We continue our quest to photograph each character with Super Strength holding their object tokens like men.

Even if they’re women:


…as in the case of not-so-contrary Mary Marvel [World’s Finest 041] who holds this object quite securely under her cape.

Same goes for her sculpt-twin Alura [022].



Superman [WF 049], too, has a secure grip on his ultra-heavy ahead of clobbering some villain with it.


Still more to come in future installments.

Heroclixin’ is on a quest to determine how each model with Super Strength can hold the object token the character is holding. Because standing on it is weak sauce and confusing. Putting it on the card is even WEAKER (and borderline cheating in our barely humble opinion because it’s sort of hidden).

So here’s how to be awesome instead in World’s Finest.


OK, so Booster Gold [World’s Finest 008] can only manage the lame “lean on me” hold. Whaddaya expect, it’s just Booster.



Careful balance will help Iron [WF 009] achieve this grip on objects.