Top Ten HeroClix of 2017: No. 2

Though he was on all our lists, TBT was most enthusiastic about this pick:

No. 2


Green Arrow [Elseworlds 049]

Let’s be honest; Oliver Queen barely did anything in “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.” The finest archer in all of DC’s mass universe got shot, then hung from a ladder upside-down, and proceeded to shoot his bow… and that’s it (aside from yelling about the state of the world in an earlier section of the graphic novel). To his credit, the arrow was typical Ollie — on target. For some reason, the wonderful figure-creators at Wizkids decided to give him perhaps the most meta-worthy top dial EVER.

Let’s take a look at the things we’d expect: 12 attack, RCE, 3 damage, 8 range, 17 defense with Combat Reflexes. That’s Oliver Queen to his core, a great starting point for any Emerald Archer. His attack power though. If he manages to hit, with a potential FOURTEEN ATTACK, the hit target can’t use defense powers. Any, at all, until the next turn. So your tentpole? Hide it! OH WAIT HE’S ALSO GOT IMPROVED TARGETING THROUGH CHARACTERS, ELEVATION AND HINDERING. Sound familiar? Maybe a certain S.H.I.E.L.D director? Well, now your only option is to kill him, but that rolls right into one of his traits, which doesn’t allow you to attack him unless he’s pushed or you’re within three squares. So not only can he (almost) always see you, but you can’t see him unless you get dangerously close.

I love Oliver Queen, and I think he’s one of the finest DC characters ever made, but this is one crazy piece. His place on the top-ten list was assured from the moment his special power was revealed, thanks to the ID card craziness. The how and when to use him is so flexible and so strong that you just can’t go wrong. The Green Arrow hits his mark again, but this time it’s a lasting impression.

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