Rurouni KJS’s Top Ten F.U.N. Favorites of 2017: No. 1

No 1. 

Miss America [WizKids M17-009]


A number of times this and previous years, figures have won a place among my favorite F.U.N. figs.

America, though? She DEBUTED on the list. At the top. The No. 1 spot was hers to lose. And she didn’t.

Already one of my most wanted characters in clix, her dial also turned out to be superb. Starting with an Invulnerable 11AV Charge, 4 damage with Super Strength before shifting to Sidestep+CCE, she ends with Hypersonic Speed. She’s got no bad clicks. But you’re playing her for her trait to make a Space Portal when she makes a melee attack, hit or miss. She can call as many allies as you have actions and squares next to the Portal that those allies can make close actions against America’s original target.

It is super Useful yet completely balanced. It’s also incredibly true to the character.

How F.U.N. is it?

Friendly/Fellowship: Trait is appropriately high-risk/high reward.

Useful/Utility: Trait can really make a melee team work. Strong brick for the cost

Nifty/Nerdcore: America is ALREADY GREAT


Annnnd that does it for our mass look back at HeroClix in 2017.
With Xavier’s School dropping today, Heroclixin’s next post will be a little nerding out over the new clix we either enjoyed in sealed already or that we’re looking forward to playing soon. Then we’ll look further ahead with our lists of most wanted remakes/unclixed characters.

Heroclixin’ is BACK.

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