Rurouni KJS’s Top Ten F.U.N. Favorites of 2017: No. 8

No. 8

Uhura [Star Trek: The Original Series 038]


I was not very interested in the Star Trek set. But then I saw this fantastic figure. Not only did I need it for my Black Box collection, the dial looked good and F.U.N. as well.

She starts Stealthy to protect her soft 17 Senses until she can base her foe. If said target is 100 points or less, she can turn off its defense as FREE then vivisect with Blades, possibly with Flurry. She also has the new Mirror Universe team ability: Mystics without being Mystics to get around the occasional immunity to the TA.

How F.U.N. is she?

Friendly/Fellowship: Zero moving attack or Willpower hurt her cause.

Useful/Utility: But nixing defense and Mystics-y and Blade tho.

Nifty/Nerdcore: Uhura in a belly shirt? Sign me up


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