Top Ten HeroClix of 2017 No. 8

RKJS named and wrote about

No. 8


Peace Machine [What If? 043]
He doesn’t seem to belong here at first. At the not-dirt-cheap cost of 50 points, he does 0 damage and is only four clicks long. How does this make the Top Ten?
Because of his trait, which works like the old-school battlefield condition card, Power Dampener: No one takes damage greater than 3. One-hit KOs are all but impossible. There’s also his high 19 DV, his ever-useful Sidestep+Telekinesis combo, 7-range Outwit, Flight and his 3-range Force Blast, giving him another use beyond pure support.
Speaking of which, on his back half he gets Support. Plasticity, too, can give him some use as minor board control.
His ability to blunt the brute force of so many teams and offer so many pit crew powers all while being cheap enough to build around, earns him a spot on our list of the best figures of 2017.

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