So the combination of going away to Anime Weekend Atlanta and coming home to a carload of urgent project deadlines has kept me from updating as I wanted to. Therefore, Heroclixin’ is going to take a little break to retool and recharge. There’ll be some short battle reports and Token Totin’ pix, to be sure. But there won’t be a Top Ten this month and who knows? Maybe Heroclixin’ will get a whole new look before it’s all said and done.

Anyway, keep an eye open for new stuff. I can’t stay away from this for long. :)

This is a different sort of “Token Totin'” in that it’s not about what Super Strong characters in HeroClix can hold object tokens.

Rather, it’s about the fact that some super FANS in HeroClix are toting prized objects for the gaming at Dragon*Con in Atlanta starting tomorrow.

There’s a ton of prizes ranging from Gale Force 9 tokens to LEs to Fin Fang Foom to Thanos to Giant-Man and way, way more.

Here are the events, briefly (visit Dragon*Con’s site for fuller details). Ones in red are qualifiers for the Champ game in blue:

  • FRIDAY 6PM: Avengers vs. X-Men. Build two 500-point themed teams from both factions and face your opponent’s team from the opposite faction .
  • SATURDAY 9AM: Two events, here. One is 600 points Modern Age. The other is 500 points “other” age: only figs from Street Fighter, LOTR, Gears of War or Halo allowed.
  • SATURDAY 1PM: 300 points Golden Age.
  • SATURDAY 6PM: Two events again. 1) 600 point “Court of Owls” event. Build a theme team using Detective, Gotham City, Gotham Underworld, League of Assassins or Police keywords with at least one character over 99 points who will be your “Batman” or “Talon” piece to gain an extra trait for this game. 2) Star Trek ship battles. Build 500 points of all-Klingon or all-Federation.
  • SUNDAY 9AM: 400 Modern Age named keyword team. 
  • SUNDAY 1PM: Two events. 1) The HCRealms Dragon*Con Invitational Championship! 300 points Modern Age. 2) The Dragon of Dragon*Con. Build a 400-point team of figures costing a max of 100 points. Then add one more single- or peanut-based character between 250-450 points to be the Dragon, which’ll get and grant various stat and power boosts with KOs.
  • MONDAY 9AM: The Charlie format game, in which you bring 7 single-based figures within 7 different point brackets (1-25 points, 26-50 points, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, 201-250, 251+) and field them one at a time. Each time it turns its dial for ANY reason, roll a die and replace it with the corresponding piece off the field.

Yours truly is part of the judging staff, so if we’ve never met face-to-face, this’ll be your chance! And if we have an odd-number pairing in any of these events other than the Saturday morning ones or the Championship, I may be playing the bye round with a pre-made team.  If, for any reason, you can’t be at Dragon*Con yourself, you can amuse yourself by visiting Heroclixin’ at the above scheduled intervals to see what sort of F.U.N. team I might be playing at the time.

With some embarrassment, I recently noted that nearly a year has passed since a reader posted a comment requesting some terms be added to Heroclixin’s glossary.



So yeah, sorry man. Better late than never, but really it shouldn’t get to that point. Check it out for previously missing terms like “meta” and killbox” and “IG.” I also brought the list of set abbreviations up to date (the latest being “GG” for “Galactic Guardians”).  Click here or the link in the menu up top.

Here’s Heroclixin’s customary pocket checklist for you! It took a little more time than usual to compile this one because of the diverse releases including:

  1. the 11-figure mass-market-only release (collector numbers 201-211)
  2. the game- and comic-shop countertop release (numbers 001-042, with 023-040 representing the 3-piece team packs exclusive to this release)
  3. the foil-wrapped release in Toys “R” Us (lacking numbers  023-040)

Finally got it all together, I think (actually have had a fair amount of trouble finding the latter two releases) and present the following checklist:


Back in December, I did a little Top Ten list of the most-needed changes in HeroClix. Well, about a week ago, WizKids released downloadable updates to the Team Abilities card, introducing a new one (Avengers Initiative), bringing many existing TAs in line with current rules and rulings (such as SHIELD or Quintessence), and giving others tweaks and upgrades, including Outsiders team ability.

The number 9 most needed change to HeroClix just happened. Depending on you feel about the change, Heroclixin’ says either “You’re welcome” or “Our apologies.”


In a week or so (’cause I’m a bit swamped with work and travel lately) look for me to being a final look back at 2011: my Top Ten FAVORITE figures of the year. Like 2010’s list, there isn’t going to be much if ANY overlap with the other lists…

A new full-sized set of HeroClix was due  today. Here’s Heroclixin’s customary pocket checklist for you!

(I’d intended this to be available earlier, but the “Publish” button on WordPress’s Quick Post feature  appears to be non-function on my browser at the moment.)

Be back next week for the resumption of Token Totin’ — finally! — and  the true beginning of my long-delayed Top Ten Changes Needed in HeroClix.


Hello, all! It’s been a little while since my last update; I apologize for that. I’d like to say that real-life stuff got in the way during that aforementioned while. And it did, to a degree; time I would’ve spent  writing I was instead preparing a package for my mortgage company as I deal with the aftermath of over 2 years of unemployment.

But then I dusted off my Playstation Portable and a couple of games I was playing about 2 years ago during that period of unemployment and never finished (strange that I didn’t when I had all that “free time). And so that’s what I’ve been doing the past week or so. :)

Anyway, it’s good to be back, even if only to let y’all know I’m still here and and still Heroclixin’. Look for a new Top Ten list next week. As a lead-in, here’s a Top Ten list of HeroClix things I’m thankful for:

10. That the game’s back from the dead. I never take that for granted.

9. Traits. This game mechanic, while sometimes overpowering, has really opened the doors wide on dial design and made the game more fun than ever.

8. The Modern Age format. It’s great not to have to worry about feats and BFCs.

7. New franchises besides Marvel and DC. I’m definitely in the camp of “the more the merrier” in HeroClix.

6. Lots of new product besides full sets. Don’t get me wrong; I love full sets. But the Fast Forces and Gravity Feeds are just a little easier on my wallet.

5. No price increase this year. Again, my wallet thanks you.

4. A ridiculous streak of chase figs pulled in sealed games. At one venue I frequent, I’ve pulled a chase  in the past three sealed tournaments, making me a winner even though I’ve tended to finish pretty much dead last in all three.

3. Other ‘clix forums like HC Realms and A lot of you came here from those sites and I love ’em, too. I’ve made some great friends both virtual and real-life through them.

2. Plenty of venues in my area. Atlanta is blessed with a pretty good clix scene if you don’t mind doing a bit of driving. And I don’t mind doing a bit of driving. :)

1. You, the readers of Heroclixin’!

My thankfulness here may be a bit overshadowed by next week’s list, so I definitely wanted to stay on a positive note here. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, fellow Americans, and have F.U.N. Heroclixin’!

I’ve long had a prickly relationship with the whole Halloween thing. On the one hand, its roots are dark, very dark, and celebration of such seems unbecoming.

On the other hand, I love the fun of it — the candy, the costuming, the disarming and lampooning of frightening things (the whole song “Thriller” is kind of the ultimate example of this — hence the pic). And, in the end, light always wins out over darkness.

To that end, Heroclixin’ will take a short tour on the “dark side” for the rest of October and focus on those misunderstood Monsters and Animals and the villains of clix. Hope you enjoy!

EXTRA!…the Halo pocket checklist is now available!

Yep, yours truly is part of the judging staff for the HeroClix tournaments at Dragon*Con, Atlanta’s gi-normous sci-fi/fantasy/comic/gaming convention this Labor Day Weekend.

Yes, you read that right: fellow HeroClix-related website is sponsoring this year’s Dragon*Con HeroClix gaming. Check out this link for a full list of events, build your teams, and come on down to play! There are LEs, custom maps and HCRealms T-shirts (co-designed by yours truly) to be won!

Alas, Heroclixin’ proper won’t have any swag to hand out this year. Maybe next time. Worse, I won’t be there for the first day of festivities, Friday, due to work (that’s the downside of becoming gainfully employed. I was totally gonna bring out Diana’s Wardrobe for the win). But the rest of the weekend, you can find me in the bottom floor of the Hyatt hotel helping to make sure ‘clix games run smoothly and according to the rules.

Oh, and one more thing…I’ll be in costume at least one of those days. Nothing flashy, though. I wonder if you can guess what character I’ll be. HINT: In keeping with the Heroclixin’ site’s theme, it’ll be a character who’s been clixed. A few times, even!