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Let’s get back on track with a double dose of Morrison’s guest Soldier review: Elite Corps and Tactical Commanders!


In every branch of military, there exists an elite corp: the Navy Seals, Army Green Berets, Air Force Special Forces, SOCOM. HeroClix has one, too. Morrison rouses ’em for inspection.


Elite Corps

These guys are your shock troops: the boys you call in when you need to lay down some hurt hard and fast.

Noh-Varr (Web of Spider-Man #038)

Very soon after Web of Spider-Man’s release, people felt the power of this guy. He brings solid stats and great powers. He plays well on many keyword themes, or you can give them all away for a permanent attack boost.


War Machine (Hammer of Thor #200)
V War Machine (Armor Wars #069)

People who read my earlier Armor review remember these two quite well. And what’s not to love? (interestingly enough, the older, lower point figure actually has a higher average defense, 16.5, vs 16.125)


Ares (Avengers #054)

Honestly, if his sky-high stats and SP Perplex don’t make you drool, I don’t know what will. Just remember to bring a taxi, and kill the medic and the Outwitter first.


Finally, he finishes off the Soldiers with a look at the Tactical Commanders: These guys may not hit the hardest, but they give you a some phenomenal options and power sets in higher point matches.

Uncle Sam (Crisis #035)

Sure, at times he might be inconsistent, and maybe a bit big for his britches, but Uncle Sam at heart is about one thing: to help the little guy. His stats are ok for his points but he’s a great captain for large point swarm teams with his high-point Leadership. And trust me, “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” is a phenomenal power. With some good set up, look forward to increasing, not decreasing his attack when using the Move And Attack ability.


John Stewart (DC 75th Anniversary #046)

Some look at this figure and see only bad dial design: no move and attack and Sharpshooter and Ranged Combat Expert coupled with Super Strength, but such a view is a discredit to John. His “problem” is that he has two roles: taxi and powerful ranged attacker. If played right, your opponent should quake at the presence of an 11 attack, 5 damage, 8 range figure with Indomitable. After he takes a hit, for say 3-4 damage (as most hits are these days) he turns into super-taxi: 11 movement, decent value defend, and he gives everybody he’s carrying ES/D. Think of him as a versatile landing craft.


Green Lantern (Crisis #023)

Hal also tries to stand firmly in both the attacker and the support camps, with Running Shot and Willpower vs Perplex, Telekinesis and GL TA. With 5 clicks of 10 range double target Energy Explosion, consider giving him Green Lantern Honor Guard to help soften enemies up for you smaller GL figures.


Kilowog (Green Lantern Gravity Feed #003)

Just like in the comics, Kilowog likes being around others. Charge him to whale on some pesky opponents then next turn, have him in the rear of a wall of low-point soldiers, who are having both their damage and attack raised by 1. The only thing that could have made this figure better would have been GL TA, which would have made Kilowog superb to the highest level.


And that, readers, wraps up Morrison’s original set of mini-reviews.

“But,” you ask, “we’re there a few more Soldiers released for the Captain America set while you were goofing off these past couple of weeks that should be on the list?”

First, I was NOT goofing off. :) Second, yes, Morrison is already writing an addendum for this series. Look for it next Friday.

Monday, I finally begin a new feature unique to Heroclixin’ to replace the My Custom Mods series that wrapped up late this spring. Tuesday, Token-Totin’ resumes. Wednesday, look for a New Comic Day Battle Report. In the meantime, have fun clixing this weekend!

Heroclixin’ is back, almost. Need a day or two to get back on the saddle. Here’s what to look for soon:
• The conclusion of the “Best of Soldier” guest reviews
• new Token-Totin’ pix from Captain America
• and, perhaps, another of my monthly Top 10 article series. (Or maybe I’ll hold off on the August edition, seeing how the site’s been inactive for so much of this month!)

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Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete Morrison’s guest Soldier reviews starting next Monday, then return to Token Totin’ with a brand-new Captain America edition. Keep an eye out for it!

EDIT: Unfortunately, technical difficulties persist. It looks like I won’t get back on schedule until next Monday (July 25) at the very earliest. In the meantime, you might want to re-download the Cap pocket checklist, as the original one had a couple of errors (Hydra Agent is called simply “Hydra” and Baron Zemo’s cost is incorrectly listed as 158 instead his actual 150).

Sorry for my lack of recent updates! Life got in the way last week and technical issues did today. And now…

…it’s time for another set of HeroClix! Here’s my customary checklist.

CAP Checklist

It’s got both the regular set pieces releasing tomorrow and the Gravity Feed figures already on sale, so you can start checking off NOW!

EDIT: the original checklist had a couple of minor errors (Hydra Agent’s name, Zemo’s cost), so I’ve managed to squeak in this corrected upload in spite of internet outage at casa de Rurouni KJS.

After the grunts on July 4th and the lieutenants Tuesday, Morrison looks at the field commanders below…


Field Commander

These guys may not be as sturdy as the above, but they bring something else to the fight, great supporting ability.


Rocket Raccoon (Hammer of Thor #028)

He brings cheap Prob (with the Leap/Climb mobility to use it best— Editor RKJS) (and, later, Outwit) to a Soldier team. His stats are kinda low, but consider giving him Guardians of the Galaxy ATA so his PC does not become vulnerable to pesky Outwitters. Overall though, his dial is similar to, but not as good as …

Domino (Giant-Size X-Men #017)

For 4 pts more, she brings the hurt. Higher attack, defense, and more Prob make Domino a great addition to a soldier team. (The chance to deal 6 damage doesn’t hurt either.)


Steve Rogers (Captain America #031)

He comes to the fight prepared; with 12 attack and 3 damage he’s hardly a slouch. At 99pts, his Leadership will be used to great effect. His “Focal Point” Trait can be used to great effect to give Avenger friends S.H.I.E.L.D. TA. (and SHIELD guys get to use the Avengers TA for easier deployment! — Editor)


U Nick Fury (Sinister #091 & Classics #2-11)

It’s hard to spend 63 points better. The trick to use this guy to greatest effect is to move him and a friend into hindering, get lucky on Leadership and push to hit. Then you camp out right where you are, sitting high and mighty on your Stealth, with 10 attack Psychic Blast for three damage with Willpower and Outwit. Many people disliked the Sinister set, but even today, Samuel L. Fury holds up pretty well.


Captain Metropolis (Watchmen #008)

Captain Metropolis is one thing, pure and simple: a finesse piece of the highest order. It’s hard to argue with 5 clicks of Enhancement for 40 pts. This guy should be by a battalion of low-cost soldiers, as then he can utilize his STACKABLE, TOKEN REMOVING Leadership. After he takes a hit, he’ll be boosting his friends’ defense and damage.


Sgt. Rock (DC 75th Anniversary #017)

Remember the first part of this review; you know that part where I described all of those effective grunts? Well imagine if you will, a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. Snipers. Now imagine a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. Snipers, Easy Company Soldiers, Black Hawks, Little Sure Shot, Hive Troopers, Checkmate Knights, and some of them equipped with Spotter. Now imagine that force, with each of the above with Willpower.

At 68 pts, you get the single best support figure for soldier teams.

I was always surprised right after DC 75th was released, the general consensus was about how bad it was that Sgt. Rock and his lost brigade couldn’t break Invulnerability. Those people just didn’t have the right perspective; this Sgt is meant to be the Rock of more than just Easy Company.


Next time, Morrison looks at the Elite corps of Soldier keyword. 

Having covered the infantry last time, now Morrison looks at the commissioned pieces, Lieutenants:

These guys can hold their own on the field and are great investments for mid-range points.


The Thing (Secret Invasion #104)

Very few, and I mean very few figures can compete with Ben Grimm right here for sheer effectiveness, both in terms of damage and support. His lack of range is not a problem, for this figure you will find a way to get him to the action. Keep your friends close (to use “Yer Ever-Lovin’ Pal”) and your enemies even closer to make full use of the Thing.


Star-Lord (Hammer of Thor #025)

His defense might be low, but Starlord is all about tactics, with good range, high-point Leadership (which is actually useful now) and several options. Remember to Running Shot to base to help his Combat-Reflexes-empowered defense.


Captain America (Hammer of Thor #040)

Unquestionably the best mid-point ranged combat figure PERIOD. Rogers breathes board control. Try to keep him top click to take full advantage of that 20 defense at range, and keep a bruiser-type pal close by to deal with him getting based (your opponent will try to base him). Just like in the comics, he plays best near buddies who can use his Leadership. Out of pure contrariness I like to give him Pym Particles. Your opponent will hate you for sitting on 21 defense while he and his buddies explode anybody who tries to come near.


Winter Soldier (Avengers #050)

Ever since Avengers came out, people have seen this guy’s power. Stealth sniping may not be what it used to be but his 10 range, Stealth and the ability to smash an opponent for 5 damage with Ranged Combat Expert or a heavy object in close is unparalleled. He suffers from late dial defense erosion, but can be an excellent investment for his points.


Unique Wolverine (Armor Wars #095)

A cynical observer would see a dial of straight 2 damage, but I (and Logan’s opponent) would see something very different: S.H.I.E.L.D. TA, 6 range (MM Zombie Wolverine wishes he were this effective), three clicks of Blades/Claws/Fangs, and 9 clicks of life, all for 60 pts. This gives James many uses. He’s great as MM fodder. Even drastically weakened he makes for a great body guard. He gives occasional ranged support. Most versions of Wolverine demand Automatic Regeneration, but not the AW unique…keep him svelte and deadly.


Mademoiselle Marie (The Brave and the Bold #029)

Another figure who makes great use of the old time stealth + long range combo. Setting up your attacks well, you could really pile up the Improvise tokens, helping you take out even more figures. Just make sure that she isn’t in the center of the firefight unprotected.


August General in Iron (Justice League #034)

In perfect honesty, he’s not as effective as Ben G. But AGII can still bring the hurt, with lots of Exploit Weakness and 3 damage. If feats are allowed, Auto Regen would be put to good use here.


That’s it for the lieutenants. Next time: those specialist types…

Heroclixin’ guest reviewer Morrison presents an analysis of the Soldier keyword. Like he did for the Armor reviews a couple of months back, he’s split them up according to class, starting today with Ground Troops.


Hello faithful readers out there on the internet. It’s ThatGuyoverthere again. For a while I was considering doing another keyword review, and between having some more time now, I thought that I would write a review for the Soldier keyword.

Ground troops

Solider is one of the most common keywords, and as such, a huge number of figures have it. Many old generics have, and can be parts of great teams, and as such, this is only a small fraction of the playable low point figures who have some special merit.


Rookie Shield Trooper (Sinister #004)

S.H.I.E.L.D. trooper might not have much stat-wise, but she certainly brings two things: longevity and cheap S.H.I.E.L.D. TA. Overall, she works out to 3.4 pts a click, making for a tremendously efficient dial, meaning that she is great for filler, or for Mastermind fodder.


Moon Knight (Avengers #006)

Moon Knight may be only about half as efficient, at 6 1/3pts a click, but for less than 40pts, you get a figure who between Stealth and ES/D can get close enough to an opponent to attempt to deal 4 damage with a 10 attack, which isn’t too shabby. A good soldier for a force.


Badoon Commander (Supernova #012)

At 1 pt less you get a figure with less offensive capability and 1 less click, but you get marginally better range, copyable Skrulls TA, more stealth (with the advantage of smoke cloud), and most importantly, 3 clicks of Enhancement. While there are cheaper sources (22-pt E Hive Trooper), our Badoon friend here is pretty bargain basement.


R Blackhawks (Origin #001)

This entire REV presents a very useful set. As inexpensive as they are, each has pretty good stats, and the Police TA. These guys make excellent filler, or third-tier attackers. Cheap Enhancement would make these guys superb.


Rookie Puck (Mutant Mayhem #025)

This guy has a solid dial, and as I recall, there was a time where some version of Puck was found on most all competitive Avenger teams (before cards). Even now for the points he holds up great, with his only pitfall being his low movement.


Rookie Domino (Mutant Mayhem #028)

For 35 pts, you get not one, not two, but three clicks of Probability Control, arguably the most powerful power in the game. Plus, on two of those clicks, Domino has Stealth to protect her from range, and Super Senses, providing another (if thin) layer of defense, giving that Prob some staying power.


Easy Company Soldier (DC 75th Anniversary #001)

Unless you are playing in some special scenario, virtually every game features more than one figure over 50pts, effectively ensuring (given an even marginally well-constructed force) that you can use a 30 pt figure with both Running Shot, and 10 Attack Value, which is hardly shabby. A strong filler and low-key harasser.


Checkmate Knight (Black) (The Brave and The Bold #014)

Many would bemoan such a short dial (three clicks), but being able to dish out 4 damage at 8 range for under 40 pts is near unprecedented. You wouldn’t want to build a force with too many of these, but a couple can really bring some low-cost hurt to your opponent. In larger point games that allow feats, this figure goes great with Spotter (with 8 range, she can see a lot of the board), making all of your other figures even more effective.


Little Sure Shot (Cosmic Justice #201)

Some would scoff at a completely vanilla dial and a max damage of 2, but four things stand out about this guy:

  • 15 pts is phenomenally cheap;
  • 9 AV is still pretty good,
  • copyable PD TA (great),
  • and 10 range.

Who else has 10 range for 15 pts, much less 9 attack and opponent defense reduction? That’s right, nobody.


Thunderer of Qward (Crisis #223)

Enhancement is great on any even mildly cheap figure, especially on one who can attack from 8 squares away, or deal 2 penetrating damage. An oft overlooked, but very playable figure.


Captain America (Secret Invasion #019)

A casual glance at the dial reminds me of a figure 2 pts less costly, Guardian, but is much more playable. Between his 0 range and eventual Combat Reflexes, Bradley has one clear use, as a tie up piece, but as a very good one nonetheless.


Warlord (DC 75th Anniversary #021)

Warlord is also destined for close combat, with 2 clicks of 11 attack, 2 clicks of 10, a dial full of B/C/F, Charge, Combat Reflexes, and Close Combat Expert. On his last 2 clicks, Warlord picks up some useful range capability.



S.H.I.E.L.D. Sniper (Sinister #005)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Sniper epitomizes everything good about a grunt:

  • long dial (5.5 pts a click);
  •  a support power for comrades (S.H.I.E.L.D. TA),
  •  protection (Stealth), and
  • the ability to deal damage at a low price tag (9 attack and 3 damage should not be scoffed at).

In my opinion, she is the best Soldier grunt for the points. Consider giving her Spotter to help your teammates even more.


That’s it for the inexpensive ground troops. Next, Morrison looks at the Lieutenants, mid-range pieces that can help anchor a Soldier team. Be here!

Sorry, readers! I got so busy with life (closing in on possible full-time employment) and forgot to press the schedule button for this update. So here’s a rare weekend edition of Heroclixin’!


Heroclixin’s photographic record of Super-Strength characters who can hold their own object tokens continues! Today we go crazy old-school with the Controller:

See how it wedges between his left fist and the base? Easy grip. Less easy is getting him to the mid-to-late-dial clicks where he has Super Strength, particularly on the Rookie and Exp. versions lacking the Masters of Evil team ability.

Be back a week from Tuesday for another edition of Token Totin’. Next week, this space is taken by another guest review by young Morrison. This time, he’ll be analyzing the Soldier keyword, just in time for the Fourth of July.