My unplanned-for break continues.

But the good news is that part of it has been spent getting my new computer set up. My awesome little brother hooked me up with his old iMac to replace my ancient PowerMac. And it’s unbelievable how much faster working on this website is now compared to before!

The bad news is trying to find all my old files in the hot mess created during the export of my old partitioned hard drive to the newer one. That’s gonna take some time. (I really, really, REALLY hope that long series I wrote for an early summer release isn’t gone for good…)

But you didn’t visit here to here me whine or crow about stuff. You need a pocket checklist to keep track of all the new Deadpool HeroClix you got in May.

So here ya go.  DeadpoolPocketCHECKLIST


It’s the holiday season, when many are out trying to obtain stuff. So it’s a good time to look at a HeroClix mechanic revolving around trying to obtain stuff: RELICS.


Relics. They’re a weird thing in HeroClix. They cost extra points on the force but seem riddled with drawbacks:

  • Limited to just one per force.
  • No guarantee of use.
  • Mean one less object for the Super Strong and the Telekinetics.

But on the other hand, it’s not all bad news where relics are concerned:

  • Indestructible hindering terrain for the Stealthy.
  • Some neat game effects.

Is it worth losing one of the three objects? Naturally, this matters more for Super Strength teams than others. But it’s also an issue for other teams because running a relic means they MUST run one light and one heavy object. So is the relic worth the risk of a SStrong foe getting more weapons?

 Whether a Relic works with a Resource will NOT be considered. Many of them change drastically in how they are acquired and how they function and, in any case, are simply a subset of their Resources instead. [In fact, Heroclixin’ goes on record as decrying Resources for essentially making Relics completely pointless. Don’t know why WizKids even continues making Relics, really.]

This week, Heroclixin’ looks at the top ten relics in the game — the ones giving the best bang for the most figures for the best price and ease of use…and five of the very worst.

Here’s an HONORABLE MENTION to start it off:

Batman Cowl [No Man’s Land]
A 5-point, 50% shot at getting Batman Ally TA and extra-sneakfulness for existing Batman teamsters is best saved for Bat-teams, which can use it even on failed rolls as an extra patch of hindering terrain. Other figures, while they’d surely welcome the Stealth, won’t get as much bonus mileage from it, pass or fail.


Tune in tomorrow for the beginning of the list in earnest!

With some embarrassment, I recently noted that nearly a year has passed since a reader posted a comment requesting some terms be added to Heroclixin’s glossary.



So yeah, sorry man. Better late than never, but really it shouldn’t get to that point. Check it out for previously missing terms like “meta” and killbox” and “IG.” I also brought the list of set abbreviations up to date (the latest being “GG” for “Galactic Guardians”).  Click here or the link in the menu up top.

Here’s Heroclixin’s customary pocket checklist for you! It took a little more time than usual to compile this one because of the diverse releases including:

  1. the 11-figure mass-market-only release (collector numbers 201-211)
  2. the game- and comic-shop countertop release (numbers 001-042, with 023-040 representing the 3-piece team packs exclusive to this release)
  3. the foil-wrapped release in Toys “R” Us (lacking numbers  023-040)

Finally got it all together, I think (actually have had a fair amount of trouble finding the latter two releases) and present the following checklist: