It’s been a while, but it’s time for Heroclixin’ to resume its photographic record of how every character using Super Strength can (if at all possible) hold its own object token. 

Compared to the weaklings that populated The Flash set a few months back, Trinity War is loaded with strong guys and gals. It’s going to take more than a couple of installments this time. 

We’ll start with the first letter of the alphabet. “A” is for Aquaman [Trinity War 201]:


His lady Mera [TW 202] also has Atlantis-born strength and a sculpt that offers a great hold on the token.


Back on land, Black Orchid [TW 005 and 207] can only lamely lean the object on her as shown:


Battle-suited Lex Luthor [TW 033], on the other hand, manages to wedge it just so under his outstretched arm.


Look for more Trinity War Token Totin’ on Tuesday. 

Welcome back. We took a little break after all that counting down of last year’s Best and Worst and Fave figs.

Heroclixin’ is now looking ahead in this new occasional feature, where we share what upcoming HeroClix events, figures and changes we’re anticipating (or dreading).

First up is Trinity War, the primer of which has fallen into our hands already

Heroclixin’s love for Atlantis figures is well documented. So we’re looking forward to a flood of pieces: a new Aquaman and Mera, and a pair of generics: Atlantean and the monstrous Trench. Look for a F.U.N. Focus soon, now that the main set’s versions and additional Atlantis villain figs Sea King and Ocean Master have also been revealed.

Other figs we’re wanting are Parademon (to go with Darkseid), Green Arrow (to join our collection of archers) and Lex Luthor (to at last run that team of all Lex Luthors). Similarly, we look forward to trying a force of wall-to-wall Vic Stones — better known as Cyborg.

Lower on the Heroclixin’ wish list are the Crime Syndicate pieces. We’ll try to get them all, but we can take our sweet time doing it.

But the MOST exciting piece for us is a remake, because there was this Jimi Hendrix-inspired team of FOXEY LADIES we wanted to run:

  • Vixen (Streets of Gotham 028) 74
  • Ghost Fox Killer 68
  • Crimson Fox 44
  • Vet Vixen (Collateral Damage) 44
  • Exp Vixen  (Collateral Damage) 38
  • Rookie Vixen  (Collateral Damage) 33

…that came out to 301 dang points.

The new 84-point Vixen [Trinity War 035] fixes that right up. Next Golden Age game I play at 400 points may well feature this theme.
What are you most anticipating in Trinity War?