Rurouni KJS’s Top Ten F.U.N. Favorites of 2017: No. 5

No. 5

Muhammad Ali [WizKids DP17-004]


The amazing thing about HeroClix is that any character can be made into a figure and this is a key example. “The Greatest” lives up to the name with extra-Precise punches (dealing 2 through defenses rather than 1 on the first half of his dial), team play with Empower and constant Sidestep and Indom. His lack of early armor keeps him from being un-F.U.N. but he lacks a single bad click — back half yields CCE to edge up his waning stats, Flurry to hedge your attack bets and Toughness to help him survive the shots headed his way.

He works best with a Superman (gaining him semi-optional Battle Fury and easier theme team options beyond his Celebrity and Warrior ones), but that’s not my ideal team for him. I’m not sure what IS, exactly, so he’s not higher on my list.

F.U.N. like a butterfly:

Friendly/Fellowship: Not well armored, stats are pretty human

Useful/Utility: But that Precision-plus and Indom, tho.

Nifty/Nerdcore: He’s the Greatest

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