Token Totin’ archive [canceled?]

Ever been annoyed when an opponent Charges his boot speed brick in to smack your guy for 5 clicks with an object you thought he was standing on, not holding? Or worse, the object was hidden off on its CHARACTER CARD???

Yeah, me too. People forget that the game rules state that when a character picks up an object, the player must “Immediately place the object token someplace that indicates the character with Super Strength is carrying the object.” And while technically putting it on the character card could indicate that, it’s kinda bad pool.

It ought to be obvious when a Super-Strong character is hefting an engine block. And, surprisingly, it easily can be!

These are toys, and anyone who was once a boy knows that action figures need to be able to hold their weapons. So I did a survey to see which sculpts, of the characters with Super Strength (or a Special Power granting use of same), can hold a standard object token somewhere — anywhere — on the sculpt. The only criteria is that the token should be able to stay on the model with minimal assistance while moving the figure on the board.

Some are obvious. Some, surprising. Some, hilarious. All will make your little plastic superhero gaming that much more awesome.

This page was intended to be an archive of the pix Heroclixin’ has documented since we started in late 2010. But in 2017, the game rules overhauled to allow all characters to hold objects. That expands this project’s scope to a degree that makes it greatly daunting and a little pointless. So Heroclixin’ is giving up this archive.

But Token Totin’ will probably continue in some form. Here’s why: With the new rules, it’s going to be more important than ever to indicate a character is holding an object because said character can’t be carried or carry other characters. So perhaps our mission must carry on. We’ll see.

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