Top Ten HeroClix of 2017 No. 6

RKJS: Though I nominated all the Shredders for consideration, it was Sceritz who said Mini rose as the cream of the crop. Taylor writes about him at No. 6.


Mini Shredder [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Return 033] 

TBT: The TMNT series of Heroclix has always been a cache of surprises: from the original sketch chase pieces, to the super turtles, and now Shredders galore!

The Shredder chases are all strong, but Mini takes the cake. He shares the longest dial of eight clicks — matched only by the 40-point-extra Shark Shredder — He supports the most consistent dial like the Claw Shredder, and to top it all off… TINY SIZE. He’s got a mess of powers to contend with, a fine mix of attack (Precision Strike) and support (Empower), traited Sidestep with penetrating damage, Indomitable, and a Plasticity/Stealth combo power. All top-dial.

It gets a little easier if you manage to knock him down a few clicks, but if you play against him it’s still a headache. This is my favorite part — if you kill him, you have to do it AGAIN. I don’t know the story-based TMNT shenanigans behind the Shredder’s “Mystical Worms” trait, but it’s amazing. What’s the saying? Kill me once, shame on you — kill me twice, shame on me? This is a 90-point, 11-click TINY-SIZE MONSTER. Very deservedly on the 2017 Top Ten.


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