For some time now, Heroclixin’ has used the royal “we” when referring to itself. But truth be told, it’s pretty much been a one-man show outside of a very few guest spots.

Until now.

Say hi to Sceritz, a young player who’s not been in the game as long as yours truly, but is every bit as passionate about HeroClix. He’s more ambitious than I am about the competitive end of things, one reason why I invited him to join on as a contributor.

Look for him to weigh in on Heroclixin’s Top 10 of 2016 and the Worst of the Year in the coming month. (I’ll be reserving the Top 10 F.U.N. figs list for myself, probably)

Check out his personal blog at

So this character now has a HeroClix figure.


And I ran him in a bye match during a sealed Superior Foes of Spider-Man side event at the Realms Open Championship World Cup. A player dropped and I had the following figures in my never-played box of HeroClix to approximate a sealed team:




Power Man and Iron Fist

Exactly 300 points. Jackal was definitely the MVP with his Perplex and Outwit. And Scorpion’s giant-reaching tail put in work, as did Luke Cage. (Seriously. Never did choose to swap to Fist’s dial.)

But it was Frog-Man who bounced Spider-Girl into walls for KO and nearly landed the deciding blow on Morlun, which would have led to me retiring my 12-figure-strong KO list for the Runaways’ Molly Hayes and started a new one for the fabulous Frog-Man! But it was not to be.