Top Ten HeroClix of 2016: No. 2



Jakeem Thunder [Joker’s Wild 053b]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: “Swissblade” figures able to pick standard powers are always strong, and Jakeem here is about the strongest around, able to choose two — though he’s limited in choosing only ONE of the best selections. If he goes with armor to shore up his starting Energy Shield/Deflection, he’s giving up the chance to use Hypersonic Speed, Outwit, Perplex, or Pulse Wave — and same if he wants Willpower to push freely. That said, he has a LOT of options available to the careful player. Natural Probability Control and Sidestep are nice starting powers, and his damage is excellent.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? Unfortunately, he’s the exact kind of enemy that Fury’s made to fight to a standstill.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: He’s a lot of points for his limitations — certain point-and-click combos aren’t available. But smart players will cover his weaknesses with canny choices and wreck shop with him. He’s nearly Heroclixin’s top figure of 2016.


And now Sceritz’s choice is….

…wait a minute…

…we AGREE?????

Jakeem Thunder [Joker’s Wild 053b]


Out of the new Joker’s wild set comes Jakeem Thunder at 140, packing everything you need for both your support and damage roles on your team, as well as the ability to choose what you don’t already have. We are talking RS + PW, and you already have Prob with 4 damage and 18 ES/D out the gate! The only thing Jakeem doesn’t have is Willpower, and if you really need it, you can choose that too. At 8 clicks deep he has the potential to regenerate on his last clicks and choose Probability Control to ensure he rolls high numbers. Or if you are feeling lucky, perhaps a Flurry and Steal Energy? The possibilities are endless, and at only 140 points, you’ll be certain to be able to build a nigh unstoppable team around him.

Amazing. One of our picks matched. Will our No. 1? You’ll have to wait a bit longer: we’re going to share our respective Honorable Mentions first before wrapping up with the top dog(s).

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