So I was at a small convention waiting for players to show for the HeroClix event I was running. But none did because they had other events to attend that were probably more appealing.

Determined not to waste the time entirely, I made six teams from the unplayed Deadpool pieces I’d recently acquired and set up three separate games.

200 points

Outlaw (Deadpool 021)
Agent X (Deadpool 001) 
Blind Al (Deadpool 018)
= 181 points


Arnim Zola  (Deadpool 054)
Spider-Bot Mark 1 (Deadpool 099a) x 2
Spider-Bot Mark 2 (Deadpool 099b)
Rocket Turret (Bioshock Infinite)
= 200 points

After some initial misfortune, the Agency X team swept the Robots after Arnim Zola’s Running Shot Pulse Wave try crit-failed. The Spider-Bots couldn’t catch up quick enough to help. Both the Agency fighters were solid. Blind Al was completely stuck in the starting area and unable to do anything. At. ALL. 

300 points

Misty Knight  (Deadpool 009)
Colleen Wing (Deadpool 008)
Humbug (Deadpool 010)
Black Cat  (Deadpool 023)
+ Heroes For Hire ATA for all
= 297 points


Vamp (Deadpool 017)
Paladin (Deadpool 030) + Heroes For Hire ATA
Black Widow (Winter Soldier 102)
Secret Empire Agent (Deadpool 004) x 2 
= 296 points

The Heroes for Hire squeaked out a win, but only just. If Humbug is hit at all in this game, it’s a loss. 

400 points

Deadpool (Deadpool 101)
Kidpool (Deadpool 022)
Siryn (Deadpool 028)
Hope Summers (AvX 016)
= 398 points


Black Talon (Deadpool 043)
Headpool (Deadpool 002)
Des Feral Imp (Yugioh 004)
Grasshopper (Deadfall 042)
Anaconda (Deadpool 013)
Weapon X Scientist  (Deadpool 007a)
Bilbo Baggins (Desolation of Smaug 101)
= 389 points

The swarm nearly took out the Deadpool team, with the LE being the last standing on his very late dial. 

By piece:

200 points

Outlaw (Deadpool 021) is a right nice cowgirl of a figure. I may run her again in the future.
Agent X (Deadpool 001) is OK, but I don’t see myself fielding him again.
Blind Al (Deadpool 018) requires either a Deadpool teammate or a turtle team to function. She could make a “plainclothes” team going forward.

Arnim Zola  (Deadpool 054) was useful for his Gwen Stacy clones. I want to run him on a team built around him.
Spider-Bot Mark 1 (Deadpool 099a) and Spider-Bot Mark 2 (Deadpool 099b) both move too slowly to work without a lot of help. They need to always be hitching rides with close combat/tie-up pieces. Defend might be their best friend.
Rocket Turret (Bioshock Infinite) is too easily shut down by basing. Much better on paper than in practice.

300 points

Misty Knight (Deadpool 009) was cumbersome at first because her early team role seemed to be as a Leadership one. Later, she was better in the fight. 
Despite solid attack ability, Colleen Wing (Deadpool 008) needed Heroes For Hire ATA to really be effective.
Humbug (Deadpool 010) was the secret winner thanks to his ability to flush folks into the open and use P/PB.
Black Cat (Deadpool 023), as the PC piece, saved an early hit from happening. Always worth it.

Vamp (Deadpool 017) leeched powers continually to strong effect. This is a piece that should not exist for as few points as it does.
Paladin (Deadpool 030) is pretty OK. He’ll be on a future H4H team.
Black Widow (Winter Soldier 102) suffered when I forgot her ability to push during melee attacks; she might’ve been able to pre-empt the strike that took her right out of the fight.
Secret Empire Agent (Deadpool 004) was the last standing on his team. Shape Change is a good power. :) Sadly, it takes a bunch of them with the Number One fig to get the best out of these mooks. 


400 points

Deadpool (Deadpool 101) wound up being the last standing in this fight. His heal trait is like reverse Mystics and ridiculous fun…for him.
Kidpool (Deadpool 022) is a tiny beast that, short of the Outwit I was able to level against him, could have taken half the enemy by himself. 
Siryn (Deadpool 028) was unlucky in her Pulse Wave attempts. Too bad.
Similarly, Hope Summers (AvX 016) just got overwhelmed despite having some fine powers to leech at her disposal. It was a bad night to be a ginger on this map.

Black Talon (Deadpool 043) got one-shot by Kidpool before ever getting to chicken-strut his stuff.
Headpool (Deadpool 002) is a great tie-up piece.
Des Feral Imp (Yugioh 004) is nice cheap melee fighter. 
Grasshopper (Deadpool 042) may be one of the best early-game tie-ups in the game. 
Anaconda (Deadpool 013) is too costly to be a great tie-up piece, but it’s a strong secondary role for this bruiser. With her ranged Plasticity, she can exert some serious board control. 
Weapon X Scientist  (Deadpool 007a) was key to pushing the enemy to the brink in this game, with his Weapon X-focused Outwit.
On a team with no relics or team abilities, Bilbo Baggins (Desolation of Smaug 101) was largely deadweight apart from needed Perplex. 


So a little while back (y’know, when I used to update this blog every other day back in April), I had a Top Ten list of changes the game needs:

  1. Highfather
  2. Resources
  3. Arwen
  4. Incapacitate 
  5. Science Police Officer
  6. Super Strength
  7. Tellus
  8. Brother Voodoo
  9. Iron Pharaoh/Regeneration
  10. Injustice League

We got three of them when Highfather, Arwen and Tellus got Watch-Listed a couple of weeks ago, with the decision being made today.

Each change actually went a little further than Heroclixin’s recommendations. Our change to Highfather would have kept intact his Pact trait’s ability to massively slow down OMAs, Arwen’s trait would be more potent for its once-per-game use, and Tellus would only have one or the other restriction — keyword or range — instead of both. But Heroclixin’ is perfectly OK with the adjustments, as the errata introduce some actual risk-to-reward balance in using each piece.

Now…what should replace those three on a NEW Top Ten list? Heroclixin’ wants your input!

  1. Highfather
  2. Resources
  3. Arwen
  4. Incapacitate 
  5. Science Police Officer
  6. Super Strength
  7. Tellus
  8. Brother Voodoo
  9. Iron Pharaoh/Regeneration
  10. Injustice League

My unplanned-for break continues.

But the good news is that part of it has been spent getting my new computer set up. My awesome little brother hooked me up with his old iMac to replace my ancient PowerMac. And it’s unbelievable how much faster working on this website is now compared to before!

The bad news is trying to find all my old files in the hot mess created during the export of my old partitioned hard drive to the newer one. That’s gonna take some time. (I really, really, REALLY hope that long series I wrote for an early summer release isn’t gone for good…)

But you didn’t visit here to here me whine or crow about stuff. You need a pocket checklist to keep track of all the new Deadpool HeroClix you got in May.

So here ya go.  DeadpoolPocketCHECKLIST