Future F.U.N.: Harley Quinn, X-Men and Infinity War

Long time no post! I’m still suffering from the effects of the break-in and loss of internet, so it’s affected this blog. But I’m inspired by NaNoWriMo (google it) to get back to writing despite these obstacles. So let’s get to it.

Three HeroClix sets loom in the future, and I’m both excited for each and disgruntled by them.

First up is Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls, due out in a couple of weeks.


  • The rumored list includes long-unclixed JSA leader Sand, a character I’ve wanted in clix since the REV era.
  • The Female Furies of Apokolips are finally being filled out.
  • Paul Kirk Manhunter AT LAST. (His Prime version is revealed, so this is a lock)


  • Too many Harleys. We got like 4 in Joker’s Wild just last fall. DC sets are too spread out to oversaturate with one character like this.
  • Not enough actual Gotham girls, with the never-quite-right Gotham City Sirens keyword apparently STILL not really doable in Modern Age.
  • A chase Wonder Woman in a new costume. I thought I was done with chasing WW costumes.


Coming in February is X-Men First Class.


  • A lot of X-Men will be set to retire in Summer 2018, so this is a welcome shot to renew some of those characters.
  • More importantly, certain subthemes like Generation X could get filled out.
  • X-Men ID cards will allow the mutants to finally join in on that meta fun


  • Did I say meta fun? ID cards are also the new resource warping the meta right now. I wouldn’t have minded them all retiring.


Finally, just this week, Avengers Infinity War was announced for a May release.


  • It’s a new HeroClix set.


  • It’s one with a more expensive¬†booster configuration: 4 single-based figures and one 2×2 piece.
  • That means even more Colossal Retaliation is on the way, a mechanic that, while F.U.N., we’re growing a little bit weary of.
  • This means likely zero DC sets until Summer 2018 at the earliest.


So there’s good and bad ahead. We’re here for all of it.

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