Top Ten HeroClix of 2017: No. 9

I really expected to have to fight to add this one to the list, but both Sceritz and TBT named him on their own. Here’s my review:

No. 9


Kite Man [Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls 044]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: 10 speed. Two passengers. 4 clicks of life protected by 17 Energy Shield/Deflection for just 15 points. He’s supplanted 2016 Top Ten figure Overdrive as the game’s best taxi.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST INSTEAD OF HIGHER: Well, OK, Overdrive still brings a lot of intangibles that Kite Man lacks, and one wonders how much better this fig might be with more keywords (Gotham City Underworld is all he’s got) or points saved from not having his Batman Enemy TA, which he’s not likely contributing to or benefiting from. And there’s that almost useless beginning of turn free “sidestep” when he’s holding an object — because he’s primarily a taxi and can’t carry allies and objects at the same time, when is he ever gonna use it?

But, y’know, no one really cares about those drawbacks. Because he’s KITE MAN. And one of the top figs of the year.



…Hell, yeah.

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