Top Ten HeroClix of 2017 No. 5

RKJS writes below:
No. 5
Hawkeye [Avengers Defenders War 067]
Perhaps the best way to review this piece is with STORY TIME!
I was playing my semi-comic accurate team of Authority (from 2014’s The Flash set) and Planetary (from 2017’s Elseworlds). Though the new Bifrost map was fairly open, I felt safe enough to advance a few squares and set up my squad in a 3×3 formation. They’d be fine.
But Hawkeye was on the other team and got flung forward with HENRY in tow. And then he activated his trait
RAPID-FIRE TRICK SHOOTING: Hawkeye can use Running Shot. Each time Hawkeye hits an opposing character with a range attack, after actions resolve, he can use Running Shot again as a free action, but only to target a character that wasn’t attacked this turn.
He hit my stealthed Midnighter. Thanks, IT:hindering!
He hit my Jenny Sparks in the middle. Thanks, IT:Characters!
He hit my Apollo. Thanks, Precision Strike!
He hit my Elijah Snow.
He hit my Swift.
He hit my Jakita Wagner.
He hit my Doctor.
He hit my Drummer.
Who else can do that in one turn? No one can do that. (Well, maybe one other. But that’s a fig from another year and another story)
Prior to the 2017 rules, Hawkguy was held in check by the Damage Depletion Modifier, which would take his additional shots’ damage to a base 1. But now he can deal vast damage to a whole team with a single costed action. With no bad clicks and an AV of 11 for most of his life, he’s top tier even at 65 points.

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