No, not this one.


THIS one:

> aou045 cacws006cacw013 cwsop109

Black Panther [Age of Ultron Storyline 045] 140
Black Panther [Captain America: Civil War Starter Set 006] 95
Black Panther [Captain America: Civil War 013] 80
Black Panther [Captain America: Civil War 109] 70
+ Pym Particles 2

= 397 points.

In a bye match I fielded it against Superdoom [Superman/Wonder Woman 059] and President Lex Luthor [WizKids D15-004].

My gameplay was sound. I made AoU Panther a giant with Pym Particles — to make him a taxi and able to attack without triggering Hypertime team ability — and kept him near blocking. The CW starter BP was safely in back, the CW rare’s trait was safe from shooting, and I forgot to use the CWSL Panther’s ability to jump into hindering for Stealth.

Wait…that last bit…Nooooooooo

Sure enough, Superdoom caught that last BP out in the wind and one-shot both him and my chances of winning.

This wasn’t even my first time running this figure. I’d used it RECENTLY. And spammed the HELL out of that ability.

I just don’t understand how I make such terrible FAIL moves like this after so many years.

It was still a fun match, as my opponent was a HUGE Black Panther fan and got almost as much a kick out of just seeing the team as I did playing it.

I just wish I hadn’t made such a FAIL move…