Generally, I’m a glass-half-full kind of person. I’m good with the vast majority of the annual rule tweaks in the game, as I realize that game balance is a tricky thing to manage. And with this game being in the best shape it’s been in, well, ever, it’s really not right to complain.


There really are some elements and powers and whatnot in the game that haven’t been right for years, and it’s high time something was done. Stay tuned for the next coming weeks before Christmas for Heroclixin’s countdown of the Top Ten changes that really need to occur in HeroClix sooner than later.

Number 10 is one that makes me glad I postponed this series, due to recent revelations of the upcoming Hulk set…

Hello, all! It’s been a little while since my last update; I apologize for that. I’d like to say that real-life stuff got in the way during that aforementioned while. And it did, to a degree; time I would’ve spent  writing I was instead preparing a package for my mortgage company as I deal with the aftermath of over 2 years of unemployment.

But then I dusted off my Playstation Portable and a couple of games I was playing about 2 years ago during that period of unemployment and never finished (strange that I didn’t when I had all that “free time). And so that’s what I’ve been doing the past week or so. :)

Anyway, it’s good to be back, even if only to let y’all know I’m still here and and still Heroclixin’. Look for a new Top Ten list next week. As a lead-in, here’s a Top Ten list of HeroClix things I’m thankful for:

10. That the game’s back from the dead. I never take that for granted.

9. Traits. This game mechanic, while sometimes overpowering, has really opened the doors wide on dial design and made the game more fun than ever.

8. The Modern Age format. It’s great not to have to worry about feats and BFCs.

7. New franchises besides Marvel and DC. I’m definitely in the camp of “the more the merrier” in HeroClix.

6. Lots of new product besides full sets. Don’t get me wrong; I love full sets. But the Fast Forces and Gravity Feeds are just a little easier on my wallet.

5. No price increase this year. Again, my wallet thanks you.

4. A ridiculous streak of chase figs pulled in sealed games. At one venue I frequent, I’ve pulled a chase  in the past three sealed tournaments, making me a winner even though I’ve tended to finish pretty much dead last in all three.

3. Other ‘clix forums like HC Realms and A lot of you came here from those sites and I love ’em, too. I’ve made some great friends both virtual and real-life through them.

2. Plenty of venues in my area. Atlanta is blessed with a pretty good clix scene if you don’t mind doing a bit of driving. And I don’t mind doing a bit of driving. :)

1. You, the readers of Heroclixin’!

My thankfulness here may be a bit overshadowed by next week’s list, so I definitely wanted to stay on a positive note here. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, fellow Americans, and have F.U.N. Heroclixin’!

Steel holds it under his hammer and Superman can...just...BARELY...hold it between his arm and cape.

Continuing the photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens, today we’re making up for some lost time. Usually, when a new set comes out, I’ll try to post an extra-sized Token Totin’ Tuesday/Thursday/whenever  for as many of the new qualifying characters as possible. But my A) predetermined theme for October and B) not getting to see any of the new set for half the month fouled up that plan.

Better late than never, though, right?

First up is the self-proclaimed head of Metropolis and his Amazon bodyguards, Lex Luthor (Superman 015), Mercy Graves (Superman 014) and Hope Taya (Superman 030):

Both gals hold it under their ponytails. Wedge it between Lex's jaw and collar.

Next are three characters who’ve acted as heroes — sort of — but become villains — sort of: Cyborg Superman (Superman 034), Black Adam (Superman 054) and Magog (Superman 035)

On either end, Cyborg Supes and KC Magog hold it really easily in their arms. In the center, it's Black Adam's lightning that does the lifting.

Not to be outdone, the ladies can tote huge weights like they’re just handbags. Behold Lois Lane: Superwoman (Superman 009), Lucy Lane: Superwoman (Superman 026) and Supergirl (Superman 010):

Lois holds under her cape as shown, Lucy under HER cape, and Supergirl either under her cape (sort of) or between her hair and cape.

And, of course, the actual Men of Steel can hold their tokens, right? Steel (Superman 018) and Superman (Superman 001):

Steel holds it under his hammer and Superman can...just...BARELY...hold it between his arm and cape.

There are way too many freaks and monsters in HeroClix to document them all, even in two big editions. And besides, it’s now All-Saints’ Day, the Christianized response to the oh-so-pagan Halloween. (Or something.) So it’s time to switch themes and continue the photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens!

First up is a hot black woman with bleached-blonde hair who got ahold of some expired Green Goblin Formula, Menace (Web of Spider-Man #033):

I mean, it MUST be expired if she turns into a YELLOW goblin instead, right?

Next: Scorpion (Web of Spider-Man 037).

You can only kinda lean in on him. Yes, it's lame, I know. (HE'S lame.)

Another Spider-foe in green:  Will O’the Wisp (Web of Spider-Man #013)

In his hands! Not bad for a guy who's immaterial a lot of the time.

And since we’re on a Spider-villain roll, here’s a double-dose of Doctor Octopus, old and new:

Back to more recent stuff, like All-Star Bizarro from September’s Superman set:

Bizarro does few things well, including holding tokens. It just leans on his chest like this.

Or another monster we couldn’t quite fit into October, his occasionally super-strong set-mate Parasite (Superman 027):

The dimunitive Veteran Puck from Mutant Mayhem actually has a couple of holds:

Whoa, another double-whammy of a classic Spider-foe — Rhino from Critical Mass and Sinister:

Whew, that’s enough sweet stuff for now. Back in a couple of days for a catch-up on the rest of the Superman set’s super-strong token toters.