Top Ten HeroClix of 2017 No. 7

This one was Sceritz’s nominee. he writes below:

No. 7


Merc With a Mouth [Deadpool and X-Force 060]
This is possibly one of my favorite figures from last year, and I have to say that it is very difficult to get your bang for the buck of 70 points from a figure as well as you do out of this Deadpool. First of all, he’s 8 clicks long, for 70 points. That alone is enough reason to play him. With dial that switches from decent range to close combat, and the ability to heal pretty regularly, I’d say that he’s worth it already. But what makes him really tick is the ability to spend 2 of his title character plot points to pulling a nighthawk prime for a turn. This means that opposing characters cannot increase their combat values. Do this at the right time and you can completely throw an opponent off their game and swing it in your favor. I wouldn’t recommend gunning for it, but if you do happen to gain 6 plot points he’s also got the “Bullet Time” capability to shoot up the opposing team pretty darn bad. Again, I wouldn’t base a strategy around this, but it’s a nice move to have in your back pocket. He is a solid secondary attacker for any team with enough utility to make it worth it. An absolutely annoyingly effective figure.

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