1. (tie)


Mary Marvel [World’s Finest 041]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: At 150 points, she needs to be a tentpole, and she certainly delivers with 12 Hypersonic Speed, Super Strength and 4 damage. She’s also immune to cheaper Outwit and enemy Perplex and Probability Control while packing her own Prob to help herself. Starting with Invincible guards her from the threat of penetrating damage. Most of all, this Indomitable piece has a one-time STOP click with super-Regeneration that gives her a very good chance at extending her 7-click dial even further — maybe even healing her back to full!

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? She’s the exact kind of enemy that Fury’s made to fight to a standstill. But with 12 HSS, she has the potential to maybe get first shot at Balls before he can shoot her. It all depends on the spymaster’s Shape Change.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: With 0 range, she’s also vulnerable to Plasticity, and her starting 17 defense is very low for her points and role on a team, so it wasn’t immediately apparent that she ought to top our list — and new contributor Sceritz didn’t think she should, placing her at No. 5. But those shortcomings are more than made up for by her strengths, and so she’s Heroclixin’s Top Ten fig of 2016…along with her sorta big bro:



Shazam [World’s Finest 065]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: All the Kingdom Come chase pieces in World’s Finest were strong. But corrupted Captain Marvel here is the finest of all. 15 Hypersonic Speed. 11 AV … that rises to 12. Super Strength. 4 damage with Shape Change and 3 range to get around Plasticity. Invincible. Immune to Outwit or Perplex from non-KC members. Wildcard. End-dial Prob Control and Running Shot Pulse Wave. All for a relatively svelte 170 points.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? He’s easily able to get a first shot from outside Fury’s range before Balls can turn off his HSS. But he’s the exact kind of enemy that Fury’s made to fight to a standstill — and kill.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: Click for click, he’s Heroclixin’s Top Ten fig of 2016, but her forcing the double tap where he does not forces this first-ever tie.


Sceritz buried these two at the bottom of his top 5, in favor of one of the pieces that I actually vocally disagreed with him on:

1. Krang [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 031]


And finally we come to HIM. The reigning champ, hailing from the far corner of the TMNT set. KRANG. There is so much I can say about this figure and how much I absolutely hate how powerful he is. By himself, he’s capable of changing size, and all increase his combat values. He has to take damage after of course, but where we are really hurt is that in addition to already having Prob (and then outwit and prob), he can also choose a power. This means he can be attacking on turn one with 13 attack, and 6 damage, with prob and whatever power is most worthy at the time. Then, after actions he’s still sitting at 19 defense at least. Now 170 points is a lot, but it’s not the complete total of any team. Pretend we are playing 200 points for the giggles. Add Baxter Stockman [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 013] for 30 and you’d solved your taking damage problem, and are crushing most teams easily. I refuse to discuss what Juston Seyfert does to put him beyond No. 1 on this list, but if you’re a competitive Heroclix player, you already know :P.

I denied Krang the top slot because as I noted in my No. 4 ranking for this dude, unless you field a very specific 70 points with him, he’s not nearly as potent as the TRUE No. 1 figs of the year, which don’t need specific teammates. But Sceritz is correct in his counterargument: HeroClix is a team game. So we’ve just agreed to disagree here.

Rurouni KJS’s “almost” figs:

Spider-Man [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 049]

For years, WizKids made bad Spider-Men, OK Spider-Men and a few pretty good ones. But not until now has there been a Spidey that was basically perfect, with great moving attack in his melee-only Hypersonic Speed+Super Strength combo, Willpower and Perplex to start, and traited Super Senses immune to Precision Strike. He’s sensational. Spectacular. AMAZING. He’s completely unarmored; that’s his only weak spot. And for a front-line fighter of 100 points, that can be a danger. “Handstand” Spider-Man nearly cartwheels his way to a spot among Heroclixin’s Top Ten of 2016.

Quicksilver [Uncanny X-Men 054]

Quicksilver can use Flurry with Hypersonic Speed and, via his Speed Shadow token trait, hit from around corners, safe from enemy Prob Control. But no Willpower blunts the extreme threat he can represent, and both Plasticity and Smoke Cloud/hindering terrain can utterly ruin his attack access.

Devil Dinosaur [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 054]

He’s a fig who brings help to the fight, with his “Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction” SP planting pogs similar to Dr. Demonicus in 2015. Indomitable, Devil Dino can then TK one into the fray. The giant-sized red reptile is limited to Sidestep and a plodding 2 Speed, but he’s got the equivalent of THREE STOP CLICKS to start his dial … and then an ACTUAL one to transition to a Battle Furious, Charging B/C/F machine. Thing is, he’s so darn slow that he can be worked around/ignored, and his pog army is more annoying than actually dangerous.

Element Man [World’s Finest 040]

Though his traited Shape Change, Giant Reach and Plasticity are all welcome, it’s his attack SP “Periodic Arsenal” that nearly win him a place on the top list. Being able to pick a power or two means he’s loaded with options. He also has an end-dial spike that’s bananas. And Outsiders TA is strong. If only his SP weren’t counterable or he had better numbers early on.

Raphael [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 001]

His attack SP grants Flurry and penetrating in close attacks. Combined with 11 AV and Charge and he is a terror of a piece at just 50 points. Lack of Willpower is his undoing.

Harlequin [World’s Finest 053b]

Her “Murderous Jack-In-The-Box On My Back” trait lends some temporary aid in the form of a pog with Ranged Combat Expert and Blades/Claws/Fangs as a free action. This means she can essentially attack every single turn of the game — and because the pog vanishes after actions resolve, she is effectively able to avoid retaliation effects such as Mystics team ability. Later in her dial, she has the option of using a one-time mega Pulse Wave SP at the cost of the trait. She’s also got P/PB to aid her attack skills in between Box shots. Defensively, she relies on the updated Kingdom Come TA (basically Super Senses vs. range). Her weakness is a total lack of armor and limited keywords — just enough to drag her from the list as a Top Ten fig of 2016.

Sunfire [Uncanny X-Men 043b]

Running Shot with high-damage Pulse Wave is one of those archetype offensive power combos in HeroClix, and prime Sunfire is the best such piece this year, especially with his melee-punishing Poison and “Radiating Intense Heat” trait of Energy Shield/Deflection. Not having Willpower is his downfall at his cost.

Iceman [Uncanny X-Men 051]

Now this is an Iceman worth playing. Running Shot with good range and attack values are only the beginning: He can dish out action tokens to hit foes (literally, with two targets) from 7 out. But closing in on him is pointless and dangerous because he can free attack a foe whose square he moved through (With Flight and IM:Characters) but didn’t attack, then freeze that foe until its turn is basically over — no moving, fighting, getting taxied/TK’d away, Outwit/Perplex…nothing. He’d be on the top ten if his damage were higher or if he were cheaper or if he had Willpower.

Taskmaster [Civil War Storyline 026]

While some figs are about picking powers, Tasky is focused on dial control, able to click to the number he wants, then return to the click he started on. In addition to being able to gain the power set needed for the turn, he can take damage from pushing or Mystics or such, then effectively heal the damage. Also a wildcard and Thunderbolt, he can bring a great degree of utility to the right teams — especially if he stands with one who has better stats so he can boost one of his, since his native numbers are so modest.

Johnny Thunder [Joker’s Wild 053a]

“Pick a power” figures are rare and always tend to shine. Johnny is just a little overpriced for his modest numbers or super short-lived at his cheaper point to seriously consider for the tops.


SCERITZ’s “second team”




Jakeem Thunder [Joker’s Wild 053b]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: “Swissblade” figures able to pick standard powers are always strong, and Jakeem here is about the strongest around, able to choose two — though he’s limited in choosing only ONE of the best selections. If he goes with armor to shore up his starting Energy Shield/Deflection, he’s giving up the chance to use Hypersonic Speed, Outwit, Perplex, or Pulse Wave — and same if he wants Willpower to push freely. That said, he has a LOT of options available to the careful player. Natural Probability Control and Sidestep are nice starting powers, and his damage is excellent.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? Unfortunately, he’s the exact kind of enemy that Fury’s made to fight to a standstill.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: He’s a lot of points for his limitations — certain point-and-click combos aren’t available. But smart players will cover his weaknesses with canny choices and wreck shop with him. He’s nearly Heroclixin’s top figure of 2016.


And now Sceritz’s choice is….

…wait a minute…

…we AGREE?????

Jakeem Thunder [Joker’s Wild 053b]


Out of the new Joker’s wild set comes Jakeem Thunder at 140, packing everything you need for both your support and damage roles on your team, as well as the ability to choose what you don’t already have. We are talking RS + PW, and you already have Prob with 4 damage and 18 ES/D out the gate! The only thing Jakeem doesn’t have is Willpower, and if you really need it, you can choose that too. At 8 clicks deep he has the potential to regenerate on his last clicks and choose Probability Control to ensure he rolls high numbers. Or if you are feeling lucky, perhaps a Flurry and Steal Energy? The possibilities are endless, and at only 140 points, you’ll be certain to be able to build a nigh unstoppable team around him.

Amazing. One of our picks matched. Will our No. 1? You’ll have to wait a bit longer: we’re going to share our respective Honorable Mentions first before wrapping up with the top dog(s).

3. (tie)


Overdrive [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 029]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: Quite simply, for the cost of just 35 points and a standard object near the starting area, Overdrive is the game’s single best taxi. His “Charged Up” vehicle can cart four allies up to 13 squares (11 speed with no Carry penalty thanks to vehicle rules + Sidestep). Although the vehicle is only a pog and therefore easily wrecked (though 18+Toughness isn’t chopped liver), the pilot Overdrive can’t be KO’d by the wreck on top dial, you lose no points, and the object created by the wreckage can be turned into a new vehicle. Add in the melee-friendly power of Empower and you have a piece that singlehandedly makes close combat teams more viable than ever.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? So while Balls can’t really do much of anything to stop OD’s function, the trouble is that said function usually involves putting him and his passengers right into Fury’s killbox.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: Overdrive is limited to a single keyword, Sinister Syndicate and, as noted, isn’t too terribly hard to kill. But unless you catch him outside his vehicle, it’s always going to require a double tap — more trouble than a 35-point fig is liable to be worth. That’s why he’s third of Heroclixin’s Top Ten figs of 2016.

He’s got company, though.


Renet Tilley [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes on a Half Shell 029]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: She’s also one the game’s best taxis with 12 speed and the SP to Phase, Sidestep and carry 4 friends. But that’s not why she’s on the list, because OD above is markedly better at that. She also starts and ends with Probability Control. But it’s the SP version of Prob she sees on clicks 2 and 4 that are her reason for being: one that works map-wide. With P/PB and Blades/Claws/Fangs interspersed on her dial, she can also serve as a tertiary attacker in a pinch. 50 points is well worth all this.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? He can jealously negate her reason for being, her Prob, unless she’s hanging way outside the action, which is a waste of her supreme taxi ability.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: She’s soft-shelled and her great speed value plummets to 7 or less by click 2. But that Prob, tho. She ties as Heroclixin’s No. 3 Top Ten fig of 2016.

Sceritz took my No. 7 choice for his No. 3 slot:

Doctor Octopus [WizKids M16-001]


Okay… 4 free attacks with 3 damage and Outwit, after being carried for 80 points? Do I really need to say more? This is the definition of insanity. The only drawback to this figure is how easy it is to hit him after the fact, but at 80 points, he’s packing the highest potential damage for a figure under 100 points. I can’t thinking of anything better. Think about the possibilities! All you need is a taxi! Doctor Octopus has been one of the most deadly characters on the meta scene, and for very good reason. If you aren’t ready for him, he can tear your team apart in one or two turns, far outdoing his point cost.

And now I’m questioning my ranking him so low.

On to the first runner-up…



Krang [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 031]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: Able to juice his already impressive stats to +1 or +2 by making him Giant or Colossal via his “Molecular Amplification Chip” trait, Krang is a tentpole extraordinaire that can kill most any piece within his Giant Reach. Especially given his Attack SP allowing him to select a standard attack power (or the Wing symbol, for use as a taxi, pre-strike) to ensure maximum damage potential. Starting with Probability Control helps that strike land, and when he takes 1-2 damage from the trait, he ends up on his SP granting Prob, Outwit, and immunity to Outwitters further down their dials than he is.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? He’s unfortunately the exact kind of enemy that Fury’s made to fight to a standstill. He doesn’t have the ability to close in on Balls without taking fire or being neutered by the master spy’s pseudo-Outwit.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: Krang’s also not at the top of the list because he has a glaring weakness to the unavoidable damage his trait deals him. Meta players know that fielding the 30- to 40-point robo-smiths such as Juston Seyfert and Baxter Stockman [TMNT 013]  can cover Krang’s weaknesses. But when such specific allies are so required, we can’t call it the year’s best piece. Still good enough to be No. 4 of Heroclixin’s Top Ten figs of 2016.


As usual, Sceritz differs. His No. 4:

Shazam [World’s Finest 065]


Shazam. Oh man, oh man. Faster than some speedsters, with HSS, S.Strength, an 18 defense with Invincible, AND Shape Change AND the Kingdom Come team ability! (like another Super Senses for ranged attacks)… plus, unless you have your own KC figure, you aren’t countering any of it or lowering his combat values. Did you think you were going to counter him with Plasticity? Oh what’s that? A convenient 3 range to hit from  2 squares away? Yup. So after half your team dies trying to get past that first click, he’s got 4 damage for the next few and an attack value that never drops below 11. He doesn’t stop being dangerous until he’s K.O’d, either. While he does eventually hit Toughness, you’re dealing with Running Shot + Pulse Wave, with Prob until he’s out. Plus he’s a wild card, so when teamed with KC Spectre, for example, you’re talking about Mystics on top of all of that. The only drawback to him his is point value, but if you ask me, he’s worth every point. Without a doubt one of the most powerful figures this year.

Looking ahead at Nos. 1-3, this selection is … interesting. Stay tuned to see how we disagree some more! LOL



Klarion the Witch-Boy [World’s Finest 046]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: In essence, this is a Stealthy Prob Control piece that’s too expensive at 70 points, even if he does pack a P/PB punch from 6 range. But it’s really his “cat” Teekl that gets him on the list. Klarion can Phase/Teleport+Sidestep forward 11 squares, then free action remove Teekl one square ahead for the cat to Charge as many as 5 squares more to use Blades on an enemy who thought he was safe from harm. Though only a 1-click character, Teekl has uncounterable SP Super Senses that, on a 3-4, warp him back to Klarion’s base to maybe do it again. The witch-boy also brings Mystics TA and a last-ditch click of Regen to the field, while Teekl adds Perplex to the mix as well.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? That 16-17-square swing makes Klarion one of the few characters that can engage Balls Fury from way outside his sight for first attack. And then even a failed attack leaves Fury tied up for at least a moment.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: He’s only dealing 2 damage and he’s a completely unarmored 5 clicks deep. He’s a weird mix of overcosted and overachieving that makes him Heroclixin’s No. 5 Top Ten fig of 2016.

Sceritz had Klarion considerably lower on his list than I did. Here’s who’s his No. 5:

5. Mary Marvel [World’s Finest 041]


It’s really hard to top HSS, Super Strength and Prob right now, and that still doesn’t sum up why Mary Marvel is on this list. Aside from a very high chance of hitting whatever it she’s after for 7 damage with an ultra heavy, Mary Marvel is extremely hard to Outwit: The targeting Outwitter has to be a higher point value than her, which as relatively rare these days when you’re talking about 150 points (depending on your point value). In the 300-point meta these days, Krang is the only person likely to be countering her (and of course Nick Fury, but he’s the answer to almost everything, so I don’t talk about him). Furthermore, the same goes for Perplex and Prob. That means she has a Prob… and you don’t. For a chick carrying an ultra heavy, that is TERRIFYING. Her attack value doesn’t drop below 10 until her last click, and that click itself is a stop click that allows her to regenerate, without -2 to your roll! That means you are always healing SOMETHING (and seriously she’s contends on every click except the last… you don’t want her rolling a 3) and if you get that lucky 6, she’s top dial. I mean wow. I doubt there is a better 150 points in a single figure.

Well said.



Jean Grey [Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces 002]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: There have been a few characters able to use TK twice in a turn. But those have required both uses to come at the same time. Jeannie’s free action version give her the singular ability to sling an ally out, let him or her act, then power action TK the pal back to safety. It’s the venerable TK yo-yo tactic that used to require two TKers to make work but now she does it alone. Willpower is icing on this redheaded mobility cake. And her immunity to enemy Probability Control is tasty sprinkles on that icing.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? As a back field character, she’s not likely to be targeted by the man on the wall. But neither is her TK a full answer to the Fury Effect.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: Despite her low cost, Jean is a one-trick gal to the extreme. And while 50 points isn’t a great deal to pay, the single trick holds her to No. 6 among Heroclixin’s Top Ten figs of 2016.

Sceritz had Jean as his No. 8 and, frankly, listed a bunch of reasons why she could be higher on his list. But here’s his No. 6 selection:

6. Devil Dinosaur [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 054]


The main reason we see Devil Dino up here, is utility vs. cost effectiveness. He can create pogs to fit most any situation, provides that very necessary TK, and plays the role of a tank that you aren’t taking down in less than 2 or 3 turns without serious effort and ignoring potentially equal or more dangerous threats for only 100 points. Furthermore, once you do enrage him enough, he comes out the gate with a stop click and a charge, 11 B/C/F and an 18 defense. He’s not dropping below 17 defense, and even further down he’s sporting a Flurry, Blades and Regen to recover. There are a lot of superb 100 point pieces in Heroclix, but I believe he may be the best of the year.

Excellent points! I’m starting to like this guy.

The top five await.



Doctor Octopus [WizKids M16-001]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: It’s all about that likely-not-properly-worded trait of his that allows him to take a power action to remove his Tentacle tokens (that have been boosting his DV until now), then later in the round use Flurry as a free action for each token. So you can taxi him to his target, Outwit the poor fool, then swing four times with locked 3 damage. It’s usually enough to KO or leave seriously wounded any piece unlucky enough to be hit all four times. He’s got Willpower and can renew the Tentacle tokens each turn, so he can follow up if necessary. 80 points well spent.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? The Man on the Wall can neuter Ock’s ability to Flurry if you’re not careful.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: He’s thoroughly dependent on a taxi for effectiveness and his 16 DV is easy to hit if he’s not sitting on T-tokens to shore that number up. But he’s so potent a threat and economically costed that his closest cousin, Doctor Octopus [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 055] was worded far more carefully to prevent the abuse that this Ock is capable of. Enjoy Heroclixin’s Top Ten fig of 2016; his like may not come around again.


Sceritz thinks Ock’s arch-enemy belongs in this slot instead:

7. Spider-Man [Superior Foes of Spider-Man 049]


Ever wonder why they never got Spider-Man right? Because they were cooking up this perfect dial for all this time. Spider-Man web slings shots himself into opponents all the time. Of COURSE he should have HSS. He’s got the proportional strength of a spider, OF COURSE he should slam you with an ultra heavy object (such as a small truck)! He’s a genius! Of course he should have Perplex! And Spider-sense? I don’t care how precise you are, you’re gonna need more than that to land one on Spidey. At 100 points and 6 clicks, he is a perfect picture of Spider-Man while maintaining a balance that most other characters haven’t quite obtained. When he does get to his later clicks he has the ability to attack FOR FREE. This dial doesn’t make the list necessarily for it’s raw power or meta play as much as it does for its character accuracy. In my opinion this is the most representative Spider-Man out there and it’ll be hard to top him.

It’s also hard to argue with this good reasoning. But of course we are arguing. On to No. 6…!




Green Lantern [Joker’s Wild 052]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: For just 35 points, you get an Indomitable taxi with 10 AV, 3 damage and Barrier at 7 range. That Barrier can be tossed up for free instead of the usual power action, though only one marker can be placed. But it can negate Stealth of foes next to it or any other Barrier markers. And, to top it all, he’s got ESD to guard from shooters that still manage to get a line on him past all these walls. That is a LOT of utility in a very cheap package.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? Blocking terrain is one of the few absolute counters to Balls Fury, and GL can erect enough to severely limit the cosmic spymaster’s lines of fire. Moreover, he can light up Fury and deny him Stealth. Not bad.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: He’s really short-lived — as expected for the cost — but so useful an addition to any squad that he’s got to be Heroclixin’s No. 8 Top Ten fig of 2016.


Sceritz is starting to annoy me by being so contrary:

8. Jean Grey [Uncanny X-Men Fast Forces 002]


50 points. Free TK. The potential this brings to the table is terrifying. For 50 points you can send a character 8 squares out, and maintain beginning of the turn status. There is currently no other modern figure that can do this. Think. You can TK out 8 squares from line 2, placing an Ultron drone in line 10. Sidestep that drone to line 12, call an ID character in line 13, Running Shot to line 17, and shoot directly into an opponent’s starting area with 7 range. I am currently trying to figure out why she’s not higher on my list. You can TK two figures out. You can TK a figure out, let them attack, and TK them back. You can free TK a character previously sent out back and TK another forward. For 50 points, this is ASTOUNDING. I can’t say it enough. Certainly one of the best figures of the year.

I think I know why he held her at this point in his top ten. But SPOILER ALERT! you’ll have see where she lands on MY top ten. Will it be No. 7?

9. (tie)


Bizarro Green Arrow  [Joker’s Wild 066]

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: He got this damage SP that saddles enemies targeting him with range -2 to either attack or damage, or -1 to both combat values. It’s literally “Bizarro Ranged Combat Expert,” guaranteeing no one willingly targets him from range. That’s where his trait comes in: “When an adjacent friendly character would be targeted by a ranged attack, Bizarro Green Arrow becomes the target instead even if he would be an illegal target.” So BGA camps behind the tentpole and effectively serves as preemptive Mastermind fodder for him/her.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? He’s the strongest anti-Fury tech around, able to draw the spymaster’s fire from an adjacent friendly. Even though Balls can negate the Range Inexpert SP, the trait and STOP clicks will frustrate his efforts mightily.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: Foes will try to close in to get around his talents, and his 1 damage isn’t going to cut it there despite an impressive 11 AV. But to the degree he can improve any force against shooters, he’s the No. 9 Top Ten figure in spite of almost no fighting contribution.

It’s bizarro, man.

But he’s not alone here. Behold Heroclixin’s first tie of 2016:



The Joker (The Joker’s Wild 060)

WHY IT’S ONE OF THE BEST: Instead of traditional KO clicks, he has a weird Escape token mechanic where he only costs 30, 40 or 50 points for three, four or five tokens, respectively. The short version is that he’s got to take 18 to 25 clicks of damage in order to be KO’d. On top of that, he has the ability to heal every round. The risk is that if he heals too much, he also loses Escape tokens. But with steady 17 DV and a trait granting Sidestep and Super Senses as well, it’s very easy for a savvy player to dance around this weakness and make this Joker essentially immortal — or, at least, a much, much, MUCH harder KO than a sub-50-point character ought to be.

He also has solid powers peppering his dial: Outwit on click 1, Running Shot/RCE on click 2, Plasticity+Poison on #3, and so on to Blades+EW on click 6.

BUT WHAT ABOUT FURY? With Joker being so low cost, Fury can’t level his most fearsome abilities against Mr. J here. And unlike any other figure in the game now, the cosmic spymaster has no ability to take one shot and make Joker useless to any degree. Even if Fury uses his not-outwit power to deny Joker a power, the psycho only has to roll for his heal-or-damage to get a completely different set. He’s a near-perfect foil to Nick.

WHY IT’S HERE ON THE LIST: He’s only got 1 printed damage, so his offensive capabilities are minimal on most clicks. But at 30 points, he’s not the fighter. He’s the one who bases. The one who takes Mastermind and loves it. The one who Outwits, who Poisons, who springs traps and doesn’t care. And that’s why he’s also Heroclixin’s No. 9 top figure of 2016.


Sceritz has a different point of view on what should be the No. 9 Clix of the year:

9. Klarion [World’s Finest 046]


“Did you build your team with all these awesome self-sufficient fighters and then remember the fact that your dice don’t always care how self-sufficient you think they are? For the low, low price of 70 pts., Klarion The Witch-Boy offers Prob, Perplex, and a Teekl familiar! Honestly, he’s an all-in-one package of combatant and support. He’s more than capable when it comes to positioning with Phasing, Stealth and Sidestep and furthermore, if you play your cards right, you have an effective attack range of 15 squares with Teekl who can use B/C/F with 11 attack and Klarion’s backup Prob! Deadly! On top of that, Teekl isn’t easy to kill. You get a Super Senses roll that basically succeeds on a 3-6, and not only is Klarion hard to deal with in stealth, his Mystics makes people think twice about trying to deal with it as opposed to one of those self-sufficient brawlers. This is 70 points you can’t go wrong with in any situation.”

Maybe we’ll agree on something in the No. 8 slot.