Finally, here’s the Guardians’ own full-size set. We’ll start with the Commons:
Gamora [Guardians of the Galaxy 001] 55
We cut to the bottom line: At nearly 20 points cheaper than the next-least-expensive one, this bargain-priced version, in HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE, may be the go-to Gamora. Why? She starts with Charge and decent if not stellar combat values. She’s a solid tie-up fig with Combat Reflexes that’s able to deal out serious damage with Close Combat Expert. And, in a first for any Gamora, she can shoot: 5 range rounds out this compact package. The only possible reasons not run her is A) you need the Willpower she lacks or B) she doesn’t fit the version of the comic-accurate team you’re building. We know Heroclixin’ is all about fun, but come on…only one of those is a good reason.
Drax The Destroyer [Guardians of the Galaxy 002] 100
This Destroyer has the same problem the character’s had for much of his history both in comics and in clix: That singleminded focus on a single target. We see it here in his trait to, via power action, get adjacent to Thanos or Black Order keywords. Trouble is, that leaves him open to attack before he can capitalize on the instant-basing technique. Good thing he’s got Invulnerability to maybe soak up the attacks and Indomitable to push and fight — or run — the next turn. His SP that smashes through Barrier and kills adjacent foes’ use of ESD can help his team, but… HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE is that while he’s not bad, there are better Draxes for the around the cost.

Mantis [Guardians of the Galaxy 003] 56

At last, this 2008-team member is a HeroClix, and she’s a game changer for the keyword. First, she’s another of those crazy pieces with friendly Mind Control, one of the most effective special abilities in the modern game. It only works on adjacent Guardians, but it’s still beyond excellent — especially because it doubles as normal MC as well. Second, she’s another great tie-up fig for the team with Combat Reflexes and CCE. Her DV is only 16, but there are ways to improve that. Third, at 56 points she’s the cheapest source of Probability Control for the keyword. Fourth and maybe most importantly, her late dial bears both 17 DV Regeneration and decent AV Support, making her a self-healing “pit crew” piece we haven’t seen the likes of in a long time, if ever. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Indispensible for GotG teams and likely many others as well.

Starhawk [Guardians of the Galaxy 004] 130
The latest version of the One Who Knows brings a tiny bit of Prob Control and Outwit to the team via his Past Lives tokens — at least 2, as many as 6 — which each allow him a one-time use of those two powers per token. But that’s just icing on the main cake of him being a 4-damge Running Shot Psychic Blaster that pushes directly to Hypersonic Speed.
And as long as we’re doing this cake analogy, there are morsels in the batter: When he takes damage from a foe, he can be swapped out for Aleta from the set or vice versa. So if he, say, gets Poisoned off his early unarmored clicks, Aleta can jump in and nullify the threat with her Toughness SP. But even if you don’t go for that option, there’s late Regeneration and Phasing to help. He best fits the 1990s team, but thanks to time-travel state of being, he can find a place on any incarnation.
HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: He’s OK, a combo of a leading attacker and pit crew fig.
Major Victory [Guardians of the Galaxy 005] 95
So he’s got a weakness to penetrating damage thanks to a trait increasing damage from such. But it’s not a big deal, because he’s on the team for his damage SP granting Leadership, Perplex and especially Telekinesis that he can use twice in a turn if the second is a fellow Guardian. Therefore he’ll be in the back and probably safe from that nasty p-damage. :) But eventually he’ll need to venture forth after initially mobilizing the team to A) continue bolstering the team with Leadership and Perplex and B) leverage penetrating damage of his own via his 11 AV, 4 damage Running Shot PPB combo. Late dial, he goes down swinging with Pulse Wave and Force Blast — nuke ’em and throw ’em all back! He’s a fit for every incarnation of the team except the Bendis one. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: He replaces every previous version of Major Victory/Vance Astro and will make any GotG team better.
Talon [Guardians of the Galaxy 022] 60
This 1990s team member starts off the uncommons of the set. Like Mantis, he’s a cheap source of Prob Control but much more offensively oriented with Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs. There’s no nutty traits or specials to keep track of. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Simple and straightforward melee fig.
Yondu [Guardians of the Galaxy 023] 75
Running Shot+Precision Strike at 3 damage is good. But he’s on the team for his ability to shoot through EVERYTHING as a power action. At 8 range, that’s great, and even basing him won’t stop it thanks to Improved Targeting OO> . He’s a founding member of the ’60s team and 1990s team but has made appearances in the 2008 version as well. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: A short dial isn’t enough to stop him from being a strong addition to GotG teams.
Aleta [Guardians of the Galaxy 024] 130
Starhawk’s better half is possibly also a better piece. She starts with Hypersonic Speed instead of pushing to it — and pushes to Running Shot Pulse Wave. She starts with a SP bearing ESD WITH Toughness instead of just the green DV power. 10 range instead of 8 (though she loses a target). But maybe her best boon to the team is that she shares her ESD with adjacent friendlies during the first half of her dial. Don’t forget she can swap out for Starhawk 003 after taking damage from a foe, though the Ranged Combat Expert and Perplex liberally scattered down her dial may dissuade you from that option. Best fits the 1990s team. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: She doesn’t really have a bad click. Use that ESD SP!
Moondragon [Guardians of the Galaxy 029] 85
She starts as another TK figure for a 2008 version of the Guardians. But feel free to push to click 2 for Running Shot + Penetrating/Psychic Blast with free Mind Control. AND Outwit. She ends up showing why she gets the Martial Artist keyword with a little chopsockiness in Reflexes and CCE and Precision Strike. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Not bad at all, if not a must-field.
Star-Lord [Guardians of the Galaxy 030] 110
We wrap up the Uncommons with a look at what may be the most vital Guardian for effective fielding of the team. We could talk about his Professor X-like ability to Outwit from like-keyworded pals’ squares, or his ability to shoot Stealthers — thanks, Improved Targeting! — or his solid AV numbers. But the reason this Star-Lord is the one to play before all others is his trait allowing Guardians to share the highest DV. Suddenly all those mediocre defense numbers don’t matter so much anymore. Not when there are a heaping handful of 18s or higher to share, making the team much more survivable, without even having to consider adjacency like with the older Guardians’ Defenders TA. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Seriously, only an irrational dislike for the Bendis-era Guardians version of the character should prevent one from building around this Star-Lord.
There’s too much for us to finish without breaking our promise to deliver this part before week’s end, especially with us running off for the weekend. So look for the second half of this installment — and the conclusion of the entire F.U.N. Focus on the Guardians — next week.

Until now, this FUN Focus has looked at the pieces in ascending order of point cost. But to keep things a bit simpler for us, what with multiple characters getting multiple point costs, we’re reordering things according to set number.


Star-Lord [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 001] 95
The first of the Chris Pratt-inspired Star-Lords brings the character’s usual penchant for running and gunning either via his opening Attack SP “Short Duration Flight” that allows him to use Leap/Climb and take a shot if he moves half-speed or less or his Speed SP “Espionage Battle Suit” granting Running Shot and Stealth. These two powers alternate, so he’s always got moving attack powers and Stealth. He needs the latter to protect his very short and unarmored dial. No Willpower is a problem, but Outwit is a single push away, with a great 8 range. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Could do better with your Star-Lord. Could do worse.


Gamora [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 002] 73

She’s got problems. 1) No range and no Charge makes it a little difficult to get her attack in. 2) 3 damage with Blades/Claws/Fangs isn’t really what you want to see. 3) Flurry + Precision + 2 damage isn’t so great. Just think how good it’d be if some of those power combos were swapped instead of appearing on alternating clicks. 4) Her defense is nothing special despite a +2 DV bonus in hindering against shooters. She needs help with that DV to be worth using over, well, almost any other version of Gamora. HEROCLIXIN’G TAKE: The last Guardians-keyworded Gamora we’d pick to fill the character’s slot.



Rocket Raccoon [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 005] 90
As much as we liked the original Rocket Raccoon in Hammer of Thor, it’s unlikely we’ll ever use him again if the points allow. This one offers so much: Perma-Perplex-lite, Running Shot, better AV and damage, and a DV bonus (18-20!!!!) vs. most attacks. Add to all this his Tiny Size status enabling him to get in position much more easily and it’s clear that HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE is he’s a solid pick.
Groot [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 009]  198
Outwit…for many clicks. Plasticity…that reaches two squares out. Solid 4 damage for many clicks. Great armor. Indomitable. A stop click with a guaranteed heal trick if you can get him to water or his start zone — not a problem since the same power makes him taxiable by any ally and he can’t be shot. But…his AV and DV numbers are a little lacking for his very high point cost. And despite his Improved Movement: Wall-buster ability, he’s really slow. His 90-point level has the same trouble with poor AV, though the average DV goes up a bit — and he needs it, given his very short dial at this cost. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: The Outwit/Plasticity SP is still enough to make this Groot stand a bit taller than the rest.
Drax the Destroyer [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 013] 94
He’s got some real cons: Starting Battle Fury keeps him from being carried into the fight, which is bad ’cause he’s a bit slow. With no Willpower. His damage is a tad low and he only bears Toughness for armor. But he’s got serious pros: Charge+Flurry+Precision Strike as an early combo. Later, a SP packages Close Combat Expert+Combat Reflexes. And then there are his stop clicks — yes, CLICKS — with Regeneration (free if he has any action tokens). Granted, these clicks aren’t guaranteed stop clicks: they only work on a 5-6 roll. But he’s got three of them and he gets to roll for each one. We like those odds. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Our first choice as for the Drax role in ANY Guardians team. Don’t forget that beginning of game trait to select a target for him get a close-combat +1 AV against.

Star-Lord [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 017] 150

Decent stats with unusual-for-the-character Invulnerability and Willpower are welcome. But the Invuln’s gone so fast. And his “All-Out” SP is not so hot when one considers taking self-damage MIGHT NOT be a good move on the back end of the dial. Even with his “KO me, take 2 damage” trait in play, you may not want to sacrifice such a costly part of your team. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Neat but too top-heavy.



Rocket Raccoon [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 018] 100

At an even 100 points, he’s the priciest RR in the game. Is he worth it? Let’s see:
  • There’s another Outwit piece for a team that kinda needed some.
  • Tiny Size = portable Enhancement for all other non-raccoon-sized allies. He offers +1 AV for adjacent GotG pals, so there’s another boon to his size.
  • Good range (7) and Improved Movement Elevated and Hindering work well with his Running Shot.
  • And he starts with a base 19 DV Super Senses.
HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: He has a short life but who cares?
Star-Lord [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 101] 75
Pros: He’s a relatively cheap Running Shot/PPBlaster, a combo that used to more than cost twice as much to get on the team [see Adam Warlock from part 3: Galactic Guardians]. A nice damage SP, “Leading The Attack,” can help press an advantage by allowing adjacent fellow keyworders to act with 2 tokens. An Empower+Enhancement SP and Perplex are scattered on his dial so he’s a constant boon to the team, and he bears a one-time Pulse Wave bomb trait that will prove VERY useful. Cons: He’s also VERY short-lived, lacking the Stealth or ESD or armor that aids other Star-Lords in surviving and his range is a bit lacking, which will put him in further peril. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: The bargain-priced Star-Lord is still worth running in a pinch, esp. with Indomitable pals he can keep active.
Rocket Raccoon  [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 102] 75
Ahhhh, there’s that inexpensive opening Outwit the team’s needed forever. Tiny Size and Willpower mean more actions for shooting “Two Big Guns” — like ranged Flurry — with Improved Targeting: Hindering and Characters. Being able to thusly fire from behind pals helps cover his lack of defense, a middling 17 with only Stealth to cover at first. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: A great pick of the litter of Rockets.
Gamora [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 103] 100 / 75
This one is much more like it, starting with Charge, her trait offering an AV and damage boost against a target, and CCE-plus. She’s the costliest of the Gamoras, though. Fortunately, there’s a 75-point level that unfortunately only offers same problems as Gamora 002 — lack of opening Charge — but less life and lower DV. Still, HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE is that either price is a good one to pay for a solid Gamora on the team.

Drax The Destroyer [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 104] 125

This Drax is a lot more durable than ALL the ones that have come before: Impervious, Invincible, and Invulnerability each make a run on his otherwise rather short dial. He also hits harder with Charge, Exploit Weakness and Super Strength leading the way. Don’t overlook his 6 range and the same Hadron trait as Star-Lord, giving him one-time-use Pulse Wave. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Though he’s not our favorite — Drax 013 above is — he’s well worth the extra points for the easier-to-use dial.



Groot [Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 105] 100/75

At last, a Groot with a decent Speed value! It’s too bad he lacks the opening Charge to truly leverage it. Instead, he’ll need to rely on his two SPs: A Speed one that negates the benefits of hindering terrain for foes within 6 squares and a DV one that not only bears Invulnerability and Defend but grants Toughness to adjacent allies. Never push him off this click if you can help it — and with Indomitable, you shouldn’t have to. If you’d prefer a more actively fighting Groot, cut him to his 75-point dial, which trades away the starting special stuff but retains the Giant Reach + Super Strength + CCE powers to deal big hurt along with that starting Charge we lamented earlier. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: While we prefer our Groots to be high-cost monsters, there’s no downside to this, the cheapest Groot of the game.


OK. One more part coming up next week. Watch for the F.U.N. Focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy full-sized set, which gave us even more Guardians than I expected!

Phew. Between DragonCon and the Realms Open Championship and battling the dreaded “con crud” illness, I’ve been a bit too preoccupied to continue this F.U.N. Focus series… until now!




Replica [Galactic Guardians 035] 47

A member of the 1990s team, Replica is a tie-up/taxi hybrid. Like the best taxis, she has a high Speed value (10). Like the best tie-ups, she combines attack/damage avoidance (Skrulls TA, Toughness) with being a legitimate threat (Flurry with Super Strength). She pushes to Plasticity on her 2nd click to maximize her tie-up potential. And she’s under 50 points, the sweet spot for these roles. Sticking to the comic themes is the only reason to leave her off the team. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Squeeze her on

Cosmo [Galactic Guardians 039] 52

Bearing Telekinesis, Enhancement and PD TA seem like great reasons to never push off his first click. But the next couple of clicks trade off to Barrier and triple-arrow Incap and Mind Control, making this piece truly man’s best friend. He’s a fixture among the DnA squad. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Da, is being good!
Nikki [Galactic Guardians 024] 72
Nikki is tricky. She’s a Running Shot piece with low damage and 16 DV. She’s also a Sharpshooter with Poison and Combat Reflexes. So if you’re using her, she needs to be basing lightly or unarmored targets. And maybe you want to push her to click 2 bearing Ranged Combat Expert and a DV boost. But she needs to have fellow Defenders TA friends to get higher DV help from, almost always. Armor Piercing is a good feat for her.  She’s from the 1990s series. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: For thematic play only. She also needs to eat a sandwich
Drax [Galactic Guardians 204] 75
The lightest of all versions of the Destroyer, this piece is hindered a bit by his trait only working against Thanos. Aside from that, he’s otherwise a solid Invulnerable melee piece that doesn’t take up a lot of points room. The Exploit Weakness on both ends is what makes him scary. He belongs on any 21st-century build. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Use this Drax for points shaving.
Martinex [Galactic Guardians 82
One of the founding members of the 1969 and 1990 teams, Martinex is another unusual piece what with his conditional Impervious and Energy Explosion + Incap rider. Like others in this set and era, his 16 DV is mediocre and he needs better Defenders on his side to make use of the TA. He’s all range, so keep him out of the fray. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: For thematic play only.
Charlie-27 [Galactic Guardians 012] 92
The last of the founding quartet to be made, Charlie shares the low 16 DV of his teammates, so he’s gonna need the Defenders TA aid like the others. He’s Impervious, though, so there’s that. 9 AV is counterbalanced by RCE. His back half has CCE. Though a little bit too expensive to need so much help, he’s a fun fella. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: For thematic play only.
Drax [Galactic Guardians 011] 121
This Drax is less constrained than the Gravity Feed primer version, thanks to a trait allowing him to pick any higher-point foe to gain actual Willpower and Charge along with his natural Running Shot as long as the foe is on the board. ‘Course, he’s also way more expensive, and not hugely more effective on the board as a melee piece due to his bonuses only working against his quarry. Still, the GotG needs close fighters like him and the flexibility he offers being a shooter as well (pre-Battle Fury on his back half, anyway) means he is a Destroyer, indeed. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Could do worse, could do better.

Hollywood [Galactic Guardians 013] 138

The far-future Wonder Man is on the team for his defense SP, “Almost Immortal,” which ignores all but 1 damage dealt to him and can’t be countered. He’s a good combo of meat shield for softer teammates and a decent Super Strength bruiser. He falters, though, in that he loses Charge frequently, which might strand him at a time when he needs to take the fight to the enemy. He also lacks the Defenders TA that most of the Guardians of these sets bear, so he’s a tougher fit for teams. Still, he’s got a very long and well-armored dial. You could do worse. Best fits the 1990s team but has worked with the 2008 series team for an issue or two. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Leave him off unless you can make him a team player somehow

Adam Warlock [Galactic Guardians 010] 165
With no top-dial Outwit on the team, the GotG also lacked a way of dealing with enemy armor from range. Adam addresses this weakness by being the team’s first Running Shooting Penetrating/Psychic Blast figure. At 165 points, he’s very expensive for this. Fortunately, he’s also a Perplexer and bears mid-life Hypersonic Speed, but with Invulnerability as his armor, a clear upgrade from the similar-but-soft-skinned Phyla-Vell. Also, when hurt, he can swap to Magus [Galactic Guardians 020] for a totally different power set — one that offers some more late dial healing abilities and that Outwit the team sometimes needs. This fig was a central character in the 2008 series. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: Not quite essential but not at all superfluous.
Keeper [Galactic Guardians 048] 237
The most expensive of the whole keyword, this Silver Surfer variant is at home on the 1990s team. And it’s not hard to see why he’s pricey, as he’s Hypersonic and bears a trait that can get him across the board in a single power action. Unfortunately, his AV is too low for his price. If he started with his Outwit SP, he’d be much stronger. HEROCLIXIN’S TAKE: He’s a chase piece, too, and barely fits the theme. Only for those vast “every member ever” builds of 2000 points or higher
Next installment looks at the clix’d stars of the recent hit movie. Which are Groot great, and which are “paper people?”