It dawned on me that I’ve been playing this game for a solid decade now. And Thanksgiving seems a fine time for Heroclixin’ to mark my Top Ten moments in 10 years of, well, Heroclixin’.



Getting that V Skullbuster: It wasn’t the first HeroClix fig given to me — that was Cosmic Justice Penguin — but this was the one that caught my interest, being a relatively fringe character that was yet made in plastic form. WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: It accurately illustrated that in HeroClix, ANY character was fair game, and that as much as any reason, got and keeps me ‘clixin’.

Also, as Tim Cummings, the giver of the ‘Clix, quipped: “The first one’s free, my brutha!!”



Buying V Aquaman: It was my first HeroClix purchase, done on a trip to my cousin’s 2005 high school graduation in my old college town of Columbia, Mo. [Mizzou-RAH!!!!] WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: Remember that “first one’s free” quip? This sent me down the collector’s path of getting figs of characters I like.



Pete’s box ‘o ‘clix: My friend Peter was getting out of the game in July 2005 as I was getting in. For the low price of just $10 or $20, I got a double-sided tacklebox full of figures. WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: At the time, I had no pieces with which to make trades, and I still wasn’t buying boosters. This gave my collection a real infusion to allow me to get the pieces I really wanted.



That Collateral Damage brick…and a half: Until now, I’d only bought on impulse or for sealed events here and there. But I was drawn in by the Giants Collector’s Set due the summer of 2006 and the only way to order it was to buy a brick of 8 boosters. I was already interested in the majority of the character selection, so I plunked down the money.

And then, when I didn’t see my No. 1 wanted fig in those boxes, I immediately ponied up for half a brick more. WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: I was all in, now.



So I went to a big clix event in early 2006 with this team:

Superman [Icons ]
Jean Grey [Infinity Challenge ]
Joker [Icons ] + Armor Piercing
Lockjaw [Fantastic Force 003]
Ghost Widow [City of Villains]

…or somesuch. This team was built to win it all, or at least to place highly. I went 3-1, my only loss coming to a brilliant but shady young player running a similar team (who later wound up being disqualified for being shady). Out of a field of 20-something players, I placed something like fifth or sixth: just out of the running for the excellent top prizes such as Galactus but still possibly able to randomly draw a great LE such as a Dark Phoenix or Hal Jordan or one of the still-high-dollar Cosmic Justice pieces.

I got LE Hephzibah.

Even at the time, this would be a bad prize in a home venue, much less an event with the kind of swag STILL ON THE TABLE that would go to players who placed worse than me. At the time, I chalked up to God punishing me for my mean cheese team.

WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: I realized that building a team solely to win isn’t any fun when I DON’T win.




In spring 2006, I built a pre-keywords theme team based on this graphic novel and, for the first time, went 3-0 at my venue.

Mr. Terrific [Legacy 018] 80
Batman [Legacy 084] 111
Power Girl [Legacy 027] 120
Shazam! [Unleashed 088] 166
Plastic Man [Hypertime 100] 40
Dr. Fate [Unleashed 071] 113
Green Lantern [Collateral Damage 051] 167

It may have certainly helped that a couple of the strongest players weren’t there. But I’ll take it!

WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: My first win, and one done on my as-yet-unnamed F.U.N. terms.




Judge a dead game: In autumn 2008, I’d just stepped up to take and pass the required judge test to become my venue’s new judge. And then, less than a month later, WizKids was closed and HeroClix effectively done. But I took the reins of our play group and we never stopped running events.

WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: I’d gone from merely an avid player to one actively involved in the game’s very survival.



Heroclixin’ launches in early 2009. 

WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: You’re reading it.



Dragon Con 2009: I was out of work due to the Great Recession and couldn’t afford to go to things like comic book conventions. But some friends suggested I sneak in and only pay for the gaming tickets I’d need to play. I don’t usually break rules like that, but I was persuaded, having not been to the huge Atlanta event since the early 1990s.

Oh, my. It was like coming home.

WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: HeroClix got me back into the con scene and, specifically, cosplay, a new hobby and introduced me to so many new people. It also got me involved with the folks who run the Realms Open Championship, which I am still a volunteer for.



In 2011, toward the end of my long layoff due to the Great Recession, I was gifted a Wonder Woman [WizKids D-001] by an HCRealms member I’ve never met, sometime after I lamented there that it was a highly desired figure that I had zero chance of acquiring in my financial state.

WHY THIS MOMENT MATTERED: Such kindness from a relative stranger. Part of it was Christian brotherhood, but this moment has been repeated in smaller fashion with non-theists, too. Heroclixers are the nicest gamers of all.



I had a few big event victories in 2014: A ROC top 8 finish in March, a shared first place in April, a win for an extra AvX grand prize package. It was nice to know that in between my usual FAIL moments, I can still bring some real game at times.

But, y’know…it’s more important to have F.U.N. Happy Thanksgiving, players!



Finally, the retirement list is official, with the following sets rotating to Golden Age in July:

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE New 52 and its Fast Forces set
  • CHAOS WAR and its Fast Forces
  • DARK KNIGHT RISES and its starter set
  • WAR OF LIGHT Fast Forces
  • AVENGERS MOVIE and the starter set
  • INCREDIBLE HULK and Fast Forces
  • SUPERMAN and its Fast Forces


And now Heroclixin’ laments the 10 figs we’re sorry we didn’t play more


Superman [Justice League New 52 001]

This Superman released in late August 2012 was a refreshing change from the point-and-click common one from a year earlier, in that it really plays more like a Superman should. It was also a new costumed variety for my “Kal’s Closet — What The Well-Dressed Superman Is Wearing This Season” collection of all the Superman outfits. But it was overshadowed by the identical-looking 125-point Fast Forces one and by later Supermen with costs less awkward than its 204.


Ant-Man & Wasp [Chaos War]

At 168 points, this Tiny Size duo … really … WASN’T so tiny-sized. And so they rarely made it onto teams. Then came this new power called Precision Strike, which drastically cuts into their effectiveness since most of their worth is based on attack evasion. So it feels as though their time has come and gone, like bugs in the wintertime. Except that now it’s summer.


Gabe Jones [Avengers Movie]

His SP granting him the equivalent of the Grenade trait ability looked great, especially for his inexpensive 45 points. His trait, though, sort of required him to be played with a Captain America to get the most out of him, and he was constantly being squeezed off teams for flashier figs. Plus, his keywords were a bit limiting.


Agent Coulson [Avengers Movie]

His ability to effectively be untargetable by costly enemy tentpoles looked meta-worthy, and his being a Perplex piece helped his cause a lot as well. So what happened? Why didn’t Coulson get run like every month or so? Heroclixin’ thinks it was the SHIELD keyword that did him in — there just weren’t enough favorites in the theme to build teams for Coulson to join. And by the time there were, there were better choices.


Mr. Sinister [Chaos War]

Such a great ability to turn X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants into themed teams of Marauders was undermined by A) His appropriately high 225 cost and B) the existence of characters that Heroclixin’ prefers that don’t fit the keyword/team ability requirements for the arch villain’s trait or who mess up the points.


Speed [Chaos War]

As happy as Heroclixin’ was to see the Young Avengers team completed at last with this fig’s release, we’re not sure we ever actually saw said figure on the field outside of sealed events. We certainly haven’t run the Young Avengers in years, because those characters and dials, never very good to begin with, have aged HORRIBLY. So it’s no surprise that Speed was little played in Modern Age. Not certain Golden will be much kinder…


Swamp Thing [Superman]

On paper, his ability to warp through and Poison from printed hindering looked like so much effective fun. On the actual paper of a MAP, it worked out a lot less well thanks to a lot of hindering-light fields and his total lack of moving attack powers and a surprisingly soft defense for a nearly 150-point character. A tentpole he’s not. And yet, Heroclixin’ wishes he’d seen the field more in Modern Age.


Crystal [Chaos War]

Despite being one of Heroclixin’s Top Ten faves of 2012, Crystal almost never got played. Perhaps it was because we don’t care much for Inhumans. Maybe it was due to her slightly less-efficient cost of 105 — why play her when one more point gets you CW Hawkeye with Thunderbolts ATA? Or maybe it’s ’cause she’s a ginger. Whatever the reason, she remained on the shelf a lot more than I ever intended. A LOT MORE


Lyra [Incredible Hulk]

Oh, for some Willpower to make this fig work, because she does not push well at ALL. That’s why I almost never played her, but I always WANTED to anyway. Sure, I know I could give her a Resource to overcome her weaknesses, but Heroclixin’ has always found that distasteful.


So much retirement, then. It’s nice to see the broken garbage rotate out and sad to see some standbys meet restrictions. Keeps the game fresh, I think. And there’s always the mercurial “Silver Age” that welcomes all figs.

So a little while back (y’know, when I used to update this blog every other day back in April), I had a Top Ten list of changes the game needs:

  1. Highfather
  2. Resources
  3. Arwen
  4. Incapacitate 
  5. Science Police Officer
  6. Super Strength
  7. Tellus
  8. Brother Voodoo
  9. Iron Pharaoh/Regeneration
  10. Injustice League

We got three of them when Highfather, Arwen and Tellus got Watch-Listed a couple of weeks ago, with the decision being made today.

Each change actually went a little further than Heroclixin’s recommendations. Our change to Highfather would have kept intact his Pact trait’s ability to massively slow down OMAs, Arwen’s trait would be more potent for its once-per-game use, and Tellus would only have one or the other restriction — keyword or range — instead of both. But Heroclixin’ is perfectly OK with the adjustments, as the errata introduce some actual risk-to-reward balance in using each piece.

Now…what should replace those three on a NEW Top Ten list? Heroclixin’ wants your input!

  1. Highfather
  2. Resources
  3. Arwen
  4. Incapacitate 
  5. Science Police Officer
  6. Super Strength
  7. Tellus
  8. Brother Voodoo
  9. Iron Pharaoh/Regeneration
  10. Injustice League

No. 3


Yeah, she’s Golden Age. But so are a fair number of brand-new figs these days. And like Brother Voodoo, she’s become one of those pieces that’s so good that she’s an auto-pick. She needs a fix.

The trouble with her is her epic action trait that allows her to repeatedly deal multiple characters penetrating damage practically anywhere on the map without an attack roll while she stays in her starting area. Just the threat of Loudwater can force opponents to bunch up in the center of the map, which is usually a killzone itself.

Free-damage effects should always have some element of risk. This one has absolutely none. Even for an epic action, it’s bonkers.
Heroclixin’s fix:

I CALL ON THE LOUDWATER!: Once per game, if she has zero action tokens, give Arwen an epic action; she can use Smoke Cloud as a free action regardless of range and line of fire, but the first token must be placed in any square on the edge of the map and she may place 1 additional hindering terrain marker per 100 points of the build total; after action resolves, deal 2 penetrating damage to each opposing character occupying a square into which a marker was just placed. Give Arwen two action tokens.

She did this move once in the movie on her home turf and had to wait for just the right moment to unleash it; it was an all-or-nothing technique. That’s the way it ought to work in the game. Once per game, but with a bigger bite to still make it worth using that one time.




Almost all are too powerful for too few points and have no real counters outside of about a dozen silver bullets in the game:

  1. Catwoman [DC 10th Anniversary 015]
  2. Iron Man [Marvel 10th Anniversary 009]
  3. Iron Man [Fear Itself 300]
  4. Phantom Girl [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 008]
  5. Disintegration Beam [Invincible Iron Man S101]

Wait. Are there only about a HALF dozen? Really? That’s unacceptable.

Therefore, Heroclixin’ proposes the following rewrite to this standard power:

OUTWIT Give this character a free action to counter a power or a combat ability possessed by a single target opposing character until the beginning of your next turn. Any game effects with a duration specified by the countered power or combat ability are removed. A character using this power must be within range (minimum range 6) and line of fire to the target and can counter use of an attached resource or relic as though it were a combat ability.

This kills off resources as the almighty crutch they have become but isn’t nearly as harsh as the silver bullets mentioned above. It draws the Outwitters’ fire from a character’s natural powers and abilities, so it balances itself out.



I somewhat like that he’s a silver bullet for the One Man Army. But this is the SIF debacle all over again.

A little history for players who don’t remember HeroClix circa 2007-08: SIF = Structural Integrity Field. It was a special object that prevented terrain from being destroyed. So what some players did was use a double Barrier team to hide all game long with an underbuilt team, which used to determine the winner in a 0-point game instead of going to a roll-off.

This is the new version of that, effectively, if a player runs a OMA or even a slightly tentpoled team. The Highfather team can simply KO the likely less dangerous teammates of the imPacted figure and just refuse to attack the target of the Pact until time runs out.

It’s like a football team allowed to do the “victory formation” for an infinite number of downs. It’s like a pitcher with a lead being allowed to walk batter after batter and instead of forcing baserunners home, they’re forced out at the plate.

It’s completely against the spirit of the game.

Therefore, something like this needs to happen:

THE PACT: At the beginning of the game, you may announce a pact. If you do, the highest point character on your force and the highest point character on your opponent’s force (300 points or less) can’t target opposing characters with an attack until one of them has taken damage from an attack or they are the only 2 characters on the map. If the chosen character is the only remaining character on its force before either of the above occurs, it can target all but the highest point character on your force. This ability can’t be ignored.

This keeps the advantage and control of the game tempo in Highfather’s favor, but it gives the victim a chance to at least play the late game.




No. 6

Super Strength


Though it was helped a little by the added ability to set down objects as well as pick them up, Super Strength still suffers from the modern game’s scarcity of objects. Now, with ultra-light objects in the game, this power may have even less to work with. So Heroclixin’ proposes the following:

“SUPER STRENGTH: When this character moves due to its own action, it may either pick up an object or place an object it is holding. The object must be picked up from or placed in either a square the char acter occupies or an adjacent square. If this power is lost or countered while this character is holding an object, immediately place the object in the square this char acter occupies. As a power action, this character can make a close combat attack to destroy a wall or blocking terrain; place a standard light object in an adjacent square.”



Science Police Officer

So this 45-point cheapie can do this:

“TACTICAL DEPLOYMENT: When an opposing character within 8 squares is given a free action, if that character has been given a non-free action this turn, after actions resolve, deal that character 1 unavoidable damage.”

It’s overpowered, but this character’s SP is something the game’s needed for a little while now: An answer to free actions. The problem is that this SP is stackable if one runs multiple Sci-Cops. It’s like multi-targeting and hitting a bunch of Mystics TA enemies.

But without, y’know, actually having to make an attack roll. Or even attacking at all.

It’s a bit too much free damage on top of the board control caused by deterring free actions. So here’s Heroclixin’s rewrite:

“TACTICAL DEPLOYMENT: When an opposing character within 8 squares is given a free action, if that character has been given a non-free action this turn, after actions resolve, deal that character 1 unavoidable damage if it has not already taken damage from this effect this turn.

It’s free damage. One is enough.


No. 4


Incap got a nice boost with the 2013 rules that addressed many of Heroclixin’s concerns with the expensive attack power. But Incap could still stand to improve by becoming a standard, non-silver-bullet answer to the game’s growing problem of free actions.

Heroclixin’s fix is essentially the same as in 2011. Add this line:

INCAPACITATE Give this character a close combat or ranged combat action to make an attack that deals no damage. If the attack hits, give the target an action token; if the target already has 2 action tokens, deal the target 1 penetrating damage. Hit targets can’t be given free actions until the beginning of your next turn.

And finally this power is worth every point, all the time, while free actions have a natural predator at last.


Next: How to fix the top 3 busted figs/tactics in HeroClix.


No. 8
Brother Voodoo

He survived the first Watch List intact because its changes affected him. However, he’s still such a good piece and priced so cheaply that he’s almost an auto-pick for any competitive team today. And whenever any element is an auto-pick, there’s likely a game balancing issue.

The trouble with BV is that he can use Mind Control, an expensive power, for free every turn of the game with ease while not paying the full cost of this MC ability because it’s essentially absent from his dial when he doesn’t have exactly 1 action token — thus getting around the point formula, which normally bloats the cost of multiple MC clicks. This MC is also BETTER than normal MC — again, for less cost.

The token requirement was intended as a limiter, but it’s actually worked out to be the opposite. So here’s Heroclixin’s suggestion for the No. 8 Needed Change, a rewrite for Brother Voodoo’s trait:

“MY SPIRIT BROTHER POSSESSES YOU: When Brother Voodoo gains an exactly one action token, he can immediately use Mind Control as a free action. He takes no damage from this use of Mind Control and he and his target modify their attack values by +1 this turn.”

Heroclixin’ thinks this is the most streamlined change. It puts a little more risk into consecutive uses of the power by effectively making it a push, but maintains BV’s power level.



Here’s more of that positioning-free play that concerned Heroclixin’ in the No. 9 entry.

“LINK TELEPATHICALLY: Friendly characters within 4 squares can draw lines of fire and count range and squares from the square of any one friendly character within 4 squares of Tellus.”

Granting any ally an extra eight squares to shoot or whatever is too much, especially given certain unintended game effect consequences like 250-pt Enchantress being able to super-Poison from that distance (because her SP treats those squares she counts as adjacent). And it’s not comic accurate: Tellus only works with Legionnaires anyway. So Heroclixin’s No. 8 Needed Change is either this rewrite:

LINK TELEPATHICALLY: Friendly characters within 4 squares that share a keyword with Tellus can draw lines of fire and count range and squares from the square of any one friendly character within 4 squares of Tellus.

or this one:

LINK TELEPATHICALLY: Friendly characters within 4 squares can draw lines of fire from the square of any one friendly character within 4 squares of Tellus, but range is counted normally from the character drawing line of fire.

So a 4-range character could still only see 4 squares out, instead of the 12 that Tellus’ trait currently allows. Again, it’s more than enough to be able to see around corners or past characters this way without the warping effect on range.


Next: Something new, something old, and…?


No. 10 [tie]
Injustice League team ability

This was on the 2011 list and it still hasn’t changed for the better. Worse, there are actually new characters recently given the TA, and it never gets used. So the No. 10 Most Needed Change in HeroClix is to change this:

“Whenever a character using the Injustice League team ability attacks an opposing character that was attacked by another character using the Injustice League team ability this turn, the action does not count toward your available actions this turn.”

to this:

“When a friendly character makes an attack, attacks made by other characters using this team ability against the same opposing character don’t count toward your available actions this turn. At the end of your turn, remove an action token from each character that used this team ability to make an unsuccessful attack this turn.”

It maintains the original gangpile-on-one-guy spirit of the TA but gives it some use for today’s much smaller teams.

No. 10 [tie]

Same as before, using Regen should never cause pushing damage.

No. 9
Iron Pharaoh’s Golden Falcon, Soaring trait

The game’s trend toward positioning-free play is worrisome. This one goes beyond previous attack-from-start-zone offenders in that the Falcon’s LOF can’t be blocked by ANYTHING on an outdoor map and that it’s impossible to tie up or attack or ANYTHING.

In fact, there’s a rumor that the set Iron Pharaoh appears in, Invincible Iron Man, may have been designed before Wolverine and the X-Men and that the outrageous original version of that set’s Spiral figure was intended as a silver bullet against I.P. and others bad game design decisions like him.


If only WizKids would realize that silver bullets are also bad game design decisions. But they haven’t yet, and so the below rewrite is the No. 9 Needed Change:

“GOLDEN FALCON, SOARING: When Iron Pharaoh is first placed on the map, place a Falcon special terrain marker in an adjacent square. Give Iron Pharaoh a free action to move this marker up to 3 squares. Iron Pharaoh can draw lines of fire and count range (up to 3 squares) from the Falcon marker for a single action using his printed damage value and Improved Targeting: Ignores Hindering Terrain, Ignores Elevated Terrain, Ignores Outdoor Blocking Terrain, Ignores Characters.”

It’s enough that he can attack around corners or, in time, from clear across the map. He shouldn’t have the ability to counter with Outwit AND shoot a target for massively enhanced damage.


Next: More broken stuff that needs repair

No. 1


Mysterio [ASM 026 and 206]

Multiple men making many monologues.

Multiple men making many monologues.

Multiple Man [WXM 013 and 205]

WHY I WANTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE: Well, both are longtime favorite characters of mine. I became a Madrox fan back in Peter David’s first X-Factor run and even more so with the character’s solo mini that led into the long-running second X-Factor series. In fact, I’m NOT picking up the new X-Factor mainly because there’s no Madrox.

And Mysterio was the villain in my first comic book.


But longtime readers know this already, because earlier clix of the characters made the 2010 and 2011 Top Faves list in those respective years. So it was a shoo-in that I’d try to get many of each. But…

I WANT TO RUN THEM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: They are designed to be run in multiples. In Mysterio’s case, the pieces make it possible to actually play a dozen Mysterio 026 figs in a 300-point game.


That’s a lottttt of 10 AV Incap, thanks to Sinister Syndicate TA.

Being only illusions, though, the bubbleheads do need a little help to do more than just surrender 15 points per KO. So the 62-point Unique  from the gravity feed is a co-favorite for its ability to use Perplex to help a pal’s stats or to nerf an opponent’s. Best of all, this fun team just offers all kinds of opportunities for friendly trash talk, Mysterio-style.

Multiple Man 013 plays similarly, though with more aggressive ability. He’s also got an almost foolproof mechanic for immediately bringing as many as FIVE duplicates into the game, much improved over the old GSX Madrox’s only 33% chance of getting just one out there. Better still, Multiple Man 205 bears a trait and SP that both work with all the  older Madroxi/Multiple Men.


Let me explain.

Sure the Mysterios can be run by the dozen in a 300-point game. But with

  • no moving attack powers
  • no Willpower
  • only 6 Speed and range
  • a thin, thin defense of 16 Super Senses
  • no taxis

and worst, only three actions to work with to use all these Mysterios, I just can’t play this team with any degree of real effectiveness.

This will never, ever occur in an actual game of HeroClix

This will never, ever occur in an actual game of HeroClix

But I’m less enamored of devoting the 100 points to play the three #026 Mysterios — the bare minimum one really ought to field — on a mixed team.

As for the Multiple Men, they lack the X-Men keyword and so are cut off a bit from the other mutant-type characters. X-Factor is a lot more limited if one likes comic-accurate squads like I do. I also want to play at least three of the 013 version, but I’m not sure that’s a great use of 125 points. The 54-point version never seems to fit on teams in the kind of numbers I’d like.

They also have the problems of the Mysterio crowd, what with having too many figs for the action total and no Willpower, taxis, Charge or anything to get enough of them mobilized to make a fight of it. At least they’ve got a little Leadership to help on both versions and the ability to possibly generate more help once in the fight.

I’LL FIELD THEM NEXT: Mysterio is a lock on any and all Sinister Syndicate teams I’ll ever play. I still want to run an effective dozen Mysterios, but I’ll need to mix and match with copies of the older Ultimates and Web of Spider-Man versions. This is also a figure that I have zero qualms about running with Resources, as Mysterio’s whole M.O. in the comics is basically him being a Resource or building them in service to his illusions. So whenever I want to test out a Resource, I’ll put it on a Mysterio or two.

Or twelve.

Multiple Man awaits that huge X-Factor Reunion team I’ve got planned, if I can only muster up the guts to field the relatively underpowered crew in the the 2000-point build it’ll require. (I’m not kidding … do the math yourself.) And one day I’ll again run every single Madrox/Multiple Man I can muster.


That does it for Heroclixin’s contdowns from last year’s offerings. We’ll take a little break over the weekend and then launch into the first of a new occasional feature not unlike occasional guest writer Morrison’s big keyword reviews. This one stars the Legion of Super-Heroes! Stay tuned!

No. 2


War Machine [Invincible Iron Man 029b]

Let me explain.
I was highly annoyed that War Machine’s prime variant was just the same character as the main version. Typically, primes have been more divergent or, at a minimum, named differently.

  • Catwoman — Selina Kyle. Same character, different names
  • Sasha Bordeaux — Black Queen. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Hush — Bruce Wayne. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Batman — Caped Crusader. Same character, different names
  • Frank Drake — Hannibal King. Different characters
  • Dr. Voodoo — Brother Voodoo. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Hobgoblin — Hobgoblin. Different characters
  • Kraven the Hunter — Alyosha Kraven. Different characters
  • Gordanian — Beast Boy. Different characters
  • Lil’ Lobo — Slobo. Different characters
  • Deathstroke — Ravager. Different characters
  • Starfire — Blackfire. Different characters
  • Deathlok — Deathlok. Same character, different stage of career
  • Deathbird — Cerise. Different characters
  • Magneto — Magneto. Same character, VASTLY different stage of career
  • Jubilee — Jubilee. Same character, VASTLY different stage of career
  • Iron Man — Silver Centurion. Same character, different names
  • Sasquatch — Sasquatch. Different characters
  • King Hyperion — Hyperion. Different characters

But War Machine? Same character, same name, and pretty much the same stage of his career. Disappointing and needless waste of a prime slot, I thought — I’d have liked it better if this had been Tony Stark in the original War Machine armor. But he’s a candidate for the Black Box, so I resolved to get one anyway.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: Then I played him. And oh, my goodness, what a great piece. For the first time, my eight-year goal to run a competitive all-black team in HeroClix is within reach thanks to this superb fighting figure.

Also, winning is really cool. One tends to do that with this figure.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: I don’t really want to be That Guy. Remember, Heroclixin’ should be F.U.N., and big War Machine can be hell on the other team at times. But…

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On any number of F.U.N. teams including Black Steel (black folks in armor), a Stark armory, and Secret Avengers, just off the top of my head.

Next: the number one. Or ones. Because I couldn’t pick just one. Literally. I think.


No. 3


Static [Teen Titans 045]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: He’s really the foremost and best Milestone Comics character, the one to hit it big and cross over first to the DC universe proper. I’m an old-school Static fan from when his comic was new. (It still bugs me a little bit inside when folks call him “Static Shock.”)

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: He’s just a classically F.U.N. fig. Friendly with not too overwhelming stats or powers. Useful with Enhancement, double-target EE, Running Shot and HSS just a push away. Nifty with his nutty Trash Can trait and, of course, just for being Static.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: No keywords just kills his place on many teams, especially at his price point and with the emergence of Precision Strike making him less survivable.

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On a Trenchcoat Brigade team, and DEFINITELY a Breakfast Club scenario (where no characters can share keywords).

Next: Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos