We wrap up our look at the horror of resources with the latest (but alas, not the last):



A distressing and growing problem seems to have cropped up where resources are concerned: How does one defeat them?

  • How do you beat the Gauntlet? Beat the character before he becomes a god. Good luck with that.
  • How do you beat the Belt? Beat the character, IF you can find her Stealthed next to a wall. Not easy.
  • How do you beat the Book? Beat the ones with hammers, if you don’t get hammered first. Unlikely.
  • How do you beat the Plant? Hope they burn out the rings before you die. Depending on your opponent to overreach is NOT a winning strategy.
  • How do you beat the Phoenix? Beat every last one of them. There’s just no other way.

No wonder facing resources can be such a horror.

With the Power Battery, it appears that WizKids is trying to give players a way to fight back against resources directly. Not only is it designed to give itself damage, but the Battery actually exists on the map and can be damaged by enemies.

But it’s still a horror.

First, it’s all the way over in the enemy start zone. That’s a dangerous path to travel.

Second, it’s pretty difficult to deal enough damage to get it off the board. It doesn’t take damage like characters (’cause it isn’t one) and you can’t fight it on the move with the moving attack powers (Charge, HSS and the like).

Third, in the meantime it’s granting any number of extra stuff to its Corps Members via constructs, making them extra dangerous. Maybe you better fight them instead.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s one more wrinkle: because the Battery isn’t a character, it isn’t even affected by Pulse Wave! So it’s the first resource that can’t even be fought THAT way, even.

Sigh. Even when they try to make it better, they make it worse.


Resources don’t HAVE to be horrors. As we saw a couple days ago, the Power Plant really isn’t so bad. And there are a couple more out there:



Although it’s pretty strong, it’s also very expensive [85 to 100 points] and, like the Power Battery, it can be directly fought if one desires.



Unlike every other resource, this one is fraught with actual risk along with its benefits, when used. It should be the template by which resources are designed in the game.


But the simplest answer to the horror of all resources is a small upgrade to an existing power: OUTWIT.

Give this character a free action to counter a power or a combat ability possessed by a single target opposing character until the beginning of your next turn. Any game effects with a duration specified by the countered power or combat ability are removed. A character using this power must be within range (minimum range 6) and line of fire to the target and can counter use of an attached resource or relic as though it were a combat ability.

Outwit has lost some of its teeth lately, what with “can use” powers showing up more on traits rather than special powers, and worse, resources granting such powers to whomever. But this small change to the black damage power suddenly brings resources’ power in line with their very-low-for-their-benefit cost and, more importantly, makes them an actual risk to field instead of the “no-risk-all-reward” ratio they offer now.


So c’mon, WizKids. Resources are here to stay; they’re great for enabling flexible teams at the highest levels of play. But they should not be able to be played without a great risk to go with their great reward.





We guess WizKids decided to make this resource more expensive than the last few cheap ones, which were only 8 or 9 or 12 points at their cheapest. The Phoenix Force has a minimum price of 18.

Still underpriced.

WHY IT IS NOT F.U.N.:  Where the Gauntlet merely took time to build up and the Belt was random (after the Watch List fix, anyhow) and the Book needed hits and KOs to grow in power, the PF needs hits with doubles and KOs and PF members to be KO’d to get to more powerful clicks. While that sounds better on paper, in practice it makes fighting the P-Force troublesome; the more you’re winning, the harder it gets to win against it.

Moreover, the Fragments give so many key powers to characters who otherwise wouldn’t have them.



Ranged Combat Expert.

And don’t forget the Flight and Poison all the frags grant. Oh, and guess what else? These powers are immune to Outwit and even KOing the offending character doesn’t remove the power from the equation as it just goes back to the resource to be available to the REST of the P-Force assignees.

Tired of taking Mystics from the Magik fragment from range? Fine, base the character…get Poisoned. KO the character. OK, now ALL the rest of the team is Mystics. With OTHER powers from the resource dial.

Damned no matter what you do. Tell me, how is that ever F.U.N. to play against?

One last bit of horror tomorrow.





Q: What’s worse than a resource that makes one member of the opposing team into a nigh-unstoppable force?

A: One that makes the WHOLE TEAM an unstoppable force, such as our next subject… fiR100


At first, this seemed a breath of fresh air after the turtle-friendly Gauntlet and Belt. It was a resource that required making actual attacks and hitting to get the best of it.

But…it turned out to be a horror, too.

WHY IT IS NOT F.U.N.: The hammers made landing those needed attacks all too easy, because WizKids Game Design still liked to hand out +2 stat boosts like politicians’ promises.

The hammers also granted between two to FOUR other powers or abilities each. And that’s not even COUNTING the free Quake dropping each hammer granted.

I mean, look at how this character, designed as a support fig/3rd-line attacker, in effect turns into a legit threat with only nine points’ investment:


The only mitigating factor was the time it took to get its characters “hammered” because getting them was still a power action despite being guaranteed unlike normal relic rolls. But even that slight balance was kicked loose like an unwanted doorjamb with the release of the designed-for-the-Book-of-Skulls Splitlip, who made the hammer grabs a free action in addition to being automatic.

Here’s the non-comic-accurate part: The hammers in Fear Itself warped their wielders’ personalities. Perhaps some disadvantage to using the book should’ve been in evidence.

But no. Like nearly every other resource in the game, the Book is just another powergaming tool for powergaming tools. And it is, therefore, something of a horror.


Bonus horror today, below:



This resource takes the free power-up aspect of the Splitlip+Book combo and goes one further by dumping the Splitlip. But there are some balances built in, at least:

  • A requirement of no action tokens.
  • The assigned ring goes back after clearing action tokens.
  • And no more permanent stat bonuses — heck, no dial, even.

The result is that the tower itself one of the ugliest, frankly useless things in all of HeroClix except that it’s required to use the rings as a resource.

WHY IT IS NOT F.U.N.: Two of the rings, Black Light and Matter Rearranger, get right around the token clear part because using them is a free action. So conceivably, one character can grant Stealth for a whole cadre of allies for the whole game. Another can morph the map as needed, one square at a time, over and over.

It’s not much of a horror, being rather straightforward and an actual limited resource.  But there’s true horror yet to come.


This Halloween week, Heroclixin’s focus continues on the simple fact that resources are scary.

Last time, we looked at the one that started it all, the Infinity Gauntlet. But far from being limitless and never-ending, it has gone by the wayside. And more than anything else, the second resource is responsible. ______



Folks once griped that the 40-point full Gauntlet was undercosted. Oh, for those innocent days to return. 

WHY IT IS NOT F.U.N.: Though it’s been corrected via Watch List and a game-wide rule change or two, The U-Belt is still a busted element because it essentially makes any old character into Batman.

Here’s the thing, though. Batman’s utility belt isn’t what makes Batman, well, Batman

Actually being BATMAN makes Batman Batman.

The dumbness doesn’t stop there. The underpriced items — ONE point apiece! — are also better than anything Bats has ever packed in his yellow britches-bearing waistband.

  • Gas Grenades/Smoke Pellets: Free penetrating damage? This should be plain Smoke Cloud or Incap or something.
  • Batarangs: Oh, wait, HERE’S the Incap. :/
  • Rebreather: So this mouthpiece is supposed to make him swim as fast as Aquaman? Really?
  • Handcuffs: Why would any Super Strong or Phasing/Teleport character care about these?

And these are just the basic ones. Look at the convention exclusive items that further upped the arms race:

  • First Aid Kit. Because someone wearing Batman’s clothes is somehow a better medic than an ACTUAL MEDIC. (Never mind that ALFRED is the real combat medicine expert.)
  • Night Vision Goggles. So it’s not enough that they see Stealthed characters, but they see them BETTER? Not great game balance.

One would think perhaps the limited number of these items would rein in their abuse. But no, the UB is designed to refill itself and/or prevent the items from being “used up.” Because God forbid you actually have to risk losing A) the Willpower that toting 3 items gives you or B) the team-ability-squishing skill that having 5 items does.

Then there’s the dial’s penchant for frequent stat boosts, all guaranteed. It starts with a blanket +1 to stats, that the IG had to push and wait and push and wait for. This boost reappears on stop clicks throughout the dial. Worse, there are the +2 clicks. Sure it’s only “godhood” for a turn, but good freakin’ grief.

Finally, there’s the Costume slot: Get a Batman Cowl to make you extra-Stealthy or a Robin Uniform for Teen Titans team ability or a Suit of Sorrows for Super Strength because that’s a power Batman has for some reason.

It’s 14 points of clothes that make a fig into Batman. That’s dumb. And a horror.

It’s hard to figure how resources could get worse. But they do. Check in next time, if you dare.


This Halloween week, Heroclixin’s focusing on one simple fact:

Resources are scary.

Sure, some of us may like using them, but none of us like seeing them on the field against us.


Knowing that not only do you have the opponent’s actual team to contend with, but there’s an extra piece of plastic that you simply can’t do diddly about can be a real F.U.N. killer.

Join us as we consider the horror of resources.




This was the one that started it all. Like Feats 2.0 but without the handy balance like the 10% rule, not a single competitive team could be run without it in its day. 

WHY IT IS NOT F.U.N.: Using the IG is all about actively turtling until you get the Godhood clicks. (Some players built teams around a strong Phasing/Teleport fig for this very purpose.) Once on those clicks, then the Guantlet holder stops spinning the dial and proceeds to wreck shop, usually until the end of the game. And there’s not a doggone thing the other team can do about it. 

But that’s not really comic-accurate. In comics, NO ONE holds onto the Guantlet for long.

  • The heroic wise, such as Adam Warlock or Reed Richards, give up the Gauntlet before they go mad with the power.
  • The weak can’t handle the power for long at all. See Nebula.
  • Even Thanos either sabotages himself or gets bored with the omnipotence.

Therefore, players shouldn’t be able to sit on those clicks, ever. Instead, once the IG’s Special Powers start showing up, the option for the die roll should go away and the Gauntlet should turn automatically. It represents the difficulty in handling the might of the artifact and puts pressure on the other team to either strike before Godhood is reached or to run/hide until the danger is past. 

THAT would be a F.U.N. piece of comic book goodness to come out of this Resource.

But as it stands, it’s merely a horror…of an age past. Now retired, the Infinity Gauntlet is mostly a memory that rarely makes appearances these days, as its 40-point cost at full power seems a lot to pay.

So I have these three favorite figs:
Batwoman [Batman] 61pts
Captain America [Fear Itself] 88pts
Falcon [Winter Soldier 006] 105pts
and one more that fits the Soldier keyword:
Aldrich Killian [Iron Man 3] 35pts
= 289 points. That leaves enough left over for a relic or resource or ATA. What should I run? Note that I am primarily a F.U.N. player.

  • Utility Belt 11pts. This is thematic with Batwoman, and she could use the Willpower, but I dunno if it’s the best use of points.
  • Book of the Skull 9pts. This is distasteful to me, as it really doesn’t fit with any of the characters, though it does give Batwoman the moving attack powers she could use. It’s particularly odious on a team with Bucky Cap, as he got sorta killed in the comics by one of those hammers
  • Batman Family ATA 4pts. A little extra Speed and range for Batwoman is welcome. But with her lacking Charge to really get the most out of the former and only getting a middling 6 range with the bonus, I don’t know if it’s worth the cost.
  • Avengers Response Unit ATA 3pts. Gives Cap’s adjacent allies an AV boost in close combat. But I don’t know if I want to rely on close combat with this team.
  • Secret Avengers ATA 5pts. Outwit protection for the one Invulnerable member, Captain America, is also welcome. But with him the lone beneficiary, it seems like tossing points away.
  • The Penguin resource 10pts. Also not thematic, but more fun…and riskier.
  • There are any number of relics I could use, but I’m leaning most toward the Bookcase as an indestructible hiding spot for Batwoman among its other assets.

This talk of resources has given me an idea for a Halloween-themed series for next week: The Scariest Resources in HeroClix. Stay tuned!

“Describe your ideal Saturday night.”

This was a “topic suggestion” from WordPress. I thought I’d have a little Heroclixin’ fun with it:

  • My ideal Saturday night involves my usual Saturday night HeroClix game.
  • …except that this time I’ve brought my ladyfriend along.
  • Everyone’s come with a fun, amusing team based on some stupid or cute idea…
  • …instead of the customary “Here’s my Resource/entity, what figures should I run to complement it?”
  • We all have decent die rolls and no one gets slaughtered…
  • and we all get some little prizes that we use to trade for something cooler.
  • Then, once she’s seen how great this game is, my ladyfriend decides to buy in and play in earnest and plans to join in next week.

That’d be my ideal Saturday night. :)

I’m such an incredible nerd.

What’s your ideal Saturday night?


Got a rare chance to play a lot of figures in just a couple of days against actual other people rather than in one of my sad solo playtests thanks to a trio of bye rounds for an 800-point Golden Age, no tactics other than themed teams and special objects event. In one of those rounds, I was able to try out a newer, better version of a team I ran a couple years back.

captain_americaFalcon 2


Captain America [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 101] 100
Captain America [Fear Itself] 88
Captain America [Secret Invasion] 49


Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 006] 105
Falcon [Captain America 030] 79
Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 103] 75
Falcon [Avengers] 75
“Snap” Wilson 60
Falcon [Sinister 057] 57
Sam Wilson 53
Falcon [Sinister 056] 46

= 787 points. Added Gold Kryptonite and a Generator for a 797 total. My opponent Keith was fielding an all-Halo squad: blue Spartan, ODST, Arbiter, Drone, a battle rifle Marine, one each of the two red Spartans, all led by hammertime Master Chief. He picked the moon crater map from AvX.

It pretty much went all my way when Keith made the rookie error of splitting up his force neatly in two. I took on the crew on the near side before he could bring Arbiter’s Outwit to bear and scored many KOs before he could begin to seriously threaten my force.

By piece:

Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 006]: This one was the engine for the team. In between serving as advance attacker with his trait-boosted Move and Attack ability, Gravity Feed Falcon taxis the Caps with his free Sidestep or buffs others with Enhancement and Empower. Priciest of the squad but worth every point.

Captain America [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 101]: With a taxi, I think his ability to stay stealthy — and thus healthy — made him a solid meat shield in this debut. He’ll never be my first choice for a Cap, but he’s a nice option.

Captain America [Fear Itself]: As I’ve noted before, I’m always torn on how to run this favored piece. This time I used him as a Charge piece behind other characters running interference for him. His SP to boost allies’ defense after his first click comes in really handy with this crew.

Falcon [Captain America 030]: On a team this size, running him as a tie-up fig seemed right for the situation, especially as he was able to bring a Cap along for the ride to take advantage of the AV bonus they both get.

Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 103]: This was my first time trying the starter set Falcon, with some reluctance as he’s not half as good as the GF version. But his DV bonus for Cap allies is dynamite, esp. paired with the Fear Itself version’s SP. On this big team, a 75-point taxi was a fine use of points.

Falcon [Avengers]: Though a rare mobile shooter, this is the first Falcon I’d drop for room for something else. Still, SHIELD TA is good for something.

“Snap” Wilson: Spent all game hanging back in the starting area as I burned actions doing more important things. If I replayed, I’d make sure he was available to block for bigger figs and leverage that 10 AV and 6 range more, using the Enhancement available via GF Falcon.

Falcon [Sinister 057]: Though he’s a better taxi than the cheaper Falcs on the list and boasts more 3 damage, in a pinch I’ll drop this Vet if it means getting the rest in.

Sam Wilson: Willpower makes him a great taxi + attacker, even if his Leadership is a little wasted on so few cheaper allies. SHIELD TA is probably the bigger deal, boosting all the 6 range on this team to 7.

Captain America [Secret Invasion]: He’s a very good option to activate various Falcon bonuses. I won’t run a version of this team without him if rules allow.

Falcon [Sinister 056]: Free-move taxi is never a bad thing. And check out that 3 damage.


I really want to try variations on this team on future, more competitive games! Maybe something like this, in Modern Age:

Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 103] 75
Captain America [Fear Itself] 88
Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 006] 105
Captain America [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 001] 125
= 393 points. Add a Bookcase for more Empower/Enhancement fun.

or go all out:

Captain America [Avengers vs. X-Men] 200
Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 006] 105
Captain America [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 101] 100
Captain America [Fear Itself] 88
Falcon [Captain America 030] 79
Falcon [Captain America: The Winter Soldier 103] 75
Falcon [Avengers] 75
“Snap” Wilson [Sinister 219] 60
Falcon [Sinister 057] 57
Sam Wilson [Sinister 207] 53
Captain America [Secret Invasion] 49
Falcon [Sinister 056] 46
= 987 points
for a big build. On paper, it looks like it just dies against the heavy hitters this build limit allows. But I think the surprising swarm ability might give the enemy a stiffer challenge than expected.


To finish our slow-running F.U.N. Focus on the Guardians, let’s look at the ATAs available to the team. First, at the two built for the team itself:
Guardians of the Galaxy: Powers possessed by characters using this team ability can’t be countered. This team ability can’t be used by wild cards. 4 Points.
If there’s room at all for this ATA, it should be used, without question. Being able to safely ignore enemy Outwit is a nice advantage to have. Note that it won’t keep abilities like Indom. or Improved Targeting from being countered, though. Still, if there’s a chance the opponent will field the black damage power, you’ll be glad you have this ATA on board.
Guardians of the Galaxy [Silver Age]: Characters using this team ability are wild cards, but don’t possess any other team abilities. Uncopyable. 1 Point
 On the other side of the coin, there’s this ATA that is completely useless for a Guardians of the Galaxy themed team ever since ATAs got restricted to themed teams only earlier this year with the 2014 Rulebook’s release. What good is it being a wild card if the whole team is wild cards and nothing else? This ATA is only to be considered if a Guardian fits a different themed team, such as Future.
Speaking of other themes and keywords, there will be times when a GotG build won’t leave points room for the 4-per-character GotG ATA. There are other options, then, to keep in mind:
Animal: At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6. On a result of 5-6 all friendly characters using this team ability ignore Shape Change and Stealth this turn. 4 Points
All the Rocket Raccoons — and Cosmo — can use this ATA. Unless you need the points for some other tactic, there’s little reason not to equip it if you can if using either character.
Annihilators: When a character using this team ability KO’s an opposing character of a higher point value with an attack, remove an action token from each friendly character using this team ability that’s less points than the KO’d character. 4 Points
Cosmo is the only Guardian who qualifies, and it’s unlikely he’ll be making any KOs. Heroclixin’ wouldn’t waste the 4 points.
Avengers [Heroic Age]: When a character using this team ability is given a move action, after actions resolve roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled. On a roll of 6, remove an action token from that character. 2 Points
There are a few Avengers among the Guardians: Iron Man, Mantis, Major Victory, Moondragon, Hollywood. At such a low cost, one could get some use out of this ATA. But most of those characters are highly likely to be doing various power actions rather than vanilla move actions. So this ATA will likely be a waste. We at Heroclixin’ aren’t fans of it.
Avengers Response Team: When one or more characters using this team ability is adjacent to a friendly character making a close combat attack, modify the character’s attack value by +1. 3 Points
The Avengers/Guardians are mostly range fighters, so it’s going to be hard to use this melee-centric ATA. It CAN be done, though, and one fig — Mantis — is a close-fighting master. Taxi her with a flying Avenger and get some Response going.
Mighty Avengers: When a character using this team ability destroys a square of blocking terrain, roll a d6 after actions resolve. On a roll of 5, you may place a standard light object in that square. On a roll of 6, you may place a standard heavy object in that square. 4 Points
The five candidates for this ATA are either unlikely or unable to waste actions on smashing terrain to MAYBE get another object to use. Not worth the price at all.
Secret Avengers: Characters using this team ability can’t be the target of an opponent’s Outwit or Perplex unless they’ve been targeted with an attack previously in the same turn. 5 Points
This, OTOH, is an ATA well-worth using. If denied blanket Outwit blocking for the whole team, at least maybe the Avenger or three on the team can get the next best thing to it.
Defenders: Characters using this team ability may replace their attack value with the unmodified attack value of an adjacent friendly character using this team ability. 4 Points
There’s only one candidate for this ATA, Moondragon, and so it requires a wild card teammate using the ATA to activate its effect. So IF one deigns to run her with Rita DeMara, one could actually use this ATA to give Rita a usable AV when adjacent to Moondragon. NO ONE WILL SEE IT COMING!!!!! Unless, of course, they’re fellow Heroclixin’ readers. :)
Inhumans: Characters using this team ability may use the Carry ability, but only to carry characters that can also use this team ability, and may carry those characters regardless of their combat symbols. Uncopyable.  4 Points
As above, there’s only one choice to bear this ATA, Talon. Unlike above, there’s no way to wild card it, so never use it on a Guardians team.
Infinity Watch: When a character using this team ability rolls for a relic with the IG set symbol, it succeeds on a roll of 3-6. Uncopyable. 2 points
There are a few members who can field this ATA. If you’re in a Golden Age game and also have space on the team for one of the Infinity gem relics, feel free to run this ATA on your Gamora or Adam Warlock or Drax — IF you can’t squeeze on the GotG ATA, which will always be a better choice.
Masters of Evil: When a character with this team ability has one or more action tokens and attacks, damage dealt can’t be reduced below 1. 4 Points
Only Rita DeMara can use this ATA. With her low damage values, it might be worth trying. Maybe. I mean, if you’re going to bother with the most useless GotG fig in the first place.
The Order: Characters using this team ability cannot be targeted by an opposing character using one of the listed powers if any character using this team ability was already hit by an opposing character using that power this turn: Flurry, Incapacitate, Charge Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Hypersonic Speed, Ranged Combat Expert, Running Shot, Exploit Weakness, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Close Combat Expert. 3 Points
Again, this is a Moondragon + Rita exclusive. Unlikely to see use.
Ravagers: Characters using this team ability automatically break away. Uncopyable. 4 Points
Here’s an interesting case of a DC ATA fitting an identical Marvel keyword. In this instance, some of the movie figs — Rocket Raccoon 018 and two of the Star-Lords — can run this card. Could be useful to a team of shooters who like to Running Shoot stuff instead of getting tied up.
Stark Industries: When a character using this team ability uses Outwit, you may instead choose a team ability the target character can use. Opposing characters 200 points and less can’t use the chosen team ability until your next turn. Uncopyable. 4 Points
Only Space Tony can use this ATA, and only on some of his most inconvenient clicks. Still, if you’re fielding him and have the 4 points to play, why NOT use it? Note that this ATA can kill off team abilities the target doesn’t even possess.
Universal Church of Truth: When an opposing character targets a character using this team ability with an attack and misses, modify the defense value of all characters using this team ability by +1 until the end of the turn. 4 Points
A final ATA that a solo character can field — in this case, Replica — and that a solo figure can copy, our wild card friend Rita. Using the pair as a tandem of tie-up has some small potential. But we don’t really recommend using Rita under any circumstance.  
Next week, Heroclixin’ will begin to get back to a normal routine, starting with some long-delayed Token Totin’ photographs and a F.U.N. Fights battle report or two. ‘Til then, make sure you find your F.U.N. in every clix game!

Time for the second half of our review of the Guardians of the Galaxy figs in the Guardians of the Galaxy set.
Angela [Guardians of the Galaxy 033] 94
Here’s a new character for the team, one that only belongs on the current Bendis-era incarnation of the group. She’s devoid of SPs, but does bear one powerful trait allowing her to be placed next to and attack a character who targeted her earlier, all for the cost of one power action. This makes her both a great tie-up fig and lead attacker in one. Her weakness is relatively light defense, given that she might warp herself into the middle of a killbox before she can really tear into her foes with Close Combat Expert. Lack of Willpower makes that harder to do as well. But HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE is that her gimmick may yet be worth the risk of fielding her.
Killraven [Guardians of the Galaxy 035] 76
While he mostly appears to just be an OK close combatant with Charge and 11 AV Precision Strike, his damage SP allowing Outwit and Improved Targeting: Characters makes him a bit more of a fig to use at range, even though it’s a short 4 range. Moreover, the SP allows him to counter a power on multiple foes within 3 squares! So he’s an odd mix of support piece and secondary attacker. Run him directly behind a frontline of melee or tie-up allies for best results. He’s only an occasional member, appearing in a far-future alternate timeline version of the team during the 2008 series run, but HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE is that he need not be occasional on your Guardians teams.
Martyr [Guardians of the Galaxy 040] 160
Longtime Heroclixin’ readers may recall that an earlier version of this character, Phyla-Vell, basically is responsible for me getting interested in the Guardians in the first place. As much as I liked that Hammer of Thor figure, Martyr is better in most every way, with moving attack starting up top lasting most of her dial instead of just a bit mid-dial and armor on most of her dial instead of vice versa. She also has a SP to heal adjacent allies at the cost of a click of life — which could “push” her to her self-healing Regen clicks for a potential second wind.
Really, the only downsides to her are a much higher cost — 160 over 138 — and a much-shortened range of 6 down from 10. But with her Stealth-and-Hypersonic Speed SP, and the ability to see through hindering, it’s really not a downgrade at all. She only served on the 2008 version of the team. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: A possible tentpole to build around.
Groot [Guardians of the Galaxy 051] 100
Like most Groots before him, this version (which most fits the current Bendis-helmed run) is a bit slow with Speed topping out at a starting 7 and tapering from there. His AV numbers are also a little anemic down the line, slipping from a decent 10 early on down to just 7. A full dial of Battle Fury at least means he won’t have to contend with being Incapacitated or having attacks denied by Shape Change. But what really makes HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE that he’s a must-try at least is his near-inability to be KO’d if he’s adjacent to a fellow Monster or Guardian of the Galaxy thanks to his trait.
Rocket Raccoon [Guardians of the Galaxy 052] 80

What’s the latest Rocket in the game bring to the HeroClix table? First, he’s an aid to any Groot thanks to his trait boosting both their AVs +1 — not that RR’s natural 11 really needs the help. Second, he has great Improved Targeting enabling him to ignore elevated and adjacent characters for shooting. Third, and probably most key, he is like a super-Prob Controller with his SP allowing him to force a reroll of ANY roll for a character he can see. This includes certain rolls that usually can’t be PC’d, such as Super Senses or Impervious.Once again, he’s Tiny Size and thus easily carted about by allies, and double-arrow Energy Explosion is welcome. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Another great Rocket.


Iron Man [Guardians of the Galaxy 055] 200/150
At home only on the Bendis team, this latest version of Tony Stark isn’t the best Iron Man in the game. But it’s the best you’re gonna have on a Guardians team. At full cost, he’s another HSS fig — though it takes a double power action to do it — with a +2 Speed and Range bonus while using it. Or just take a normal action to use Running Shot with Perplex, 4 damage and Improved Targeting: Hindering and Characters. Either way, he’s Indomitable. At 150 points, he’s starting with Invulnerability instead of Impervious, but he has P/PB to go with the Running Shot/HSS SP. 
At either price, he’s got to push to get to his other SP granting Outwit and the ability to make a free ranged attack if he starts a turn with two tokens. It’s too bad; if he started with this power, HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE would be a lot more positive. As it is, Space Tony is only for use on a Bendis-era team. 
Star-Lord [Guardians of the Galaxy 209] 115
Finally, here’s one more Star-Lord, again a Bendis team member. This one is an Sharpshooting Indomitable Running Shooter with EE and Force Blast — with two targets, he can ruin formations with a quickness. But his real boon to a team is his SP Outwit with a power action option allowing him to counter the same power on all opponents sharing a keyword. Not bad. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE is that he’s still about the last version of Star-Lord we’d pick for a GotG team, but that’s more a statement on the quality of Peter Quills in the game than a knock on this one. 
That almost does it at last for our slow-running F.U.N. Focus on the Guardians. But there’s one more thing to mention about the team: its ATAs! We’ll look at those in a rare weekend installment of Heroclixin’ next time.