No. 1


Mysterio [ASM 026 and 206]

Multiple men making many monologues.

Multiple men making many monologues.

Multiple Man [WXM 013 and 205]

WHY I WANTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE: Well, both are longtime favorite characters of mine. I became a Madrox fan back in Peter David’s first X-Factor run and even more so with the character’s solo mini that led into the long-running second X-Factor series. In fact, I’m NOT picking up the new X-Factor mainly because there’s no Madrox.

And Mysterio was the villain in my first comic book.


But longtime readers know this already, because earlier clix of the characters made the 2010 and 2011 Top Faves list in those respective years. So it was a shoo-in that I’d try to get many of each. But…

I WANT TO RUN THEM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: They are designed to be run in multiples. In Mysterio’s case, the pieces make it possible to actually play a dozen Mysterio 026 figs in a 300-point game.


That’s a lottttt of 10 AV Incap, thanks to Sinister Syndicate TA.

Being only illusions, though, the bubbleheads do need a little help to do more than just surrender 15 points per KO. So the 62-point Unique  from the gravity feed is a co-favorite for its ability to use Perplex to help a pal’s stats or to nerf an opponent’s. Best of all, this fun team just offers all kinds of opportunities for friendly trash talk, Mysterio-style.

Multiple Man 013 plays similarly, though with more aggressive ability. He’s also got an almost foolproof mechanic for immediately bringing as many as FIVE duplicates into the game, much improved over the old GSX Madrox’s only 33% chance of getting just one out there. Better still, Multiple Man 205 bears a trait and SP that both work with all the  older Madroxi/Multiple Men.


Let me explain.

Sure the Mysterios can be run by the dozen in a 300-point game. But with

  • no moving attack powers
  • no Willpower
  • only 6 Speed and range
  • a thin, thin defense of 16 Super Senses
  • no taxis

and worst, only three actions to work with to use all these Mysterios, I just can’t play this team with any degree of real effectiveness.

This will never, ever occur in an actual game of HeroClix

This will never, ever occur in an actual game of HeroClix

But I’m less enamored of devoting the 100 points to play the three #026 Mysterios — the bare minimum one really ought to field — on a mixed team.

As for the Multiple Men, they lack the X-Men keyword and so are cut off a bit from the other mutant-type characters. X-Factor is a lot more limited if one likes comic-accurate squads like I do. I also want to play at least three of the 013 version, but I’m not sure that’s a great use of 125 points. The 54-point version never seems to fit on teams in the kind of numbers I’d like.

They also have the problems of the Mysterio crowd, what with having too many figs for the action total and no Willpower, taxis, Charge or anything to get enough of them mobilized to make a fight of it. At least they’ve got a little Leadership to help on both versions and the ability to possibly generate more help once in the fight.

I’LL FIELD THEM NEXT: Mysterio is a lock on any and all Sinister Syndicate teams I’ll ever play. I still want to run an effective dozen Mysterios, but I’ll need to mix and match with copies of the older Ultimates and Web of Spider-Man versions. This is also a figure that I have zero qualms about running with Resources, as Mysterio’s whole M.O. in the comics is basically him being a Resource or building them in service to his illusions. So whenever I want to test out a Resource, I’ll put it on a Mysterio or two.

Or twelve.

Multiple Man awaits that huge X-Factor Reunion team I’ve got planned, if I can only muster up the guts to field the relatively underpowered crew in the the 2000-point build it’ll require. (I’m not kidding … do the math yourself.) And one day I’ll again run every single Madrox/Multiple Man I can muster.


That does it for Heroclixin’s contdowns from last year’s offerings. We’ll take a little break over the weekend and then launch into the first of a new occasional feature not unlike occasional guest writer Morrison’s big keyword reviews. This one stars the Legion of Super-Heroes! Stay tuned!

No. 2


War Machine [Invincible Iron Man 029b]

Let me explain.
I was highly annoyed that War Machine’s prime variant was just the same character as the main version. Typically, primes have been more divergent or, at a minimum, named differently.

  • Catwoman — Selina Kyle. Same character, different names
  • Sasha Bordeaux — Black Queen. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Hush — Bruce Wayne. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Batman — Caped Crusader. Same character, different names
  • Frank Drake — Hannibal King. Different characters
  • Dr. Voodoo — Brother Voodoo. Same character, different names, different stage of career
  • Hobgoblin — Hobgoblin. Different characters
  • Kraven the Hunter — Alyosha Kraven. Different characters
  • Gordanian — Beast Boy. Different characters
  • Lil’ Lobo — Slobo. Different characters
  • Deathstroke — Ravager. Different characters
  • Starfire — Blackfire. Different characters
  • Deathlok — Deathlok. Same character, different stage of career
  • Deathbird — Cerise. Different characters
  • Magneto — Magneto. Same character, VASTLY different stage of career
  • Jubilee — Jubilee. Same character, VASTLY different stage of career
  • Iron Man — Silver Centurion. Same character, different names
  • Sasquatch — Sasquatch. Different characters
  • King Hyperion — Hyperion. Different characters

But War Machine? Same character, same name, and pretty much the same stage of his career. Disappointing and needless waste of a prime slot, I thought — I’d have liked it better if this had been Tony Stark in the original War Machine armor. But he’s a candidate for the Black Box, so I resolved to get one anyway.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: Then I played him. And oh, my goodness, what a great piece. For the first time, my eight-year goal to run a competitive all-black team in HeroClix is within reach thanks to this superb fighting figure.

Also, winning is really cool. One tends to do that with this figure.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: I don’t really want to be That Guy. Remember, Heroclixin’ should be F.U.N., and big War Machine can be hell on the other team at times. But…

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On any number of F.U.N. teams including Black Steel (black folks in armor), a Stark armory, and Secret Avengers, just off the top of my head.

Next: the number one. Or ones. Because I couldn’t pick just one. Literally. I think.


No. 3


Static [Teen Titans 045]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: He’s really the foremost and best Milestone Comics character, the one to hit it big and cross over first to the DC universe proper. I’m an old-school Static fan from when his comic was new. (It still bugs me a little bit inside when folks call him “Static Shock.”)

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: He’s just a classically F.U.N. fig. Friendly with not too overwhelming stats or powers. Useful with Enhancement, double-target EE, Running Shot and HSS just a push away. Nifty with his nutty Trash Can trait and, of course, just for being Static.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: No keywords just kills his place on many teams, especially at his price point and with the emergence of Precision Strike making him less survivable.

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On a Trenchcoat Brigade team, and DEFINITELY a Breakfast Club scenario (where no characters can share keywords).

Next: Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos


The Daughters of the Dragon are No. 4:

Colleen Wing and Misty Knight [Amazing Spider-Man 044]

WHY I WANTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE: Read this post. Wishes do come true, right down to most of the powers I wanted.

I WANT TO RUN THEM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: Again, see above. But more than that, I like the flexibility of the 140-point version’s choice of starting lines and the pick of playing either Colleen or Misty at the 70 price.

I DON’T PLAY THEM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: As much as I love these gals, they’re a bit difficult to run at 140 points. I also lean somewhat more toward Misty as a solo — she’s a little more F.U.N.

I’LL FIELD THEM NEXT: One or both are on all Heroes for Hire teams, or I don’t run the Heroes for Hire team. I’ll also get them running with other Martial Artists.

Next: Back to black


No. 5


Valkyrie [Fear Itself 005]

WHY I WANTED HER IN THE FIRST PLACE: Longtime Heroclixin’ reader have already guessed the two-word answer: Secret Avengers. This Valkyrie was the final piece needed to complete the founding lineup of Commander Rogers’ black ops heroes in Avengers-keyword-theme team form. If I only got one figure out of the entirety of the Fear Itself event, it was going to be this one. It’s no stretch to say she was my MOST wanted piece of the year.

I WANT TO RUN HER EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: Secret Avengers is one of my absolute favorite themes to run. That the piece is quite playable to boot doesn’t hurt.

I DON’T PLAY HER EACH WEEK BECAUSE: I can’t run Secret Avengers every week.

I’LL FIELD HER NEXT: The next time I field a Secret Avengers team or if I ever again attempt a Ride of the Valkyries game. I might also try her on a Fearless Defenders theme sometime.

Next: Speaking of such…






No. 6


Question [WizKids D-008]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: Well, he’d be an addition to my Trenchcoat Brigade theme of long-coated figs. But with A) him being a convention exclusive, and B) me hating team bases and C) there being little incentive for owners to sell or trade him as a single apart from the base, I didn’t really need him …  until I saw that sculpt. OMG that sculpt is really awesome. And so I got one of my players to get me one at GenCon — and he came through even through trials and tribulations.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: That dial! So, so good that he also made the top 10, which is rare for the Heroclixin’ Fave list. But he’s still pretty F.U.N. too, thanks to his soft skin (no damage reducers that he’s likely to use) making his Mystics TA less brutal on the other guy.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: Hey, he’s not THAT F.U.N., you kiddin’ me?

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: Trenchcoat brigade. Also want to play an all-Question team sometime.

Next: The first lady of the list!

Actually not really a boy scout is No. 7


Captain America [Fear Itself 201]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: I always liked this costume and Bucky Barnes as Cap, but it’s the inventive dial for this version of the character that really got me interested. I split the cost of the scenario pack with a fellow player just to get Bucky Cap and some of the pogs.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: Actually, I usually forget about this fig entirely until something reminds me of him. Then I can’t stop thinking about him. There’s not a bad click on him and I love the SPs/traits that make him a boon to whole team in general (+1 DV to pals, auto-hit Support on cheaper allies) and one in particular (perma-bonus stats to an ally after he’s KO’d). But…

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: He’s really hard for me to use! He has a great 1st click but the lack of Indomitable hurts. It can also be a little hard to set up some of the SPs, since he’ll have to be damaged to start pumping DVs yet out of base to heal his friends. And I just hate the idea of letting him get KOed.

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: Probably any time I both need this version of the character and know he’ll have a teammate around his cost that can benefit from his powers. Recently teamed him with AvX Cap.

Next: another man in blue.


No. 8


Clark Kent [Man of Steel 009]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: Longtime readers may recall a set of articles called “Diana’s Wardrobe” featuring a large team of Wonder Woman clix each wearing a different outfit, from the classic armored bustier to the librarian-chic Diana Prince to the J. Michael Straczynski-run’s “Wonderpants” outfit. Well, I foolishly decided to do a variation on the theme starring her current boyfriend called “Kal-El’s Closet [or What the Well-Dressed Superman Is Wearing This Season].” So this pre-costume, pre-flying version of the great Kryptonian was a lock for me to try to track down.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: He’s a superbly different take on the character, one that’s great F.U.N. due to the Niftiness of the non-costumed look, the Friendliness of the modest, hasn’t-quite-tested-his-limits dial, and the Usefulness of his Stealth trait, +3 Speed on move actions with Leap/Climb and Toughness+Willpower SP.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: He doesn’t fit every theme and he kinda needs his Super Strength and Invulnerability up front to be more competitive at his cost.

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On every single “plainclothes” team I build. And, naturally, with the “Clark’s Closet” theme (that I may never complete because White Lantern Supes is SO EXPENSIVE)

Next: Another boy scout. We’re not stopping for the weekend this time.


No. 9

Deathlok [Wolverine and the X-Men 11b]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: Because of 2007’s Sinister set.

See, that’s when this Deathlok, Michael Collins, was first made in HeroClix. But it was so underwhelmingly poor that the LE version was somehow named Michael Roth instead. They couldn’t even get the NAME right. With this, we finally get a proper rendition of Michael Collins. And he’s also a candidate for the Black Box.

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: Deathlok’s the kind of F.U.N. fig I like. He’s a Nifty addition to my black character themes but extra Useful thanks to his ability to use Ranged Combat Expert with Running Shot. But despite the fact that he can have an 11-12 AV all dial long if you like, he remains a Friendly piece because he can never one-hit-KO a foe due to his trait. He’s not a point-and-click bruiser; he requires finesse and teamwork.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: I have no cute themes to run him on. He’s also a bit more powergamey than I like. Finally, he’s a prime, which sometimes limits what teams he can run on.

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: Who knows? Maybe a black cyborgs’ convention? May also want to try the Maximum Carnage ATA on him.

Next: Somebody white. We’re not TOTALLY racist

No. 10

Cloak [Amazing Spider-Man 202]

WHY I WANTED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE: He’s another addition to “The black box,” my collection of black HeroClix characters. But I frankly didn’t NEED him since there are plenty of other versions of Cloak in the game. But…

I WANT TO RUN HIM EVERY WEEK BECAUSE: He’s a “black box” fig that happens to be a wild card with Charge, Exploit Weakness and Improved Movement: Well, Everything. So he could be next to enemy Plasticity and still move five squares through two walls and sucker-punch a brick right through his Impervious.

I DON’T PLAY HIM EACH WEEK BECAUSE: At 85 points, he’s a little pricey, and he’s missing the natural Stealth that 5 of the 7 Cloaks in the game start with. Sure I could spend an extra 10 points for Marvel Knights TA Stealth, but then he’s really overpriced. He also doesn’t fit many themes I like.

I’LL FIELD HIM NEXT: On a wild card abuse team, especially if I can use the Spider-Man Family ATA.



Next: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto