Top Ten HeroClix of 2017 No. 10

Last year, Sceritz and site master RKJS each delivered full-blown lists and reviews for the Top Ten. But this year, with so many clix released, our top picks were much more identical than 2016’s lot. Plus, with Taylor’s addition, three top tens might’ve been too much. So each of us picked a member of our Top Ten to write on.

No. 10 was chiefly Sceritz’s nomination. I had to be convinced he belonged, but he crowded out my nomination, and after reading Sceritz’s review, the case is strong.

No. 10


Wiz Kid [Deadpool and X-Force 059b]
 For 25 points, if you are capable of protecting him, he is invaluable on almost any team. Providing increased attack, damage and range, you are capable of dishing out more with higher probability. Push him to his second click and you gain access to Sidestep, making his positioning that much more effective. He starts with an 18 defense so he’s not exactly a sure hit, and if someone does manage to KO him, he’s only 25 points, and the rest of your team is likely still capable enough to take on the opposition.
His keywords aren’t extremely synergetic but with people like Quicksilver and Iceman who can attack without necessarily being right next to their targets, this can be a useful means of dealing extra damage and keeping the team safe at the same time. Adding him on any team can make them frustratingly more deadly.

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