarter and stronger hero, the idea of throwing her into her first suit would seem silly, like a Spider-Man without webbing. This creates a cool, niche-like factor that she falls into.

Bad News: None. Well, aside from making the almost-impossible EXACT comic-book-to-HeroClix transition, this piece is pretty darn good. LEVEL: MODERATELY HIGH

Three isn’t bad! I’m not a huge Iron Man/ Iron Heart fan, and her chase-status held her back from being top-two. Sorry Riri fans! Next: Two might leave a frog in your throat.

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