It’s been a while since the last installment of Heroclixin’ long-running quest to determine how each model with Super Strength can hold the object token the character is holding. Because standing on it is weak sauce and confusing. Putting it on the card is even WEAKER (and borderline cheating in our barely humble opinion because it’s sort of hidden).

So here’s how to be awesome instead, with Hourman, Grace, Geo-Force, and the genie-empowered Johnny Thunder and Jakeem Thunder.






Stilt-Man [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 013]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? No moving attack at his base 50-point level — or, um, height — makes for a piece that won’t cause opponents to want to run from the table. Similarly, at 55 points and giant status, he becomes too easily visible to put the fear of heights into other players.
    However, as you add Leg Extensions to make him colossal (and costing 65 and up) he suddenly becomes a threat, dragging his Level to: MODERATE
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway?  Again, it depends how tall he is. As normal height, he’s a Quake+Force Blast piece that can take one solid hit for the team thanks to his trait that allows him to drop a Leg Extension and take a max of 1 damage (and maybe none). As a giant, he can survive such hits at least twice and gains Giant Reach to make his Quake power much more effective (and also become a taxi). But it’s as a colossal that he can use his Colossal Retaliation SP, making him a deterrent to enemy attacks along with even further Giant Reach range. Level: MODERATELY HIGH
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal? Characters like Stilt-Man are what’s great about superhero comics. And his Legs are a great gameplay mechanic that make getting multiples of this common figure a glad occurrence. Level: HIGH

F.U.N. to the core.

That nearly concludes Heroclixin’s look back at the best (and worst) of 2016’s figures. Next post will be my and Sceritz’s personal favorites for the year.



The Wizard [World’s Finest 030]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? Aside from the general problem that cheap Probability Control can be, no one’s going to cast shade on you for fielding this 50-pointer — especially when it lacks the movement skills to get into optimal position like the best can and no defense powers at all. Level: HIGH
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway? Cheap Prob, tho. It’s also from a character who can’t simply be countered, as he can’t be targeted when in hindering or next to blocking. And if you do? Shape Change, which allows immediate escape on success and leaves a tiger.


    Each of his five clicks have a supporting power he doesn’t need to burn actions to use: Outwit, Perplex, Empower, Enhancement each show up down his dial. So pushing him isn’t the worst, either. Level: MODERATE

  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal? There’s a tiger. 😀 He’s also on the Secret Society of Super-Villains, a fairly niche team in HeroClix.  Level: MODERATE

He’s magic. And so much F.U.N.


Frog-Man [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 048]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? With only 9 AV and 1 damage, Froggy isn’t scaring anyone. Level: VERY HIGH
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway?  His trait to deal himself free horizontal or vertical 4-square knock back can lengthen his already impressive 10 Leap/Climb, and careful positioning can enable him to deal free knock back to friend and foe alike. That enemy Deadshot perched on the roof turning the map into his personal killbox? Send Frog-Man next to him with L/C, then knock the sniper to the ground!
    The downside is that there’s so much Charge and Combat Reflexes in the game that this trait is ineffective against, so he’s frequently little more than tie-up. Fortunately, he’s got Toughness, then Super Senses to guard a longer-than-you’d-expect-for-35-points dial.  Level: LOW
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal? Frog-Man is NOTHING BUT these things. He’s an oddball figure that exemplifies the greatness of HeroClix: that even the Z-list characters get made. And if you MUST get him on a keyword force, Spider-Man Family got quite the boost this year. Level: HIGH


Bounce into F.U.N.with one of the year’s funnest!


Crazy Jane [World’s Finest 019]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? Her nutty dial keeps her from being the kind of figure that strikes fear into a player.  Level: HIGH
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway?  That same random aspect really hampers your plans. She has a great support-style click with TK and Perplex (click 2) but it’s unlikely to get to it to actually intentionally use it. Likewise, her great melee tie-up click is buried at no. 4 and she has the exact same chance of landing on the range-centric Click 6 — and near death. Her starting click, for its part, is completely weak, emphasizing attack avoidance with almost no real attack ability.
    The key to Crazy Jane is to go crazy with her. Roll her die (it’s optional) and use what you get. Push her with impunity; she resets to her original click anyway at turn’s end (again, optional). Each of her non-starting clicks have some aspect that can potentially boost teammates even when she’s double-tokened. And even if she gets KO’d, she’s a low 2d6 roll away from dodging death.
    She’s not for planner-type players. But she’s great for F.U.N. players. Level: MODERATELY LOW
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal?  She’s only for Doom Patrol themes, so she’s super-niche that way. There’s also that Nifty dial manipulation she does, representing a totally different style of play.  Level: MODERATE

She’s crazy F.U.N.


Morlock [Uncanny X-Men 008]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? Only a single click of life means a fun game. And if played at the 10-point level, the opponent gets to choose which click of life to deal with. Level: HIGH
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway?  That said, each click of life is going to be of concern. Do they pick:
    — the 5-range Energy Exploder? That 10 AV could hurt someone.
    — the Plasticity dial? With 17 Reflexes, he’s a frightfully effective tie-up for almost no points.
    — Leap/Climb + Blades/Claws/Fangs? That 10AV could REALLY hurt someone.
    — the Running Shot Morlock? 9 AV isn’t scary, but do you want to give out more shooting?
    — The Flurry+Shape Change guy? Again, it’s only 9AV, but more attacks is more attacks.
    — The Super-Strong Charger? 10 points to deal 4 clicks with a heavy is ridiculous.
    As you can see, there’s no choice they can pick that isn’t probably an advantage for you, especially with Morlock having traited Stealth as well. And at the 15 point cost, you can field multiples of your favorite dial. Level: MODERATE
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal?  These guys are kinda dull, though, only fitting a single niche keyword, Morlocks. Level: MODERATELY LOW

They may be ugly, but they’re F.U.N. as heck.


Element Man [World’s Finest 040]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? While he has the ability to be either a strong attacker, a faceted supporter or a defensive wall, he can’t be all of them at once. With no Willpower and only Sidestep, 17 DV Super Senses, 4 range and 10 AV to lean on, Element Man isn’t very intimidating to see on the field, despite his many other assets. Level: MODERATE
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway? But those assets, tho. He’s got Giant Reach, Plasticity and Shape Change in a trait, making him a solid (if expensive) tie-up piece. But his real utility comes from his “A Periodic Arsenal” SP granting him use of either a standard attack or defense power — or one of both if you’re willing to take a click of damage after your turn. So, as mentioned above, in a given turn Element Man can be:
    — A STRONG ATTACKER via B/C/F or Pulse Wave or Energy Explosion or Incap or Quake or Super Strength or Penetrating Blast or Precision Strike, many of which work exceptionally well with his Giant Reach;
    — A FACETED SUPPORTER via Smoke Cloud or Barrier or Telekinesis in addition to his Outsiders team ability;
    — A DEFENSIVE WALL via Combat Reflexes or Energy Shield or Mastermind or Invincible or Impervious or Poison on top of the aforementioned Plasticity;
    And having access to Steal Energy and Regeneration give him some self-help on the clicks 1-4 he has this SP.
    His end dial loses the SP but “hulks up” to Invulnerability, Poison and 11-12 AV with Flurry and Battle Fury. Level: HIGH
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal? He’s a member of the Justice League (yawn). But his tenure was mostly on the bwah-ha-ha Justice League International era, so play him with those teammates rather than the usual Superman-led squads. Also, look at Outsiders. Level: MODERATELY LOW

This is a finesse piece with great potential. Go have F.U.N. with him!


Moon Knight [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 037]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? So he’s got this SP that boosts his AV for each foe that can see him. That play style alone may reassure opponents nervous about his wildcard status and potential for healing. Level: MODERATE
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway? The aforementioned AV boost means he can be a dangerous Running Shooter and, later, Flurry piece. When he damages enemies, he gets Tribute tokens that can be spent to heal him a click at a time or save him from KO if he has 2 of them.   Level: MODERATE
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal? Moon Knight is Moon Knight and therefore all four of those things. Level: MODERATE

At his somewhat steep 90 points, he’s not the best use of points. Which makes him a F.U.N. piece to wield!


Thug [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 005]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? Completely devoid of powers, he’s not one to make opponents nervous. A F.U.N. game is at hand, especially since Thug is likely on the squad to fill out a themed team that otherwise couldn’t be fielded. He also can’t do theme-Probability Control.   Level: MODERATELY HIGH
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway?  He’s got no powers. He’s only good for his 4-click dial. Which….is actually REALLY GOOD for 10 points. Use a Thug to block and tie-up or take Mastermind damage from your actual team. Level: MODERATELY LOW
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal? There’s nothing inherently nerdcore about Thugs.  Level: LOW

Thug is F.U.N. mainly for his ability to facilitate other F.U.N. So he makes the list.



Grace [Joker’s Wild 046]

  • Is the figure FRIENDLY and FELLOWSHIP-worthy? Bricks can be effective, but tend to be literally outgunned by range figures in this game. Grace isn’t going to make a player quake at the sight of her, and she can be dealt with like any other brick. Indeed, her play style involves her being in the thick of things. Still, she’s solid and Outsiders team ability commands respect. Level: MODERATELY LOW
  • Is this figure still USEFUL and full of UTILITY anyway? But if the other force has a higher-point figure, Grace can be quite offensive indeed, being able to move her full speed then punch. With an object, we’re talking about dealing 5-7 clicks to their biggest threat for possibly a first strike. She’s also supremely well-armored for her 125 cost with all the “I” powers: Invincible, Impervious, Invulnerability. Outsiders TA enables her to blunt the stat mod powers of her targets and Indom keeps her active to lay in with Close Combat Expert. She’s almost a perfect brick.  Level: HIGH
  • Does this figure have a NEATO or NIFTY or NICHE or NERDCORE appeal? She only has two keywords, Amazon and Outsiders, so there’s not much there. She could go on an informal theme team of LGBTQ characters, though.  Level: MODERATELY LOW

Grace is strong. But still F.U.N.