Top Ten HeroClix of 2017 No. 4

Sceritz writes on his nominee:

No. 4


Thor Odinson [The Mighty Thor 049]
People are scared of his point value. Don’t be.
Thor starts with a printed 4 damage that only dips to three in his middle clicks. Furthermore, it is only on those clicks that his attack dips below 11. The trick is hitting him in the first place. With a 19 defense, Invincible and Hypersonic Speed, the chances of getting a good shot against a good player using him is slim to none.
Furthermore, “Bring the Lightning” allows him to attack again, so long as he hits with a ranged attack to begin with, bringing his damage potential in one turn to 8. With 12 attack, this isn’t too difficult to pull off. Of course, if you want to bring him some help on a team with other formidable Asgardians he can use his “Restore the Lost” title character ability to call Asgardians to heal the both of them and bring them into the fray, giving them the potential to fight as well. This makes KOing him as quickly as possible a necessity. But with 8 clicks and reducers all the way down his dial (that ends with another 19 with Impervious), this is no simple task. Finally, if your opponent happens to live through your incessant barrage of thunder, and allows you to make it to 8 plot points, you can make their lives that much more unbearable with the “God of Thunder” power, which forces every action that would give them action an token, to instead give them two. Try fighting him with that weight on your shoulders.
Still worried about fielding that 175 points? I didn’t think so. Top tier.
The Baker Tay also thinks 175 points is good to spend, but on another figure entirely for our only tie of the list:
[tie] No. 4
Goblin King [What If? 040]

The piece that broke the clix’s back. Everything was going well in 2017. There were the strong, the weak, the F.U.N. Avengers/Defenders War was an amazing set. Deadpool was fun, revealing brand-new title characters. Then “What If” came out. So much strength. Too much power. Of course, one piece had to rise above. Announce itself KING. Someone thought it was a good idea to bring the Infinity Gauntlet back, and into the hands of the crazed Green Goblin. Then make a Heroclix out of it, and like every other piece or resource in the game associated with the gauntlet, it’s way too powerful. It was almost immediately watchlisted, and then stripped of its Power Cosmic team ability at the lower point values.

Even with the nerf, he remains. The ability to take two powers without a consequence is perhaps the strongest ability in Heroclix right now. Goblin King is at his best at 175 points with decent values, natural probability control, and good damage reducers. He could be your tentpole and still have room for decent support, or be support himself until the time comes to fight. His 75 point value doesn’t have the sheer power or dial length to compete all game, and at 275 points he’s expensive. Fun to play with, but in modern tournaments he’s too much. Goblin King could’ve been the best piece we got this year, but Wizkids held him back.

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