Heroclixin’ thought these photos from the Deadpool set were lost forever, split between an old, broken-down computer and a camera phone no longer in service. But slowly, we’re getting caught up in documenting how these Super Strength figures can hold their object tokens the way a good action figure SHOULD.

Here’s Tiamat [Deadpool 057]:

Continuing Heroclixin’s photographic record of how figures with Super Strength can hold object tokens on their person.


Wait, how does a ghost like Deadman [Trinity War 039] hold anything, much less have actual Super Strength? Game Design is smoking crack. :) Use his collar as shown to get this less-than-firm hold.


Ultraman [025] snorts Kryptonite for his Super Strength, on display above.



Harry Potter Tim Hunter [055] uses his copious book smarts to copy the Super Strength of allied Mystical characters to tote his tokens.

For the first time in some years I got a chance to run the Runaways on a team, back in spring 2014:

Victor Mancha [Web of Spider-Man] 96
Nico Minoru [Hammer of Thor] 84
Xavin [Galactic Guardians] 75
Karolina Dean [Hammer of Thor] 55
Gertrude Yorkes and Old Lace [Hammer of Thor] 54
Dagger [Amazing Spider-Man 003 ] 45
Chase Stein [Hammer of Thor] 45
Molly Hayes  [Hammer of Thor] 43

= 497 points. It faced a squad right out of a Runaways comic book:


Thunderball, Bulldozer, Piledriver and Wrecker, all from the Invincible Iron Man set and all but the first at full power. And here’s how it went.

I got map choice and picked one of the Blitzkreig maps for the elevated terrain to avoid the Crew’s Charge range. It worked out pretty well; Victor got quite a few Running Shot+P/PBlasts off, and Chase was repeatedly able to evac the team before the Crew could get in on the team.

In fact, despite Xavin being stuck in the start zone and thus fairly easy pickings for the Crew to beat up, it was looking so much like a runaway win for the Runaways that my opponent was ready to concede this friendly side game. But persuaded him to play on.

I should have taken the offer.

Wrecker started smashing the blocking terrain on the roof I was retreating along and he and Piledriver moved in for huge hits on the kids with the additional heavy objects thus created. And so the Runaways fell to the Wrecking Crew.

Tight, fun game that was only a die roll or two from maybe going the other way. It truly underscored one of Heroclixin’s mottos: Don’t ever give up, even when it looks as though the game is lost.