No. 1


Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 006]

This was a frontrunner for this slot for a long time, though the Authority nearly took it. But I recently ran a Falcon team that once again cemented his position as Heroclixin’s No. 1 Favorite Clix of 2014.

This is Heroclixin’s favorite because it’s the ultimate F.U.N. fig:

  • It’s Friendly: Just has 10 AV. Just has Toughness for armor. And it’s so expensive to field, relatively speaking (Why couldn’t he be 100 or less?).
  • But it’s still quite Useful: Most think he needs a Captain America to be effective. But no: He can still be a great Sidestep taxi. Or provide Enhancement or Empower to other allies. He’s so good for any team. But that’s not all. He’s Hypersonic! OK, it’s just Move And Attack, so basing him takes it away. But he doesn’t get the usual -2 AV dock. He’s also got Running Shot + EE for other ranged options. Later, he gets Perplex. He’s just sneaky good.
  • He’s Nifty, ’cause he’s Falcon, an unexpected hit character from the movie (which is at least partly why he’s Captain America now).

“I’m more of a soldier than a spy.” 

Soldier, Spy are his only keywords; neither are teams I hanker to play. And it really is better that he be played with a Captain America, so he tends to stay on the sidelines when I can’t squeeze the old soldier on — which leaves him off the Spy teams that could use his services.

When and how I’m planning to play it next

I actually have a couple of high-stakes teams I’m trying him on. I really don’t know if he’s good enough to work in top tier competition. But I’m play testing now, and he’s been the secret linchpin of the teams that opponents have mostly overlooked.

And wouldn’t it be wild if he gets to be played alongside his comics-based self as the all-new Captain America in the just-announced Nick Fury set this summer?


Thus concludes our look back at 2014’s highs and lows in clix. Next on the docket is an addendum to the F.U.N. Focus we did on the Legion of Super-Heroes almost a year ago; there have been a few new Legionnaires made!

You’ll note that the headline above has the number two in quotation marks. That’s because the figures that tied for the “No. 2” slot are closer to 10 than two.

No. 2

[tie] The Authority


Yes, the whole team.

Let me explain.

I was barely intrigued by the Authority as a comic or concept. I had read one of the trades and it was OK. When the whole team showed in The Flash set in November, I was glad for their fans, little more.

Then I got a chance during the sealed Marquee to briefly, for a half-round, play a couple of them: Apollo and Swift. He was a nice Superman analogue while she had an interesting trait that benefited from enemy fliers doing what fliers usually do: attack and carry. Then I saw that Apollo messed with enemy TK.

Then a fellow player showed other members of the Authority and how THEY mess with the usual meta tricks:

  • Doctor > Mind Control, especially the friendly MC variety
  • Jenny Sparks > Special powers in general and stop clicks in particular
  • Jack Hawksmoor > Starting area campers
  • Engineer > Super-Poison
  • Jenny Quantum > Multiple Prob Rolls and +3 stat boosts
  • Midnighter > Combat Reflexes and CCE and high DV and more

…in addition to the aforementioned Swift’s middle finger to enemy fliers and Apollo’s anti-TK gaze.

Suddenly, I needed to get them ALL. And to read up on the comics. It turns out that the team is pretty Nifty overall, at least in its early incarnation.

What was most surprising, though, is how much F.U.N. each piece wound up being for me.

  • Apollo: Like a Friendlier version of Superman, lacking the Super Strength at his 200 level and the HSS at 125 to be really mean but still Useful thanks to great damage skills and that no-TK-in-his-sight trait. A Neato addition to potential “This Team So Gay” and “Not-Superman, but…” themes. He’s got to run with Midnighter for best results, though, so that could squeeze him off my builds.
  • Doctor: More F.U.N. AND meta at 50, where he’s a sneaky good fig with Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Barrier and Prob Control with a lot of team aid options. Lowish AV makes him Friendly while his Utility is plain to see above and at 110 points where he’s a Pulse Waver, too. He’ll be key for a “There a doctor in the house?” themes.
  • Engineer: Lack of strong defense makes her as Friendly as a Top Ten of 2014 Swissblade can be. She’ll find a way onto such Nerdcore themes as “metallic paint jobs” and “Latin Quarter.” She’s going to make one of my meta builds I’m play testing for competitive events.
  • Jack Hawksmoor: Soft and Friendly by not being super-aggressive, Jack scores highly on the Utility portion with TK, Prob, and a later SP to add semi-permanent blocking terrain to the map. He’s going to fit well on my “plainclothes” teams going forward, as will…
  • …Jenny Quantum. She’s a double-edged sword, restricting extra Probs of both friend and foe, so she’s fairly Friendly for a Pulse Wave fig. Early Perplex and late Outwit round out her Utility quotient.
  • Jenny Sparks is NOT all that Friendly with her trait that just doesn’t care about SPs upon hitting. Then again, she’s a completely unarmored character dependent on the notoriously fickle Super Senses and Regeneration to stay alive. When I’m running “plainclothes” themes, she’s the piece I’ll pick if I wanna WIN.
  • Midnighter is Friendlier than he would appear. He’s not always Stealthy, his DV is surprisingly low and he’s got to be in melee to bring out his full Useful quality: the ability to soften up a target for the rest of the team. He’s a Nifty addition to the “trenchcoat brigade” theme I run every so often. He might be a little bit too vulnerable for true meta play. We’ll see.
  • Swift is another really soft member of the Authority, so that makes her a little bit Friendly. But not much: She lightly hoses over teams dependent on Wing Symbol characters to carry non-fliers. Her Utility comes into play as she gains Air Tokens for free action movement all over. She’s another sneaky good fig. I’ll love her on Nifty “Wings” teams.

As much as I look forward to using each on those sub-themes mentioned above, it’s really been all about running the Authority as a keyword theme. Literally not a single ‘Clix event has gone by since I got the last piece in late November that I haven’t at least planned to either field an Authority team or to add one to a non-themed team. And that’s why they share the nearly top spot for all of 2014.

Asked to rank them in order of Favoritism:

8. Doctor
7. Jenny Q
6. Apollo
5. Jack
4. Swift
3. Engineer
2. Midnighter
1. Jenny S


This went a little long, so we’ll postpone Heroclixin’s favorite of 2014 for next time. [No ties, promise].

No. 4


Superior Spider-Man [Deadpool 060]

Wait, WHAT? Why him? Especially since he also made an appearance on the Worst of 2014 list?

“Because he is a superior Spider-Man, you dolts! How many OTHER Spider-Man figures start with two clicks of Outwit? Only this one, which has actually bothered to earn its doctorate. Or can’t have their damage dealt reduced below 1 without the benefit of Precision Strike? Only THIS Spider-Man, which shall brook no interference from milksop morality in achieving its superior goals. Or can use their genius to bring in Spider-Bots to increase their capabilities even more?

“Only this Spider-Man. NONE OTHER. And you would do well to appreciate this fact. With additions of Indomitable and Improved Movement: Elevation and Hindering, he can be extremely effective when played with the intelligence required for superiority.

“The mechanical minions in particular are an essential component to this Spider-Man’s plan of attack. Attaching the Mark 1 model enhances his dial-long Super Senses +1 for each and the Mark 2 increases his Outwit range from the usual 6 to a superior 8 — the greatest that any Spider-Man can boast!”

(And you can certainly detect the glee with which I role-play as the super-villain-turned-hero arrogance.)

“Truly. SUPERIOR.”

So why isn’t he “superior” enough to be on the map every week?

“You dare cast aspersions upon this figure? Well, in the interest of dispassionate scientific analysis, we shall be frank — he doesn’t work as well as a character of his cost should. We covered this in the “10 Worst” entry — were you not being even minimally attentive, imbeciles?

“The deeper truth is that we don’t find it particularly pleasant to run him on the best keyword theme for him: Avengers. And again, he’s quite unwieldy for Scientist teams.

“Neither are worthy of him!!!”

What WILL be worthy?

One day he will find the right combination of Spider-Bots and Toyman and his toys to dominate with Tiny Size minion shenanigans. And we fully expect, with this spring and summer’s Avenger-related releases, that we may be able to run a Mighty Avengers team with him.


No. 3


Angel [Days of Future Past 005]

He’s a longtime favorite, ever since the X-Men guest-starred in that one Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode where an alternately well-spoken and snarling Juggernaut tried to kill Professor X. And yes, I’ve always preferred Warren Worthington III’s natural self to the metal-winged version.

He also makes X-Men teams so much more playable, and F.U.N. for me in a way that X-Men teams usually aren’t. He’s Friendly, being just Angel, after all, the guy who flies. But he brings oh-so-much Utility to teams:

  • Allowing X-Men to use Defenders TA and vice versa.
  • Functioning as a taxi with Sidestep.
  • Improved Movement Charge making him a backup attacker.
  • Pushing to Perplex on clicks 2-3.

He’s a most Nifty version of Angel that’s the first piece I reach for when running X-Men or Celebrity teams, and those will be the next teams I play him on.


Next: Favorite pieces of the year.


No. 6


Nova Corps Officer [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 004]

I like the Nova Corps. But it’s got a problem or two.

The lower-point members get to use Defend to act as decent meat shields for bigger Novas. They also get to power-action off tokens from Nova Prime. The Centurion carries fellow Novas, can get a +1 damage from adjacent Novas and pushes right to Enhancement.

There’s a LOT of adjacency going on with Nova Corps.


There’s also a lot of Ranged Combat Expert going on, which means a lot of stationary shots. And with the mediocre AVs in the Corps, they REEEEALLY need the boost from their errata’d Share the Worldmind +1 RCE:

“The first sentence of Share Through the Worldmind reads: “Friendly characters with the Nova Corps keyword can use Ranged Combat Expert, but using it modifies their damage value or attack value only by +1.”

Also lacking Willpower means it’s hard to get clear lines of fire to enemies.

Nova Corps Officer addresses all this by granting Improved Targeting: Friendly Characters to the Nova Corps via his STW trait. And just like that, the team’s playability leapt a fair amount…so much so that one wants to just keep him safe in the starting area.

But that’s a bad idea, because he brings a little more much-needed Running Shot (remember that mobility issue) and Enhancement and Police TA to help those ranged shots hit. That last bit really works well with the trait.

I’ll never, never, never play a Nova Corps team without this Officer.


So much of the Nova Corps is retired, and the AVs are weak by modern standards. So it’s not a team I break out very often at all.


I’ll never, never, never play a Nova Corps team without this Officer. And I’ll run the team again as soon as I can get an Irani Rael to see how SHE works with the keyword.


No. 5

2194155-wildfire_legion_lost_6 d021a7f7279607df6456ad34cdd4b9cc 2014303-yera_2 3646493-lsh+12_2


Wildfire [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 021]
Timber Wolf [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 013]
Chameleon Girl [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 031]
Triplicate Girl [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 206]


“A FOUR-WAY TIE, Heroclixin’? You’re not even trying.”

I know, I know. (You’ll note that we didn’t call in the “Top Ten” this year.) But really, I did try to only have one Legionnaire on the Top Ten. In an earlier draft, Triplicate Girl was the lone Legionnaire on the entire list, being the most obviously F.U.N. Legion fig and carving a slot early in the year.

A funny thing happened, though. As the year wore on and I considered Legion teams, other figures began to clamor for a spot on EVERY Legion team I built. And these names consistently rose to the top as must-plays on Legion teams — even MORE so than Triplicate Girl, the original fave from the set! In the end, these others, which individually weren’t enough to carve solo spots on the list, collectively dragged Trip into this catch-all slot.

So why do I want to run them whenever I want to field a Legion team…but don’t?

Wildfire is the first high-point Legion member I think about running on a LSH team. He fits their futuristic flavor better than the more teamworthy Heroclixin’ Top Ten piece Superboy. He’s also nigh-unkillable with not one, but TWO “stop” clicks that double as armor and SP Regen. BUT…he’s the most expensive Legionnaire (180) in Modern Age to not have Indomitable. He’s also wasting some points if not paired with a Dawnstar.

Timber Wolf, OTOH, is Indomitable and awesome. Love his late dial Regen that works automatically when he’s fighting.  BUT…he’s a little soft and a little short-lived and a tad pricey (97).

Chameleon Girl’s size and shape shiftings make her a nice little swissblade that I’m always a little sad I can’t fit onto every Legion force. BUT…I don’t like running her without her man, Colossal Boy, who missed making the list. Her 115 cost and his 150-plus make it a problem.

Triplicate Girl: Such a neat bystander mechanic. Her single-digit AV keeps her from being too unFriendly under normal circumstances. BUT…it’s also her big problem. I need more for 87 points without having to add stupid resources…or her terrible 71-point sister from the main set who’s made a fair degree less terrible when played along with her.

And, of course, because the Legion is sooooo huge, I never get the chance to run as many as I’d really like, so I often don’t run any at all.

Fine, then. So when will they hit the board again?

Outside of the Legion, who knows? Because as many ties as the No.  slot wound up having, I could have easily added Shadow Lass, the aforementioned Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy [SLOSH 201] and Sensor Girl — and almost did. Even as I’m writing this, I want to sneak on Polar Boy and XS and Gates, too…I better stop now.


Next: A character that appeared on one of the other Top Ten lists. And




2014’s movie-based sets delivered two of our favorite pieces, including:


Black Widow [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 003]

Why she sneaks onto the list:

Duh, she’s Black Widow, one of my favorite Marvel femmes. (The current comic starring her is excellent.) This version is the one Heroclixin’ likes best because

  • She’s got the trifecta of 1) Stealth, 2) move+attack options and 3) ability to ignore hindering terrain that a Black Widow figure should always have. She’s actually the FIRST to get this.
  • The Espionage trait is pure F.U.N.: She takes from the enemy’s Themed Team Probability Control pool instead of her team’s and she doesn’t get an action token for using TTPC.

But there’s red in her ledger:

At 114, she’s heavy for her shortish dial and really, really short range. She almost HAS to be run with SHIELD to get that 3 up to anything decent.

Her next mission:

She’s a fixture on one of Heroclixin’s very favorite theme teams, Secret Avengers as originally written by Ed Brubaker. And she’s a natural with her other “Espionage” trait-mates: Agent 13, Nick Fury, and Captain America 001, all from the Winter Soldier set.



Drax The Destroyer [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 013]

Heroclixin’ readers know we’re big fans of Guardians of the Galaxy here. Yet only this one makes the Top Ten of 2014.

Why? Why THIS Drax? Well, we need only to look back at Heroclixin’s F.U.N. Focus on the Guardians from late summer:

“… he’s got serious pros: Charge+Flurry+Precision Strike as an early combo. Later, a SP packages Close Combat Expert+Combat Reflexes. And then there are his stop clicks — yes, CLICKS — with Regeneration (free if he has any action tokens). Granted, these clicks aren’t guaranteed stop clicks: they only work on a 5-6 roll. But he’s got three of them and he gets to roll for each one. We like those odds. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Our first choice as for the Drax role in ANY Guardians team.”

He has the best mix of capability and affordable point cost of all the Drax versions in the game. And he’s F.U.N.: The Battle Fury, Toughness and lack of Willpower hold him back from being just grossly good for the points [Friendly] but he’s still a fearsome, hard to KO melee specialist [Useful] that’s a staple member of the GotG [Nerdcore].

Next seen on:

Guardians teams, of course. He won’t make all of them, but he’ll be on many of them.


Next installment: A legion of corpsmen. Or is a corps of legionnaires?

No. 10


Swamp Thing [War of Light 053]

Overall, I was not a big fan of War of Light because I’m about as not a fan of Green Lantern as you’ll find. I don’t dislike the Lanterns; I’m just aggressively indifferent to them. But the set still delivered a surprise hit in Swampy here.

Why him? He’s so F.U.N. Starting with just 10 AV, he’s Friendly despite both a very Useful moving attack ability and a Special Power offering him his choice of TK, Barrier, EE or Shape Change. There’s also the Niftyness of having another Swamp Thing in the game after a number of years.

Why I consider running him weekly: I don’t really. At 150, he’s just a bit too heavy to field, and his one keyword, White Lantern Corps, isn’t one I’m likely to play. It’s a bit of a miracle that he makes the list at all.

He’s fielded next: On any White Lantern Corps team I play or I’m not playing it.


The next on the list is also from War of Light, but fights for the black instead the white:

No. 9


Aquaman [War of Light 029]

Why it’s a favorite that I want to play: It’s Aquaman, and a never-before-made variant of the Sea King, so there’s that. But aside from that?

It’s all about those Undead Sharks. Man, what a F.U.N. idea! — Friendly due to their once-per-game / one-per-foe restriction and inability to live beyond turn’s end, Useful for the extra actions and attackers they offer, and Nifty, of course — they’re frickin’ SHARKS!

Why I don’t play it all the time: It’s a rare Aquaman lacking the Atlantis keyword, so he breaks the usual teams that a swimmer like him belongs to. He actually needs map choice to best sic his Sharks on foes.

When and how I’m planning to play it next: Though I’m not a fan of Monster teams, necessarily, it might be awesome to team him up in Golden/Silver games with the Kaijus from Pacific Rim. Barring that, he’ll be a force on the next all-Aquaman team I field.


Next are a couple of 2014 movie stars.


The Top Ten list is done. So is the slog through the 10 WORST. Now it’s time to close out the look back with our favorites!


Typically, I intro this annual feature with a look back at a figure that came out too late in the previous year to play much that later emerged as a favorite. But there was nothing that fit the bill from the November and December sets that didn’t make the 2013 Faves list proper.

So I looked back further. And not one, but three lady figs emerged as clear late-blooming favorites in 2014:


Mirage [Wolverine and the X-Men 004], Magik [Wolverine and the X-Men 034]  and Magma [Wolverine and the X-Men 073]

When I run the New Mutants, these three have to be on the team or I don’t play the theme at all. Each is F.U.N. to the max:

FRIENDLY — None are very mean (though Magik’s Mystics TA and Magma’s superPoison both push that threshold a bit)

USEFUL — Both Mirage and Magma make good use of Sidestep. And ultra-taxi/attacker Magik definitely maxes out this portion of the acrostic

NIFTY — Mirage fits my Archery and Valkyrie theme teams, Magik is my favorite of the New Mutants characters, and Magma is just neat to play.


It’s not the last time in 2014 that a crowd made enough of an impression to make what’s called the “Top Ten” but will actually contain a good deal more with ties and whatnot. Hang out the rest of the week to see how things shook out!



No. 2


Kryb [War of Light 039]

IF you can totally block lines of fire to her, you can use her to run up to a 100-or-lower cost foe and snatch it and take a shot at it. Hope it works, because it’s almost certainly the only chance she’s getting. Without Willpower and having just the sole click of 17 Impervious, she’s not doing much else. Beyond that first slot, she’s down to Toughness. Her 5 range is exactly counter to her trait. Sure, she has the SP Perplex that tokens cleared targets under 100 points, but 155 is a lot to spend on this. 


So don’t.


No. 1


Triplicate Girl [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 006]

Heroclixin’ actually almost overlooked this Legionnaire until hearing her name mentioned as a nominee for worst. And really, she doesn’t seem a candidate because despite her anemic 9 AV, she’s the only fig in the game that can roll three dice in attacks and get an effective +1, +2 or +3 to her DV. And she’s a flying wild card with Willpower and Empower. Not great but not terrible for 71 points. 

But wait…she’s NOT 71 points. She’s really 213. Or 158. Or, at the very cheapest (and in Golden Age only), 141. That’s because she has to be adjacent to TWO other Triplicate Girls (Energy Explosion is her worst nightmare) to use the trait. And suddenly the 71 points she costs seems even LESS economical. 

Why’s she even cost that much with her mostly cheap powers? It’s because of the hefty run of Incapacitate on clicks 2-4…Incap she’ll NEVER USE. Not when she’s got Flurry to use with the double Empower she should have backing her up in Modern Age. Losing the Incap on that dial gets her down to costing less than 60 points, I figure. 


  1. Individually, she’s the hands-down worst HeroClix fig of 2014.
  2. Collectively, she’s about the most overcosted as a unit.
  3. Which crowds her off even the Legion of Super-Heroes teams she belongs on.


Triple trash.


OK, that’s enough of this look at the losers. Next week, Heroclixin’ wraps up the retrospective with the 10* figs we love.

*(or more)

No. 4


gotg011a-2 gotgm015e

Spartoi Elite [Guardians of the Galaxy 011a] and Korath The Pursuer [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 015e]

Remember STAR Labs Tech and Weasel? A pair of 3-click figs that made it to the Top Ten?

Yeah, these two are 3-click figs that tank, hard.

First, Spartoi Elite. He wants so hard to be an indispensable supporting fig like the above, by having Defend that gives an additional +1 to Shi’ar and Spartoi key worded figs, both of which absolutely LITTER the meta right now. (Wait, they don’t.)

OK, so maybe he can use his Perplex on characters in hindering terrain. Which means he might need to use his Smoke Cloud on himself and pals. But man, you sure better not push him…he’s not long-lived. He’s just too limited to bother using most of any of the time.

Then there’s the bargain version of Korath. He’s a flier with Charge and Toughness and Outwit and 5 range. And that looks kinda OK. But there’s that full run of Incap, and the fact that the warp-to-attackers trait that makes him so good at 100 points is MIA at 50. That Outwit might as well be a bull’s eye on his face, because at only 3 clicks, it’s BYE FELICIA FIFTY POINTS.


No. 3


Tornado Twins [The Flash 036]

  • They’re Legionnaires who can’t fly or be carried.
  • So they need mobility to gain the vital Speed Tokens that they need.
  • Oh look! They only have an 11 Speed with Charge, by far the lowest moving attack swing of all the Speed Force-traited characters in the set.
  • Better hope they hit with just a 10 AV, because it might be a while before they get another good shot: They lack the Willpower or Improved Movement to make adding STs a simple task.
  • If they DO get a ST, they’re likely to spin off a Tornado to offset the attack disadvantage…remember that lack of Willpower.
  • But the Tornado does not grant extra STs.
  • Tornado Twins can’t use Duo Attack to get more STs because Duo Attack can’t be used with the moving attacks required to GET the STs.
  • And it takes two to four STs to get any of the goods offered by their damage SP…
  • …that appears three clicks in. One benefits their Duo Attack (which, we’ve established, doesn’t help at all in the ST matter) and the other, their combat values (which, at 9 AV and 16 DV and 2 damage, need the help a lot).
  • Fortunately, there’s a set of stop clicks….that only have a 50% chance of working, along with a 33% chance of taking one more click anyway…and a 15% chance of instant self-KO. But you get to spend STs to redo this single roll. Good thing you were able to save up so many Speed Tokens.
  • Oh…wait. That’s the whole problem. You really can’t save up many Speed Tokens.
  • THAT’S the way to spend 115 points, don’t you think?


Double down dead duds.


Next: The two (or more) worst of last year’s clix.

No. 6


Professor X [Days of Future Past 022]

He sees all.

He targets through characters. Through hindering. Over rooftops. Even through WALLS. All at a nice 8 range, good for his Outwit and Perplex SP. He also has a great trait enabling him to get allies out of trouble and back to his side (for possible benefits of Leadership next turn) and his powers can’t be countered or ignored, at least for his early dial.

Yet he’s still one of the worst figs of the year. HOW?!?

  • The same SP that gives him Outwit/Perplex/Leadership keeps his stats from being boosted. That’s a problem when
  • his damage starts and stays at just 2 or lower until his last click, when his AV slides to 8.
  • His DV is also completely bare which is downright dangerous if he’s doing any fighting at all — and, at 150 points, he really ought to be.
  • But that 2 damage, though. Even with a full dial of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, it’s just so useless without Willpower or something to increase the frequency at least.

Though it’s an asset, his 8 range is liable to make his trait useless, or vice versa. If he’s near enough the action to affect friends or foes with his powers, he’s too close to evac those pals. If he’s too far away, that’s the rest of the team overextending a good bit.

150 points shouldn’t be an easy KO or sitting way out of the action. But this Prof does both.

Totally gonna happen if you use him.

Totally gonna happen if you use him.



No. 5


Glorith [Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes 036]

For the really cheap cost of 83 points, you can field this 5-click character with Probability Control+Perplex and 9-8 AV. That’s TOP TIER, yo, especially since Chaos War Scarlet Witch retired.



Nope, no one’s buying. Not even with her Toughness defense. Not with just 16 DV.

She’s spending a lot of points on her wildcard TA and the trait to use Super Senses (which, we’ve established, isn’t the defense it used to be) and to copy a second TA from a fellow Mystical keyword ally.

But those Mysticals are almost always going to only have one TA for her to copy in the first place, and it’s almost always going to be Mystics. She can’t even use this ability on Legion of Super-Heroes teams.

Despite her Phasing and eventual run of Pulse Wave, there’s just no reason to play her over a half-dozen other better, cheaper Mysticals or support figs.


Our words exactly, little girl