So my Clix pal Rob threw down this gauntlet recently:

“Challenge of the week ..1000 points 1 hour time limit…named theme team…if u beat me you can have any chase prime or figure you want..this is a week long challenge”

Realizing that I actually had some time to play a game this week due to my work schedule, I thought of a few options. But this one rose to the top: THE AUTHORITY


Apollo [The Flash 048] 200
Engineer [The Flash 060] 175
Jenny Sparks [The Flash 061] 125
Doctor [The Flash 016] 110
Midnighter [The Flash 049] 100

Jenny Quantum [The Flash 032] 95
Swift [The Flash 017] 90

Jack Hawksmoor [The Flash 033] 85
= 985 points. I had room for a pair of objects, Hulkbuster Torso and Weapon Drop, but forgot them.

Rob’s team to beat? X-Men galore!

Vampire Wolverine, M10 Marvel Girl, AvX Cyclops, and Uncanny X-Men’s SRs Malice, Iceman, Rogue, Quicksilver with non-primes Kitty Pryde, Sunfire, Emma Frost. All with the X-Men: Blue ATA.


  • The 1000-point no-feats-allowed build. That forced me to run the annoying Jenny Quantum on the team, banning multiple Probability Controls and +3 modifiers. That last one kept Apollo from one-shotting Cyclops for an immediate lead. Then I made my first mistake.
  • Not following up with Swift or Doctor. Either might’ve been able to finish Cyke. But he was able to get evacuated by Telekinesis. In the meantime, I’d used Swift to fly Midnighter to hindering where he could counter Iceman. HUGE MISTAKE.
  • Vampire Wolverine got TKed to make a Charge on Midnighter, then Quicksilver finished him off. Suddenly I was down a man and lost Apollo’s source of Willpower!
  • But Jenny Quantum got a solid single-target Pulse Wave on VW, stranding him on probably his weakest click of life.
  • Then I couldn’t hit a 6 to KO Quicksilver to follow up and VW carried the speedster away, surrounding himself with meat shields. Meanwhile, Jenny Sparks failed her attacks, including a desperate push to get Wolverine that landed him on his last click instead of KOing him. And that’s when the 1-hour limit was up.

We played on. Finally I remembered that Jack Hawksmoor could begin punishing the figs still in starting areas with penetrating damage each turn. And Jenny Sparks survived a Quicksilver Flurry and Sunfire Pulse Wave to land on this power:

MASSIVE ELECTRICAL ARC: Jenny Sparks can use Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Improved Targeting: Ignores Characters, and has “3 bolts”. When she uses Penetrating/Psychic Blast, increase the damage dealt to each hit character by the number of characters adjacent to it.

Wolverine, who’d gotten a good Regen roll, was actually super-vulnerable with only a 16 DV and none of the Stealth protection he’d had earlier. Surrounded by allies as he was, he was forced to take a staggering EIGHT damage — twice the amount needed to KO him. And Rogue, too, got knocked out from the extra damage.

Meanwhile, though knocked half down their dials, Doctor and Apollo — with help from an untouched Jenny Q — were wearing down Iceman, Emma and Kitty, while Jack’s effect had all but KOed Cyke and Marvel Girl in the back — and Swift, who’d survived on her last click for too many turns, finally took out Cyclops.

In the end, I’d lost Midnighter, Swift and Doctor but wiped the X-Men out. So it was a loss in terms of the challenge but another win down the stretch with the Authority.

Lessons Learned:

  • I’d forgotten my chief strategy with Midnighter. Never again.
  • Must start Jack Hawksmoor in a better spot, especially on a map not playing to his strengths.
  • I’d originally planned to go for the immediate TK+PW with Jenny Q, as she’s as much an impediment as a boon to my team. But the lure of one-shot kill on Cyclops was too strong, and had I been more focused on that new goal, I’d have had a much more successful game.
  • I keep forgetting Engineer can pick Outwit.

Next in the challenge:

Based on the 2007 miniseries. (Also a heckuva 900- or 1000-point team. But that's a post for another day.)