Rurouni KJS’s Top Ten F.U.N. Favorites of 2017: No. 9

No. 9

Peace Machine [What If 0043]


In addition to being one of our top figures of the year, alternate timeline James Rhodes squeaks onto my list of favorites. Aside from his fitting a couple of themes I collect (black characters, Stark armors), Peace Machine is a figure who very squarely fits my meta play style, which is to plan to get punched in the mouth. PM allows that to happen thanks to his trait limiting to 3 the damage a single strike can do. The Utility of TK, Outwit, Support, 3-range Force Blast and high DV got him onto the top figs list.

Peace Machine, along with 2016 Top Ten pick Jakeem Thunder, Taylor’s No. 3 F.U.N. fig Iron Heart and Captain America [Avengers Defenders War 069] allowed me to at last fulfill a HeroClix dream I’ve had since joining the game back in 2005: to build a top-flight team of nothing but black characters. And for that, he makes my list of top favorites.

Call him F.U.N. Machine cuz:

Friendly/Fellowship: Fewer one-shots is better for everyone

Useful/Utility: C’mon, he was Heroclixin’s No. 8 Top Fig



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