Rurouni KJS’s Top Ten F.U.N. Favorites of 2017: No. 6


No. 6

Sand [Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls 060]


So there was a time when I was a JSA completist. Those days are gone but I still harbored dreams of running this team:


Sand was the last one missing for a VERY long time. We almost got him as a result of the first Fan Vote contest WizKids held in 2011. But he was the runner-up behind Big Barda who, even at the time, was a remake of an already clixed character — as far too many of the contestant characters were. Over the ensuing years and subsequent fan vote contests, Sand remained unmade despite the near miss — until now.

The dial is a bit of a disappointment, though, which is why he’s not higher in my top ten. He’s short-lived and fragile with no armor at all. But his interesting form of moving attack (No-cost Force Blast after Phasing) and late-dial Prob Control combine with his very low cost to make him a hidden gem. Neat sculpt, too.

F.U.N. in a sandbox?

Friendly/Fellowship: Sand is soft

Useful/Utility: But Sand gets everywhere to irritate the foe

Nifty/Nerdcore: I like Sand


This green-clad hero winds up sharing space at this spot with another green fellow:

Hulk [Avengers Defenders War 052]


An early candidate for this list, Amadeus Cho here was briefly forgotten in my first draft. (There have been a LOT of figures released since May.) But this is a piece I frequently want to run for its supreme F.U.N. qualities. He’s a bruiser with Perplex and conditional Outwit, making him quite the Utility piece. What also makes him F.U.N. is a focus on punching up instead of down via his “Battling Monsters” trait that drops action tokens from him when he hits a Monster or any foe with 4 damage. But his other trait that heals him when he lands KOs also helps keep him going.

Totally Awesome F.U.N.

Friendly/Fellowship: Not overwhelmingly smashy for a Hulk

Useful/Utility: But still a Hulk. With Perplex and Outwit. And SMASH

Nifty/Nerdcore: Amadeus, Amadeus … oh oh oh Amadeus (Cho)

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