I’m alive!

After the theft of my computer, it’s been hard to stay at this blog. Too many RL things to handle, plus lack of, y’know, a computer and internet to update.

But we’re slowly getting back in the swing of things. I was gifted an old battery-less laptop and the library has free Wi-Fi.


I’m also motivated by the re-emergence of the notorious WizKids Watch List, by which problematic HeroClix figures are put on notice that, thanks to errata, their time of easy dominance of the game may be coming to an end.


Here’s what’s on the block and Heroclixin’s take on each.


Felix Faust

Seeing a repeat appearance here, ol’ Felix has been a long non-favorite in these parts. We’ve written extensively about Felix’s ability to affect the battlefield in a way that would have required an entire team of cheap Outwit figures to replicate.

Originally, Felix’s d20 effects were global; an errata shortly after 2015 Worlds reduced it to his natural range of 7. But that was clearly not sufficient because most of his effects are free and enough inexpensive taxis exist that he doesn’t have to so much as use an action to potentially lock down entire teams long enough for him or his allies to rack up hits and points.

The Realms Open Championship league banned Felix twice. WizKids hasn’t banned a figure in its entire history. Perhaps Felix will be the first, because there’s really no elegant fix for this douchebag of a piece. The closest Heroclixin’ can come up with is the “F.U.N. Fix” we suggested for using this figure in casual play:

“… give Felix a non-free action EVERY TIME he rolls the d20, and don’t roll it if he can’t [take a non-free action].”

It would have been better if this piece had never been made.


Jakeem Thunder

Should escape the Watch List unscathed for a number of reasons. First, he already has built in balances within his “pick a power” trait: Limited to beginning of turn, limited selection of “grade A” powers. Second, the new version of Outwit will be a gut punch to his current versatility. Finally, he’s really only problematic when wearing linked dial equipment or a resource.


Pym Tank

Heroclixin’ hasn’t talked much about this. But it is problematic on a level that nearly matches Felix. We don’t really have time to get into it, but it’s rather like Precision Strike in that it’s an element that combos with EVERY SORT of attack with an effective Area of Effect that far exceeds its 8-point price and has almost no counter.

At minimum, it shouldn’t combo with other attacks. Using it should be a power action or something. That’s Heroclixin’s stance, short of banning it outright. Only Hank Pym should be able to use it, anyway! IT’S HIS KEYCHAIN


Goblin King

Oh, WizKids, you were doing so well with balancing the “pick a power” thing. You wisely made Engineer [Flash 059] unable to pick defense and gave her light natural armor. You held Jakeem to one primo power at a time and at beginning of turn. You made Nico Minoru swap slots for her choices. You forced Element Man to choose one or end up taking damage. You ensured Iron Man had to give up powers to get powers.

Then you go and make Goblin King with NONE of those limitations. AND protected from Outwit.

Whose design is this???

Heroclixin’s fix: If he picks powers, he can’t use Power Cosmic.



So we’ll see what WizKids does. Part 2 will discuss the eventual changes.