Top Ten HeroClix of 2017: No. 3

Sceritz named and writes on:

No. 3


Carnage [The Mighty Thor G004]
Let’s start with the basics to begin with. He is a colossal figure with 20 clicks at 300 points. Granted, he has no reducers. But that is still a ton of clix to work through and if you ignore him he’s hitting for 5 or 4 damage for the greater percentage of his dial. This makes him an extremely formidable aggressor. In addition, every so often he obtains the Colossal Retaliation power that allows him to generate bystanders with plasticity, even when he misses his retaliation.
Still, the larger point values are not usually the most efficient places to play him. What makes him so insanely good, is his retaliation value that costs only 10 points! For 10 points, he can retaliate, dealing 3 damage, and whether or not he misses, place a Plasticity-bearing bystander to tie up the enemy, making the fact that he has a 16 defense on this click a minor trade off in comparison. Mind you, these pogs also have Super Senses, Shape Change, and BCF with 11 damage, making them more than a minor annoyance. Any figure costing 10 points with this effectiveness and usefulness is simply unheard of.

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