Top Ten Heroclix of 2017: No. 1

When we first started to talk about Heroclixin’s Top Ten, we all agreed this one was the strongest.

No. 1


Uni Mind [The Mighty Thor 058]
The current all bearing god of Heroclix which other teams seek to tear down through useless prattling they call strategy. Some will work. Most won’t.
Uni-Mind can singlehandedly deal 7 damage to a single character with a choice of Hypersonic, Probability Control or Penetrating/Psychic Blast. Then, if the opponent manages to land a hit on him, he has a STOP click with Regen. Then if they manage to kill him, they don’t gain points immediately. Then they have to take out the eternals that pop out in his place — who may also be positioned to avoid any immediate attack if done properly.
He was by far the most powerful single piece in the meta until recent erratas which make him far more susceptible to attack and now that Green Arrow can effectively one shot him. But one piece who is also insanely meta doesn’t take away from how powerful he is in his own right. With values and powers at his disposal. Uni-Mind is a major problem in any game that you don’t prepare for him.

I thought we had seen the worst. “What If” Heroclix brought us Goblin King. Surely Wizkids wouldn’t make another game-breaker, right? Oh boy, I was dead wrong.

I remember pulling Uni-Mind in my Thor brick, and looking at him, thinking, “Cool sculpt.” I hadn’t realized I’d be seeing him EVERYWHERE from then on. The craziest thing is, I thought he could be quashed by outwitters and a firm slap on the wrist. Then I read his card again. Then once more. Then a third time, because NO WAY. His ability to take on powers with no drawback, and then potentially perplex (with an added bonus if he ‘plexes himself) up values is disgusting. Say it with me: DIS-GUS-TING. This piece should come with a warning label that reads: “Do not use unless in a tournament setting”. The only redemption he may have is that little silver ‘unique’ ring.  Uni-Mind gets his well-deserved number one spot. Boo.

RKJS says:

Here’s what I wrote when Uni got onto the Watch List:

When a 150-point character can deal 7 clicks of penetrating damage to a Stealthed character 10 squares away without even the help of a heavy object, much less allies, that’s a problem — especially when KOing it (through a STOP click!) won’t even yield you points.

Despite being weakened a bit after the resolution of the Watchlisting, ALL OF THE ABOVE IS STILL TRUE.

Let’s put it this way: On last year’s Top Ten list for Heroclixin’, Nick Fury [Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 056] was the arbiter of quality. Uni-Mind here can one-shot Fury more easily than any other fig in the game and CAN’T be one-shot by Fury in turn.

Uni-Mind eats the souls of any other figure on this Top Ten. YES, even Green Arrow, the closest thing to a silver bullet Uni-Mind has. And that’s why it easily tops 2017’s best.


That finishes our countdown of the Top Ten of 2017. Soon, we’ll be plumbing the toilet for the 10 WORST figures of 2017. Join us as we throw major shade at the [rhymes with “spit”].

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