A couple of weeks back, an unexpected team won it all at GenCon’s HeroClix World Championship: Scarlet Witch (Chaos War Fast Forces 006), Wasp (Chaos War 030) and Morgan Le Fay (Chaos War) with a fully loaded Infinity Gauntlet.

I was pretty pleased to have already bought one fairly cheaply off eBay about a week earlier.

A playable piece with fellow Avengers, she is, but I didn’t want to just run her with a standard team build or, worse, just ape the World Champ’s team (no matter how much I like that new Wasp figure).

Not Nifty enough. Without the “N” in F.U.N., you get something a little rude, at best. :)

But what to play? The answer came in a second piece I’d been wanting to try out: Crystal.

Also a redhead.

Add to that 227 points any of a number of similarly coiffed Black Widow pieces:

The 35-pointer Avengers movie version leaves the build just two points to much to fit a full 40-point Infinity Gauntlet. Sad.

Same problem with the 75-point The Covert Avenger from the starter version…two points over the max.

The 60-point Captain America Widow lacked the Avengers keyword and would smash the keyword theme to pieces. I was tempted to use her anyway due to Marvel Knights ATA to give Morgan Stealth.

That left the other movie Widow, the 50-point “Takedown” girl.

Morgan Le Fay (Chaos War) 122
Crystal (Chaos War) 105
Black Widow (Avengers Movie) 50
+ Iron Man Briefcase 12
+ Secret Avengers ATA 10
=299 points.

Not bad. It’s a bit more Friendly than the championship team, lacking the ultra-support and Mystics threat that Scarlet Witch offers but not sacrificing all Utility with a mobile attacker like Crystal to back up Morgan. Widow gives Morgan anti-Stealth shooting powers and functions well as tieup for her allies. Both Avengers loan the Outwit/Perplex-blunting Secret Avengers ATA, too. And Morgan can suPerplex either of her Avenger pals slaves.

And, of course, the fact that they’re all red-haired babes makes it Nifty enough for me to play.

How will it actually play, though? Gonna have to wait for a future Battle Report for that.

As I said Thursday, I’m part of the judge staff at Dragon*Con this year, and I might be called upon to play a bye round in the event of uneven pairings. Here’s what I’d play in the 6PM Avengers Vs. X-Men event:


Giant-Man (Chaos War 200) 300
Wasp (Chaos War 030) 77
Wasp (Chaos War 016) 75
Wasp (Avengers 059) 37
= 489 points, plus possible replacement/Merge pieces Ant-Man (015), Hank Pym (014), Ant-Man (173) and Ant-Man and Wasp (053). It’s Friendly and full of Fellowship with the Hank-and-Janet theme; its Usefulness is in the Morph trait, as well as the sheer mountainous might of colossal Giant-Man; and he’s the Niftiest thing about this team.


Colossus/Wolverine 190
GX Archangel 99
Fast Forces Rogue 75
Armor 66
GX Angel 50
+ Iron Man briefcase 12
= 492 points, plus Split sideliners Colossus (Ultimates Rookie) and Wolverine (Web of Spider-Man  or Chaos War). Any team with Fastball isn’t unFriendly in the least, but it’s certainly Useful (as are Archangel and Rogue). This team is admittedly a bit short on my usual Neato factor, but for once I don’t care.


This is a different sort of “Token Totin'” in that it’s not about what Super Strong characters in HeroClix can hold object tokens.

Rather, it’s about the fact that some super FANS in HeroClix are toting prized objects for the gaming at Dragon*Con in Atlanta starting tomorrow.

There’s a ton of prizes ranging from Gale Force 9 tokens to LEs to Fin Fang Foom to Thanos to Giant-Man and way, way more.

Here are the events, briefly (visit Dragon*Con’s site for fuller details). Ones in red are qualifiers for the Champ game in blue:

  • FRIDAY 6PM: Avengers vs. X-Men. Build two 500-point themed teams from both factions and face your opponent’s team from the opposite faction .
  • SATURDAY 9AM: Two events, here. One is 600 points Modern Age. The other is 500 points “other” age: only figs from Street Fighter, LOTR, Gears of War or Halo allowed.
  • SATURDAY 1PM: 300 points Golden Age.
  • SATURDAY 6PM: Two events again. 1) 600 point “Court of Owls” event. Build a theme team using Detective, Gotham City, Gotham Underworld, League of Assassins or Police keywords with at least one character over 99 points who will be your “Batman” or “Talon” piece to gain an extra trait for this game. 2) Star Trek ship battles. Build 500 points of all-Klingon or all-Federation.
  • SUNDAY 9AM: 400 Modern Age named keyword team. 
  • SUNDAY 1PM: Two events. 1) The HCRealms Dragon*Con Invitational Championship! 300 points Modern Age. 2) The Dragon of Dragon*Con. Build a 400-point team of figures costing a max of 100 points. Then add one more single- or peanut-based character between 250-450 points to be the Dragon, which’ll get and grant various stat and power boosts with KOs.
  • MONDAY 9AM: The Charlie format game, in which you bring 7 single-based figures within 7 different point brackets (1-25 points, 26-50 points, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, 201-250, 251+) and field them one at a time. Each time it turns its dial for ANY reason, roll a die and replace it with the corresponding piece off the field.

Yours truly is part of the judging staff, so if we’ve never met face-to-face, this’ll be your chance! And if we have an odd-number pairing in any of these events other than the Saturday morning ones or the Championship, I may be playing the bye round with a pre-made team.  If, for any reason, you can’t be at Dragon*Con yourself, you can amuse yourself by visiting Heroclixin’ at the above scheduled intervals to see what sort of F.U.N. team I might be playing at the time.

Well, not exactly “revenge.” It’s just another tournament for the colossal Thanos that I actually qualified for this time.

The same parameters applied: 500 points of elements from Chaos War, Galactic Guardians or Incredible Hulk only. And I still lacked the chaeese* figures of the day (Sentry and Void or Thanos 049), so I again opted for something strange…and stranger.


Stranger (Galactic Guardians 043) 213
Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 028) 196 + Avengers Response Unit ATA 3
Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 206) 75
Astral Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 014b) 13
= 500 points, with 2x replacement Astral Dr. Strange (Galactic Guardians 014a).

ROUND ONE I again faced a bunch of Annihilators: the Fast Forces versions of Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Quasar and Ronan the Accuser, as played by returning player Ricky. And again, I won handily, losing only a single Astral.

ROUND TWO was against the dreaded Dr. Doom chase, Sharon Carter, Replica, Adam Warlock and the medic Donald Blake.  Tracy, one of the best players from back in the day, was unfamiliar with much of this just-pulled team. So despite triumphing over a Sentry/Void team, he fell to the multi-vector assault that was my team.

ROUND THREE was against Vic, another returned player who has come back with a vengeance. His team: Thanos 049, Scarlet Witch, AIM Renegade and Punisher 011. This was the other chaeese tentpole I was worried about; time to see how I’d hold up.

Vic’s team was viciously effective at the killbox technique. Punisher’s penetrating blast was Perplexed and Enhanced to a staggering 5, and Barrier made it impossible for Dr. Strange to interfere.

But I’d built this team to survive the dreaded Thanos killbox strategy and was well on my way to having a fighting chance of winning in an upset, because I’d landed on Stranger’s “pick any power” SP. So, picking Colossal Size and Hypersonic Speed, I tried to one-shot the AIM Renegade to stop any more Enhancement/Barrier/HYDRA hijinks.


Yep, got all but stranded and was forced to base the Psychic Blasters to cut off that threat, at least.

Just like that, my underdog team’s fighting chance slipped to needing a miracle.

Thanos opted to attack the wide-open Stranger himself.

Whoa! There was my miracle! Thanos was pushed and on a soft click, and Stranger picked Poison and damaged all four foes for free.

Unfortunately, that was about the last true success I had in the game despite Dr. Strange managing to get Thanos to his 2nd-to-last click. Once the bigger Dr. Strange was gone, the lesser was stuck with no way to damage Thanos, except by critical hit. But neither did Vic want to chase me down, for fear of a potentially game-killing crit miss.

RECORD: 2-1, and the final match came a lot closer than I might’ve figured. Vic was sweatin’!


It’s off to Dragon*Con with Heroclixin’ for the next several days. Come and see me in the HeroClix corner of the gaming room if you’d like to meet me! Ask for Mr. Sampson. There’ll be tons of Battle Royales, qualifying tournaments, a Supremacy League board and the famous Quarter Table.


A few weeks ago, I nearly wrapped up the photo record of how Chaos War figures could hold their object tokens, but lacked the convention exclusive Giant-Man from the set to test and shoot.

Well, thanks to friends who went to GenCon, I’ve managed to get the shot.

Big Pym holds old-school tokens with ease: between the middle and ring finger of his right hand and the index and middle digit of his left. The newer, thicker tokens fit even better in his left hand.

And with that, the Token Totin’ Chaos War edition’s a wrap!!!


Speaking of conventions, yours truly is headed to Dragon*Con starting Thursday through Monday. Updates may be slim to nonexistent, as I will not have internet access for much of that time. But I’m hoping to have a little F.U.N. Friday piece in the meantime, and to do a most unusual Top Ten starting Wednesday, Sept. 5.

Continuing this series talking about DC feats and BFC cards that I went back and customized with artwork for fun. (Here’s a link back to the original concept.) Today, Card Arts moves on to the next DC set: Origin.

I actually forgot about this battlefield condition until I started writing this post. I’d never made an art version of it. So I started thinking, “What piece of DC art published prior to early 2007 would best illustrate a humongous amount of damage dealt all at once?”

Didn’t take long at all to recall the controversial scene where Wonder Woman does the only thing she thinks can to stop Maxwell Lord from making Superman a killer.

Art’s by Rags Morales.


Next time, Card Arts continues with more BFCs of Origin.


So Hank Pym (Chaos War 014) has this Nifty trait:

“MORPH: HANK PYM: Give Wasp a move or close combat action that deals no pushing damage. After the action resolves, replace him with any character with this trait on the same click number.”

And he shares it with four other pieces in the set:

Ant-Man (Chaos War 015)
Wasp (Chaos War 016)
Ant-Man (Chaos War 173)
Giant-Man (Chaos War 200)

It’s a heftily Useful upgrade over the similarly named trait of Beast Boy (DC 75th Anniversary 014, 015, 016 and 055) in that it works via either a move action OR a close combat action. But with the recent rule that replacement characters have to stay on a KO click while on the sidelines, it’s harder to know which Pym to bring into the fight.

Let’s take an overview at the ever-changing mad scientist of the Avengers:

Hank Pym (Chaos War 014): With odd clicks of Outwit alternating with Perplex on even, and a SP granting a free Attack power when on an object, plainclothes Pym is the ultimate support piece sporting some surprise fight (though with minimal damage potential). Note that the Perplex clicks are paired with Willpower.

Ant-Man (Chaos War 015): Hank’s first super-ID flops between odd-numbered Stealthy Poison, Combat Reflexes and Exploit Weakness versus even-numbered Leap/Climbing Outwit with Super Senses — except that the first and last click lack the CR and EW. Problematic with his basement-low damage value and barely average DV. His best role might be shrinking a friend at the right time via his other trait.

Wasp (Chaos War 016) : Homage-to-Janet Van Dyne Henry here is the most traditional of the base set Pyms with top-loaded Running Shot and 3 damage with Leadership. Later clicks get the penetrating Incap treatment and some team support by granting pals EW.

These are the common Hanks. Then there are the two ultra-rare convention exclusives:

Ant-Man (Chaos War 173): Puck Pym is all about his high, high 20 DV. A full run of Incap gives him a little bit of offense, too, but only a little bit.

Giant-Man (Chaos War 200): Conversely, giant Pym is chiefly about fighting, with double-digit AV and 3+ damage most of his dial. He’s also loaded with armor powers.


A lot depends on which Hank Pym one starts the game with. For example, a Wasp 016 player is likely to be relying on Running Shot and won’t be able to readily Morph as that Speed power is neither a move nor close combat action. Conversely, Giant-Man might benefit from Morphing to Wasp’s less-visible but still-17 Toughness click number 1 after smashing a foe with a heavy.

Therefore, the following list of “best” clicks to switch to is hardly exhaustive. (To do that, we’d have to go though each click of each Pym and detail the best choice for each likely situation. Which would make this F.U.N. article too long. Not doing it.) Instead, it’s just a rough guide on how to best size-change after taking the Morph-activating action, as the character will always have one or two tokens afterward.


First choiceAnt-Man (Chaos War 173). Stealthed 20 DV is best for weathering attacks.
Next bestWasp (Chaos War 016) or  Giant-Man (Chaos War 200) for 17 Toughness.
AvoidAnt-Man (Chaos War 015). Though the Stealth and Poison are tempting, his bare 17 DV may be a problem.


First choiceWasp (Chaos War 016) is the best-balanced pick regardless of whether he’s based (likely after the close combat action) or remote (likely after the move action option). But this click is possibly the most situational of the five, depending on whether you most need more support for your team (Hank’s Perplex, Wasp’s EW-lending, Ant-Man 015’s Outwit), personal survivability (either of the Ant-Men for Stealth) or offensive threat (Giant-Man).
Next best: n/a
Avoid: n/a


First choice: Either of the Ant-Men. The common gains Stealth and 18DV in melee, 17 at range with Poison and Exploit Weakness while the Unique is a Stealthy 18 (19 from range).
Next best: Giant-Man, with Charge, Quake and Invulnerability to be the toughest of the Pyms. Note that Charge works with Morph, so he can move to a more advantageous spot and push to the best choice for Click 4! (I’m thinking that Morph wouldn’t prevent the push since it’s part of the Charge action).
Avoid: Both Hank and Wasp are defensively soft. On the other hand, both offer passive powers that might benefit the team, so if you can protect them, they might be an OK choice.


First choice: Wasp. Again, he’s got the best blend of offense, defense and passive utility.
Next best: Giant-Man. Still Invulnerable, still Quake-ready. The more common Ant-Man gains 16-17 DV Super Senses and Outwit.
Avoid: Puck Ant-Man, whose DV finally slips to a decidedly average 17 and his AV to a mediocre 8. It’s all downhill from here, too.


First choice: Ant-Man 015. Though his base DV is just 15, it’s bolstered by Combat Reflexes, Stealth and Tiny Size. Offensively, he’s again Poisonous and Exploits Weaknesses.
Next best: Wasp. Though 16 DV Super Senses and 2 damage aren’t great, he’s got 9 AV and Perplex. Giant-Man’s poor 15 DV is balanced by not-so-poor 10 AV, 3 damage with Exploit Weakness and Charge. (Note that Exploit Weakness and Morph are not compatible — you have to pick one or the other!)
Avoid: Ant-Man 173, unless Stealth is absolutely needed to survive.


First choice: Ant-Man 015. His 15 Super Senses looks bad, but Tiny Size and hindering terrain bump it to a possible 17 from range. He’s also got Outwit back and 9 AV if fighting is needed.
Next best: Hank Pym, because while his 15 Willpower is the worst defense of the lot (barring the puck), he’s got Flurry and Perplex to shift matters in your potential favor.
Avoid: Ant-Man 173, unless Stealth is absolutely needed to survive.


First choice: Giant-Man or Wasp. Both sport 15 DV Willpower for a possible last-gasp attack next turn with 9 AV Quake or 8 AV Incap-plus, respectively.
Next best: Hank’s Outwit should be useful at this stage of matters, though it puts a Giant-Man-sized bull’s eye on his labcoated back. Ant-Man 015 can hide in the bushes (Stealth) and maybe Poison.
Avoid: Ant-Man 173 at all costs.


That’s it for this quick guide to Morphin’ the Mighty Avenger Henry Pym. Have F.U.N. Pympin like I might with this team in a week:

Yellowjacket (Secret Invasion 006a) 100
Hank Pym (Chaos War 014) 75
Ant-Man and Wasp (Chaos War 053) 168
Wasp (Avengers 059) 37
Wasp (Chaos War 030)
Ant-Man (Infinity Challenge 173) 43
+ replacements Wasp 016, Ant-Man 015
= 500 points

or, if my friend managed to pick a Con Exclusive for me:

Hank Pym (Chaos War 014) 75
Wasp (Chaos War 030) 77
Ant-Man (Infinity Challenge 173) 43
Giant-Man (Chaos War 200) 300
+ replacements Wasp 016, Ant-Man 015, Ant-Man and Wasp (Chaos War 053), Ant-Man (Chaos War 173)
=495 points. Could be Big Pympin’ time at Dragon*Con!


Continuing Heroclixin’s photographic record of Super-Strong figs that can hold objects is this sometimes big boy:

Somewhat surprisingly, Yellowjacket can hold an object token between his head and left shoulder ridge thing. It’s not a great hold, but it’s there.


Mr. Henry Pym wasn’t picked at random. Be here tomorrow for a F.U.N. primer on using the Chaos War Hank Pym’s Morph trait!

I had a lot of unplayed pieces to run as usual and built this Robot-themed team:

Cyborg (52 Justice League 006) 100
Vision  (Chaos War 013) 27 + Secret Avengers ATA 5
Ultron (Chaos War 208e) 90
Masque (Chaos War 206) 50 + Secret Avengers ATA 5
Masque Duplicate (Chaos War 007 ) 27
Masque Duplicate (Chaos War 20 ) 27

= 399 points, plus replacement/sideline Iron Man Drone (Chaos War 002r) x3 and Ultron Drone (Chaos War 003r).

And boy, do those Drones make a difference.

FIRST I faced a duo of Thanos (Galactic Guardians 045) and Nova (Galactic Guardians 201). Here, I got a bit lucky when my opponent forgot Thanos’ stat boost upon KOing a foe, allowing me to barely land a clutch attack. But beyond that, I only needed a single break away roll to keep the mad Titan locked down for the KO and win.

In the SECOND round, I picked the lower decks of the Helicarrier to stymie the Hypersonic threat of Supergirl (Fast Forces) and Lucy Lane while blocking lines of fire for Batman (52 Justice League) and Zatanna (52 JL). Using the free action movement of the Drones to gain positioning superiority, I got enough first shots to wipe the board.

FINALLY, I faced Odin (Avengers Movie) and Larfleeze (Fast Forces) on the open Helicarrier map. It was tough to overcome the range disadvantage. But I benefited from a few key Turning Points:

  • Cyborg landed a light Pulse Wave to get them off top-click.
  • Odin missed a much-needed Running Shot, leaving him in range of my slowly encroaching force.
  • Cyborg GOT the heavy single-target Pulse Wave I was looking for.

From there, Anthony Hopkins couldn’t do enough damage to stop the full robotic army from winning.


  • Cyborg (52 Justice League 006): What an offensive threat this piece is! Running Shot and 6-range Pulse Wave, making it easy to get those single-target shots off. His dial never gets poor. I will play this piece often.
  • Vision (Chaos War 013): The team’s needed natural taxi. Being able to Indomitably break away and Charge targets came in big in the second game. This is my go-to Vision now.
  • Ultron (Chaos War 208e): The key to the team with her ability to pull in extra points and solid stats and powers. I want to try her 160-point dial more, though.
  • Masque (Chaos War 206): a surprising clutch backup fighter with 9 AV Psychic Blast, including Willpower on the 2nd click. Never got to use her sacrifice click.
  • Masque Duplicate (Chaos War 007 ): These actually made better tie-up and meat-shields than the Drone, freeing the latter for their more essential taxi duties. End-dial Support came into play, too. Never got to use their sacrifice clicks, either.

But as stated before, it was the Iron Man Drone swarm that made the team really work. With their ability to freely move 4 squares while in range of Ultron, they could:

  • move 4 for free, then move normally for 6 to gain a full 10-square shift or, if carrying, move 3 then 4 for 7 total;
  • or vice versa, spend the action to move 6 then free-action move a few more to, say, evacuate a pal from trouble;
  • Move up to 4 freely then use the normal action to make an attack.


Superb utility, yet not at all overbearing (for the Drones’ stats range from mediocre to dirt-poor at this point range). I was pretty surprised how well they helped my team adapt to anything.




Continuing the photographic record of just how each character with the Super Strength power can hold their object token (the old ones, anyway. The newer ones found in the Avengers and Dark Knight Rises starter sets might be too thick) somewhere on the sculpt unassisted.

After nearly a year without DC Comics-based clix (the Dark Knight Rises was movie-based), I’m pleased to finally present some new token-toters from the latest version of the “Original Universe”:


At left, Wonder Woman holds the token between her lasso and left knee very securely and very awesomely. Her teammate (and, in lamer days, frequent backseat passenger of her invisible jet) Aquaman fits the token behind him in the wave. His wife and fellow ruler Mera does likewise, if with a tad less authority. Finally, Superman gets a grip with his left arm and cape. You might need to use the base to help with this hold.


Next up is a Battle Report of some kind…haven’t decided what yet. Thursday will be a Token Totin’ from the vaults and Friday? Look for some F.U.N.!